Saturday, November 9, 2013

Song Challenge: Days 7-9

Day 7: A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event
Heehee. Okay. Can't resist... "Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh" from The Phantom of the Opera reminds me of Amy's visit in July.  And always shall. :D For anybody to whom it has not yet been explained-- I have no idea why we latched onto this particular random song, but we did, and it was in our head for days and we sang bits of it like every two minutes. :P We started singing the tune with different words, too. "Iiiit goes with ev'rything, hahahaha-ha!"
(Although this video cuts out the bit that has "Your part is siiiiiilent, little TOAD!" and that was not absent from our quoting and joking, believe me. :P)

Day 8: A Song That You Know All the Words To
Haha... okay, this could apply to a lot of songs. If I listen to a song enough I usually memorize it by default. So I must have some particular reason for what I pick... well, I'll go with the last song I was just singing for no particular reason, which would be "Just You Wait" from My Fair Lady.  (I was playing Uno with my parents-- I think what triggered it was when my dad draw-four-ed me. I said "just you waaaait..." and that phrase cannot be said by me without the at least some of the song following. Haha. :D Like you even wanted to know all that...)

And by the way, if you haven't seen either Phantom or MFL... well, don't try to make sense of these two songs. Haha. They may seem Rather Odd by themselves.  If you're curious I'd be happy to expline-- er, explain--everything to you in comments, though. ;)

Day 9: A Song You Can Dance To
Well, that encompasses an awful lot, too!  A lot of waltzes will fall into this category for me, but I think this calls for a good ol' jig.  "Oh, play a jig, Mary-- no one wants your concertos here!"
So here we have "Jane's Jig" from the Miss Austen Regrets soundtrack... although I know I've heard this song outside of this soundtrack... it's just an old song, but I'm not sure what it's called. I even have it on another CD, but it's in a medley and doesn't clarify.  (If you know the name, please do enlighten me!)


Eliza said...

I'm enjoying reading your song challenge posts.:)

I vaguely remember what "Poor Fool, he makes me laugh" had to do with in Phantom of the Opera. However, I cannot remember why "Just You Wait" was in My Fair Lady. (I haven't watched it for a long time).

The name of "Jane's Jig" is "Drowsy Maggie." I knew the song very well when I listened to it(I think I may have played it on the violin before), but I had to do a little bit of internet browsing to find its name.

Melody said...

Glad you're enjoying them! :)
OOH, Drowsy Maggie! You're right. And when I saw that it sounded really familiar. :) I've had a lot of experience with fiddling-people, so I've definitely heard people play it before. Thanks!

Jessica said...

That must be a very danceable song- as soon as N heard it he started doing a jig! haha

Melody said...

HAHAHA. How cute. :D

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