Saturday, February 20, 2016

My JASNA Debut

So, my friends, on Tuesday the 9th I went to my first meeting with the Jane Austen Society of North America.  That's what this post will be about, but first a little backstory.

When I was first hired at my current library job, on the second day at work, I made the comment to my supervisor (her name is Jennifer) that "I liked this movie" (because I came across Emma 2009 and it made me smile).  She said she did too and that she loved Jane Austen, and my response was "I KNEW I LIKED YOU!!!" 

And then I was kind of embarrassed because, you know, she's my boss. I probably shouldn't be too weirdly enthusiastic right at the beginning.  She just laughed, though, and we went on talking. She mentioned that she was a member of JASNA.  I was highly interested and we had a bit of a discussion about it... I mentioned that it's hard for me to get to the book clubs or meetings because of where I live not being close by and the locations being tricky to drive in, and she made a vague offer to take me with her sometime.

Friday, February 19, 2016

By A Lady

So, Amy and I were chatting on Facebook this evening.  I'm in the purple, she's in the green.  It is altered just a tad because it was not written for the purpose of being shown to you guys. ;)  (I'm leaving "yezzzz" in there though, because that's just What I Do.)  And I'm also not hiding the fact that we're just a little bit awful sometimes. A little bit.

Harper Lee died. :(

She wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, in case you forgot that.

No, I knew that. :P 

I'm actually pretty good with author names attached to books they wrote.

That's why it was "in case" and not "fyi" :P

The first several times I heard of Harper Lee, I thought she was a dude.

It was easier to get published in those days if people thought you were a dude.

Sad but true.


(It's her middle name.)

Which is why I think Jane Austen was AWESOME.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

My "love life"

Before beginning, I would like to forewarn you that this is a very long and ramble-y post, and because of my strong feelings on some subject even gets a bit rant-y or defensive at times.  However it was all written in fun and is meant to be taken so. :)  The reason for writing it was not spurred on by anything other than the fact that it's the first of posts I may do about random topics that I tend to go on tangents about.  If you actually enjoy it, please let me know, because otherwise I probably won't be doing more of that type.

"I have very little intention of ever marrying at all.  Someone very superior would have to come along; and even then I would rather not be tempted." 
Emma (this is from the 2009 movie, and not an exact book quote, but it's close) echos some of my own sentiments there.  She goes on to say "If I were in love, it would be a different thing; but then I have never been in love. It is not my way or my nature; and I do not think I ever shall." 

There we differ.  Well, I have never been in love, and I do rather doubt that I ever shall be; those parts are true.  But I do believe it is in my nature, and very much so.  The thing is, I am very careful in guarding that.  If I am ever in love with someone, I know for a fact that it's going to be a majorly huge thing.  I'm saving that for someone who can appreciate and return it-- and if that person never comes along, well, so be it.  I have other uses for the love I have to give.  (People will say things like, when you love someone you don't start loving other people less, and blah blah-- while that may be true, one only has a finate amount of time, and time is very strongly connected with showing love, much as that is sometimes hard to face.)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Vote for the song!!!

So, after the comments on the last post, I have narrowed it down to 8.  Heh heh.  IT WAS HARD and the most 'secondings' any of the songs had were 3 or 4.

Well, anyway.

Here are the options, in alphabetical order, because I am a librarian-secretary person so that is How It's Done. :P  Please read my descriptions as they may help you in choosing which one to vote for.

#1 A Lovely Night

This song should relatively painless.  Anyway, it's better to sing something easy than try to show off and fail miserably. :P 

#2 I Could Have Danced All Night

The high note at the end is a little bit of a struggle but if my voice is in the right 'mood' it should be okay.  Or if I could just find karaoke for the key that's actually in the movie...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I'm Official!!!!

The Jane Austen Society of North America! After seven years with Jane Austen, I am a definite Member.

Monday, February 1, 2016

"I could not live without music. Life would be a blank to me."

OKAY FOLKS.  Here is a Grande List of Nominations for which song I should sing!  If I didn't include one of your nominations, it is because a) I am not willing to sing it for the public for whatever reason or b) there is no suitable karaoke/instrumental/accompaniment to be found.

I am listing who nominated what, because if you nominated something, you cannot second it.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes was requested more than once already, so that one will already be part of the running.

As for the others, you may second up to three each... and then I'll make a poll for the top five songs that were seconded. :)  I'm including links to music videos so you can refresh your memory or listen to a new song!

A Change in Me (Anna)
A Lovely Night (Natalie)
All I Ask of You (Natalie* -- would do with 'male only' cover)
God Help the Outcasts (Jessica Prescott)
Home (Anna)
I Could Have Danced All Night (Miss Meg)
I Have Confidence (Naomi)
I Won't Say I'm In Love (Amy)
In My Own Little Corner (Natalie*)
On My Own (Naomi)
Once Upon a December (OldFashionGirl)
Once Upon a Dream from Jekyll & Hyde (Emma Jane)
The Rose of Tralee (Jessica Prescott)
Scarborough Fair (OldFashionGirl)
Slumber Dear Maid/ Largo (Naomi--and yes, I'm including this! ;))
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Jessica Prescott)
Suddenly (Jessica Prescott)
Sweet Liberty (Anna*)
Think of Me (Natalie*)
Weep You No More Sad Fountains (Natalie)
We'll Meet Again (Naomi)
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Natalie*)
Wouldn't It Be Loverly (Naomi)

*In the cases with asterisks, my readers asked for songs from a particular musical, and these were ones I found available.

Would you rather hear the story...

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