Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Wonderful, Wonderful Day!"

Heyyyyyyyyyy everyone.

Look at that! I'm still alive!

My life has been a whirlwind of basically everything lately, from dizzyingly wonderful to some very rough and distressing business.  I just made a 5-second decision to write a quick blog post, which is an oddity in and of itself... but I realized I haven't posted since early December and that you guys aren't caught up on some interesting news that may please you!

Namely, theatre.  After years and years of dreaming about ACTUALLY being in theatre, I've reached that point.  And wow, is it exciting!  First I was cast in a Christmas variety show which made the Yuletide season excessively busy and bustling, but was also terribly fun and exciting.  I was mainly just in the chorus for that, as it wasn't a traditional play, but I got to be in four different costumes so that was fun.  (Let me tell you, going from full Dickens costume to "Hoteiosho," a Santa-like character from Japan, complete with a wig and two--yes, two--masks, in the space of about three minutes was quite interesting.)

Behind-the-scenes shot of a dear friend and me in the Christmas show!

After being cast in that but before the performances started, I auditioned for the 2017 year of my local musical theatre company. I did this last year as well, but didn't get in.  However, this year I was surprised to make it into three shows-- and in the first one, to actually have a REAL CHARACTER.  With a name.  Not just some random ensemble person, but a character with a personality and her own lines.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

...The fact that the show was "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" made it slightly less exciting, as I always rather loathed that movie.  (I mean... it's all about wife-hunters, which are some of my least favorite things.)  It WAS my choice to audition for it, however, and that was because... well, theatre.  I thought even if I didn't like the movie, the show could be awfully fun to participate in.

And I was right!  There was a bit of a setback when I found out that my character, Dorcas, is probably the LAST bride I would have chosen to play.  To be very tactful, she's the most... boy-crazy of the group.  And that's not wording it how the stage direction in the script portrays it. *cough*

But hey.  When in theatre, you can develop your own character a little bit, which is nice.  And at least it's a stretch for my acting ability. ;)  Also, our director is super nice and lovely and some of the awkward stuff in the show (guys, the play has so much more cringe-worthy stuff than the movie, which I was not expecting!) has been tamed down quite a bit. *sigh of relief* Also, stage kisses are a thing.  I got that straightened out at the very beginning.  And the guy playing Benjamin is super nice about it.  (Fortunately for him, as it just so happens I have a gentleman friend of 6'4" who would be more than happy to defend my honor should anyone even think to get fresh. :P)

Oh, the dancing though?! This is a dancing show and my GOODNESS there's a lot of choreography to learn for someone as inexperienced as myself!  I mean, it's not quite the same as English Country Dancing. Hahaha.

(The post title is taken from this song. Although this is the Broadway musical recording, the version we're doing is still significantly different.)

And speaking of Broadway musicals... the Phantom of the Opera Broadway tour is coming to my locality this summer and I'm gonna SEE IT with one of my very best friends and no I am not excited about it at all.  (Just kidding I'm SUPER excited about it.)

Oh, and as soon as Seven Brides is over it's straight into rehearsals for "Annie"... and I'm also finishing up my Office Specialist certificate, which I should get in June. As well as working. Not to mention, my brother is getting MARRIED to one of my close friends (the girl pictured above, as it happens) early next month and I'm a bridesmaid and Amy is coming out for it and... phew! Basically, until Annie is over, I'm going to be constantly on the run!  But I guess that's show biz. ;)

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