Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Song Challenge: Days 10-13

Yes, I was supposed to post yesterday, but never mind that. (I was thinking about it but I felt too Stuck.)  I'll just do four songs this time and two in two days. ;)

Day 10: A Song that Makes You Fall Asleep
Well, I can't say any songs make me fall asleep these days.  But when I was younger my sister used to put on a lullaby tape for me and I would go to sleep while it was playing, so I will give you a song from one of those.
"First Lullaby" from the album "Stardreamers" with Priscilla Herdman. (It's a link to Grooveshark. Couldn't find any I wanted on YouTube.)
The songs were all Priscilla Herdman's (some from another album called "Moondreamers"), and she had such a soothing voice to me.  Now listening to these makes me nostalgic. ;)

Day 11: A Song From Your Favorite Band
Well... short and simple: I don't 'do' bands. :P  Really, I don't listen to any music that qualifies as being from a band.  The only kind that would ever fall into that category would be the "big band" swing music of the 1930s-40s, and maybe even 1920s (Jeeves and Wooster theme, anyone? ;)).  But that's only if I'm in the right mood (In the Mood... ahahahaha... okay, sorry, that's the name of one of the most popular swing songs from that time), and only some of the music because I really don't like all of it. When it has a really vintage-y air, or just sort of makes me feel Happy... Anyways, but I can't think of one particular song so... I guess I'll just bow out of this one?

Day 12: A Song From a Band You Hate
Oh, well that's a big improvement. :P Sighhh.  You know what, since I'm not particularly creative and don't feel like coming up with Alternate Questions, when there's a question that doesn't apply to me (like this... I mean, I don't even listen to bands and if I did, why would I know about songs from ones I hated, exactly??) I'm going to do that Random Song thing that's often in tags and such.  Where you take your Music Device and give you the first song I get on shuffle.
Actually I'm going to use and just put in the number of songs on my MP3 player, and then find the corresponding number.  If it's not a song I can find online, I'll go to the next number until there is one.  (These are the rules I'm making up ahead of time. :D) Ditto for if it's a song I've already used in this challenge.

So! Random song #1: "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" from the 1964 My Fair Lady soundtrack.

Day 13: A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure
Um.  A something I regard as a guilty pleasure, I assume it means?  Well, generally when I feel guilty about something it is not pleasurable, so the term doesn't make too much sense to me. ;)  But the first thing I could think of that would at all fit into this is... "The Phantom of the Opera" (theme).  Just because it's to rock-y, especially with the whole weird electric-guitar-and-percussion thing that starts after a while, so it's not the kind of music I feel comfortable with.  Haha. Although I actually usually skip the song after about half, because I'm just like "ugh, enough of you".  When I do listen to the whole thing I'm either a) in a listen-to-the-whole-entire-thing-minus-PONR mood, or b) in a weird mood where I want to giggle over the whole "Siiiiiing for meeeeeee!" thing, eehehehehehehe, and snicker-snort over this music does not match the rest of the thing and um, why did we have to stick 1980's-ness in here and then keep it, exactly? Also just that it's from Phantom gives me some pleasure. ;)

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