Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Getting to Know You: Installment the Second

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Despite all your *ahem* not-so-subtle hints ;) about not taking forever to return with Part Two, I'm afraid I have been truly unable to find the time until now.  I have been very busy not only working a full-time job, but planning a large event for this summer-- which, if you knew what it was, may result in my being forgiven these delays.

However, without further ado... Installment the Second.


After checking Facebook numerous times to see if he had answered (or even seen) my message, and getting nothing, I just went to bed like a normal person and slept.  Then I got up the next morning, and like a normal person, the possibility of him having answered me was not my very first thought.  I just saw a message when I checked Facebook over breakfast.  Then my attention was immediately captured and I clicked eagerly on the bolded message, sent at 1:33 AM. 

Sweet, thanks! I'll definitely give it a listen! Also, John Williams' score from War Horse might interest you a bit. The music is gorgeous and accompanies what I believe is a spectacular film. You might also check out the soundtrack from Downton Abbey. Although I've never actually watched the show, the main suite is definitely a gem. :)
 And yes, I am still up at 1:30am doing homework.
Casual... but pretty well-worded.  The guy could actually write.  The message did not ask direct questions so that I needed to reply, but was composed in a style that could easily encourage more conversation.

So I waited two days and then answered.

Haha... just kidding.  I answered that morning.

Would you rather hear the story...

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