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Regency Delight - First Anniversary

Happy 2012, and happy birthday to my blog! Exactly a year ago today I created Regency Delight. I gave my Janeite story in my first post, so today, in honor of this occasion, I am going to relate the history of making this blog.

My oldest sister, who had been blogging for a few years, was staying with us for Christmas. I don’t remember how the subject first came about, but she suggested/encouraged me to make a Jane Austen blog. I had been interested in Jane Austen (which began when first I learned about her) for less than two years, but already knew more on the subject than anyone in my family; who were, I think, becoming rather irritated by my endless prattle. The only Jane Austen blog I was really acquainted with was Jane Austen Today. I’d seen, though, how many Jane Austen fans were out there, and thought it would be great fun if I could go on and on to people who would actually want to hear (er, read) me doing so.

The original idea came from a “magazine” I was making. I’ve always liked writing, and I used to make a family newspaper; but as that had never been very prosperous, I was moving on to something else.

I’d only actually completed one Jane Austen novel (shocking, I know), but I planned to feature one as the focus for each issue of the magazine (which I was hoping to  produce once every two months - I intended this to be good motivation for reading all the novels before too long). I’d also include other tidbits about Jane Austen, the Regency period, other literature, etc.

I took most of my ideas and used them here instead. I used the picture I was planning to put on the front cover, drawn by my other sister when she was my age, as the header, and ‘Regency Delight’ was one of the names I’d been contemplating; I added ‘Jane Austen, &c.’ (&c. is just an old-fashioned way of saying etc., in case any of you didn’t know) at the end so my blog’s theme would be perfectly understood.

Now I’ll back up a little. As soon as the idea/possibility of a blog arose, my head was spinning with ideas, and I began a list of possible posts, as well as planning to have ‘sections’ featuring each Jane Austen novel, beginning with Pride and Prejudice, since that’s the one I’d finished. I’d have a post about the book, a review of the movies, quotes, and more. The book and movie reviews for P&P I had already written, and if you look at them now you’ll see that they are much shorter than the ones for other books and movies, which I later wrote. I might actually write new ones for those one of these days…

My goal was to finish reading the next book by the time I was done posting for the other. I usually did, and was even a couple books ahead of myself by the time I finished the 6th.

I decided January 1st would be a splendid time to start my blog; and so I did. It was all said and done much faster than most decisions I make!

After a nerve-wracking ‘making-the-blog’ period and I had everything set, I think I found some blogs from people who followed/commented on Jane Austen Today. I remember looking at other people’s followers too; going to their blogs, finding the blogs delightful – and the writers so much like me! – following, and leaving a comment. The first three were, I think, Old-Fashioned Charm, Austenitis, and Elegance of Fashion. I also remember thinking how similar the names were to some I had been considering!

I was so delighted to gain my first few followers – three of which were, in fact, the ladies who write the blogs mentioned just above. I am still very excited when I get a new follower!

2011: blogging year in review
These stats and such are as much for my own future reference as anything else; lately I have learned to keep minute records of things, so I won’t forget particulars that I wanted to remember.

Followers: 55
Total Pageviews: (approx.) 14,682
Number of posts: 90

3 most popular posts:
-(I never would have guessed!)

Top 3 referring blogs:
Creekside Cottage (410 views)
Elegance of Fashion (258 views)
Old-Fashioned Charm (218 views)

~Thank you very much Mrs. Rabe, Miss Elizabeth, and Miss Laurie!

36 direct searches for my blog (“regency delight” or “regency delight blog”)

Giveaways I’ve won

Guest posts

Blog events
Now that I’ve finished with all that boring stuff, I have a question for you, if you are interested: how do you remember finding my blog? I'd love to hear if you happen to remember.

Thank you to all my followers and commenters! I’ve learned so much this year, and am eager to learn more! It’s been truly amazing to find out how many people there are whom I have so much in common with! I hope during the following year, my blog will bring you much Regency and Jane Austen delight!


Miss Dashwood said...

My dearest Nonsensical Girl,
I read this post with so much delight! May I offer my heartiest congratulations on reaching your first blogoversary.
Let's see, how did I find your blog? I seem to remember discussing this rather recently. ;) I believe I found you through either Elegance of Fashion or Old-Fashioned Charm. The rest, as they say, is history.
Looking forward with much regency delight to your new year of blogging!
I remain,
Yours &c.,
The Mouse

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I've enjoyed reading your blog and working with you on projects. It's been a delight!
How did I find your blog? I think you started following Elegance of Fashion and commented on it and I found out about you and your blog and started to follow Regency Delight.
Again, congratulations on your one year anniversary (and many more!) :-)

Julia said...

Hello Melody!

You know, I think I actually found you through looking at who used my blog backgrounds, finding Miss Georgiana Darcy's blog, and seeing a comment you left there and then finding your lovely blog! :D It was quite recent, not more than a few months ago. :)

Congrats on the blogoversary! :)

Anne-girl said...

I found your blog from Elegance of Fashion. I also found My sisters blog from there. She had not told me she had it!

Happy Blogger-versery!

Love Anne

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Happy Anniversary Melody! You have achieved a lot in one year's time!

I think I found your blog either from you commenting on my blog or from a comment you made at Elegance of Fashion. I remember visiting here and thinking what a sweet blog you had. Although I followed your blog pretty much right away I didn't comment until January 23, 2011 when you posted the P&P Quiz.

It's rather difficult to believe I've only known you for a little less than a year! I'm glad to have been one of your first few followers and to have gotten to know you much better since then.

Congrats on one year with Regency Delight! Keep on blogging dear, I really enjoy your posts and hearing your thoughts on "Jane Austen, &c."! :)

Charity U said...

I think I found you the same way Miss Elizabeth followed and commented on my blog. So naturally, I checked you out and found that you had this blog! I think that we four bloggers (the three Austen blogs you mentioned and you) are a special group. :)

I hope you love "Livvie's Song!" It's a top favorite of mine. Hope you review it here, or if you don't, send me a quick email with what you thought, won't you? :)

Love those stats. :) And I love this blog. Great job, girl! :)

Melody said...

Miss Dashwood,
How lovely when you appeared and commented on my blog a few months ago! I'm glad I could be your first follower!
Yes, haha, we did discuss that helped my idea of asking everybody. ;-)

Miss Lizzy,
Thank you very much! I remember how happy I was when you followed my blog right after I found yours!

That was quite recent! I remember your first comment. I always feel so happy when new followers come to my blog & comment. =)

Oh yes! Miss Dashwood told me about that! (You not knowing it was her blog) It gave me a good laugh.

Miss Laurie,
You're right, your first comment was on my P&P quiz! I didn't remember that. You were one of my first followers though! You've been a big encouragement this year, and it's been so fun getting to know you! And reading your splendid blog.

True, true, we do seem to be a little group. That makes it so funny that you were practically the first 3 blogs I followed & the first three bloggers (whom I didn't already know) who followed mine!
I'll be sure to let you know when I finish Livvie's Song! I think I'm on chapter 7 right now.

Jessica said...

I "found" your blog because I was there when you created it. ;-)
Wow! One year already! This year has flown by...
Happy blogiversary!

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