Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old-fashioned Films Quote Game

I’ve seen several other bloggers doing this and it’s so much fun, that I can’t resist doing one myself. =) Sorry for being such a copycat. 

Guess the movie (mini-series or series) the quote came from, and also the character(s) who said them. There will be some blanks (“______”) and you may guess what goes in there if you choose, but it’s not worth any points as I’m just doing it so the story won’t be given away.

You will get one point for correctly guessing a film, and one point for each correctly-guessed character. The highest score would be 55 points.
And you can keep coming back and guessing if you want! I’ll comment with your results as soon as I can after receiving your answers.
This will run for a week, ending next Sunday (February 5).

(“C1,” C2,” etc. stands for “Character 1” and so on.)

Have fun!

Quote 1
Believe me, I almost fainted! I thought they were going to break down the door and murder us all!

Quote 2
C1: If I wasn’t going to be a writer, I’d go to New York and pursue the stage. Are you shocked?
C2: Very.

Quote 3
I think one must gamble. I mean, it’s all a gamble. Everything! Life.

Quote 4
C1: When is a man to be safe from such wit, if age and infirmity do not protect him?
C2: “Infirmity”?
C3: Do you call ___ _______ infirm?
C2: If ___ ________ is infirm, than I am at death’s door.
C3: It is a miracle your life has extended this far!

Quote 5
But then, fashion never was your forte, was it?

Quote 6
C1: You’re prettier when you’re in a passion.
C2: If my brother were here, he would be in a passion from which you would not soon recover!

Quote 7
Shelves in the closet! Happy thought indeed.

Quote 8
I suppose in the end, it was a romantic way to perish. For a mouse.

Quote 9
C1: Do you doubt me?
C2: Entirely.
C1: You have no faith in me?
C2: Not a whit!

Quote 10
‘_____’, indeed. Never seen him in her life, and she calls him ‘_____’! Insufferable woman! Horrible, upstart, vulgar being with her ‘Mr. __’ and her ‘caro sposo’ and her carriages and air of pert pretentions and underbred finery. Actually to discover that Mr. ______ is a gentleman, and that the woman who brought me up should be ladylike! I’ve never met her equal!
‘______’, indeed! I’ve known him all my life, and even I don’t call him that

Quote 11
C1: If we had met in other circumstances, I would have told you how deeply I admire your tireless efforts to force our ridiculous parliament to abolish the slave trade.
C2: Well if you had, I would have changed the subject and talked about botany.
C1: Botany? Why botany?
C2: Anything but politics.
C1: Well, I would have been bored by botany.
C2: So, even in other circumstances it would have been a disaster.

Quote 12
C1: I’m merely a clerk, at present. I’m well aware that I am the ‘umblest person going. My mother is, likewise, a very ‘umble person, and my father’s formal calling was ‘umble. He was a grave-digger.
C2: And what is he now?
C1: He’s partaking of glory at present.

Quote 13
C1: What is it you would like to sing?
C2: Do you know “I’ll Be Loving You Always”?
C1: (Smirking and mimics) “I’ll Be Loving You Always.” (plays piano introduction)
C2: (singing) #I'll be loving you, always...#
C1: (laughs and stops playing the piano)
C2: What’s the matter?
C1: (still laughing) You sing like a goat!

Quote 14
C1: And don’t sulk, it is not at all becoming.
C2: I wasn’t sulking.
C1: You were looking cross, which is much the same thing.  

Quote 15
C1: Sorry for calling you a geek today.
C2: That’s okay. What’s a “geek,” anyway?
C1: It’s hard to explain. But when you see one, you’ll know.

Quote 16
Some people say that he’s sold his soul to the devil. But if he has, I don’t know what he do with the money!

Quote 17
'Papa' is a preferable form of address. 'Father' is rather vulgar. Besides, the word 'Papa' gives a pretty form to the lips. 'Papa', 'potatoes', 'poultry', 'prunes', and 'prism' are all very good words for the lips. Especially 'prunes' and 'prism'.

Quote 18
Do you know what I think was a strange thing, how both you boys picked out girls below you in rank and family, yet neither of you set your fancies on little ____ ______. Now there's a lassie who's found her way into my heart.

Quote 19
C1: It is bad for him, I know, to be shut up as he is; yet what can we do?
C2: Well, he is young. And time is a great healer. Or so, at least, I am told.

Quote 20
Now turn around. Stand still. (tugs at braided & pinned up hair) Good. These are all real, at any rate. I can't bear false hair on a girl.

Quote 21
Thank you ___. Beneath your vagabond clothing beats the heart of a gentleman.

Quote 22
There are some girls who do not feel complete unless they marry. I was never one of those, but I think my sister is.


CreativityStartsHere said...

Quote one:

Fanny Thornton (North and South).

Quote two:

c1 - Jo March
c2 - Laurie? (Little Women)

Quote seven:

Lizzy Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Quote ten:

Caroline Bingley (Pride and Prejudice)

Quote eleven:
C1 - Barbara Wilberforce
C2 - William Wilberforce (Amazing Grace)


Melody said...

You have 10 points! =) All your answers were correct except for #10.

Thank you for participating!!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Yay! You chose some lovely quotes Melody! There's a few that sound SO familiar but I'm going to need a think about them before guessing. :)

Quote 1 - North & South, Fanny Thornton (what silly girl!)

Quote 2 - Little Women 1994, C1 - Jo March, C2 - Theodore Laurence "Laurie"

Quote 3 - Daniel Deronda, Gwendolen Harleth

Quote 4 - Sense & Sensibility 1995, C1: Marianne Dashwood, C2: Mrs. Dashwood, C3: Elinor Dashwood

Quote 7 - Pride & Prejudice 1995, Elizabeth Bennet

Quote 8 - Anne of Green Gables, Anne Shirley! :)

Quote 9 - Jane Eyre is it 2011? or maybe the Charlotte Gainsborough one, C1: Edward Rochester, C2: Jane Eyre

Quote 10 - Emma 2009, Emma Woodhouse
"Knightley Indeed!" "her Mr E and her caro sposo!"

Quote 11 - Amazing Grace, C1: Barbara Spooner, C2: William Wilberforce

Quote 12 - David Copperfield 1999, C1: Young David Copperfield, C2: creepy Uriah Heap
Ha ha! Now I understand what you wanted that for! :) :)

Quote 13 - Rigoletto, C1: Rigoletto...Mr. Ummm...oh dear I can't remember his name!
C2: Bonnie?

Quote 14 - Secret Garden 1993? C1: Mrs...oh dear! the housekeeper!, C2: Mary Lennox
I'm going to kick myself but I hear Maggie Smith as the housekeeper speaking the last line in my mind.

Quote 15 - Split Infinity, C1: Amelia Jane "A.J.", C2: "Grandpa"...can't remember his real name!

Quote 16 - A Christmas Carol 1985/6? Maybe Mrs. Cratchit? This sounds so familiar!

Quote 17 - Little Dorrit, Mrs...uhg! for some reason I can't remember her name! their chaperone in Switzerland who was teaching Amy and Fanny Dorrit. She was played by Pam Ferris but I can't remember her name! :(

Quote 18 - Wives & Daughters, Squire Hamley to his sons
"Now there's a lassie who's found her way into my heart." Molly is the best daughter to him and this scene always brings tears tp my eyes and gives me goose bumps because it's so sweet! :D

Quote 19 - Persuasion 2007, C1: Captain Harville, C2: Anne Elliot (I can hear Sally Hawkins saying those words!)

Quote 20 - He Knew He Was Right, Aunt Stanbury (love her character! is her first name Honoria?)

Quote 22 - Cranford 2006, Miss Tompkinson about here sister Caroline.

Melody said...

Miss Laurie,
Great job! So far you have 39/55.

On 9: I only remember one adaptation that had the quote exactly right (like the book, that is) and it wasn't either one you mentioned. But you don't need the year to get the point anyways. =)
12: Hehe, I knew you'd recognize that one right off! ;-)
15: I'll give you the point for C2 since you know who it is. =) Same with 17.

The ones you got incorrect were 14 and 16. And don't forget to come back and guess on 5 and 6, and you might have seen 21 but I'm not sure.

Melody said...

Oh and Miss Laurie, I'm so glad you got 13 and 15! I was afraid no one would! ;-)

Miss Dashwood said...

Whee! What fun, Nonsensical Girl!

1: Um... Cranford?
2: Jo and Laurie, Little Women. Heehee, your mysterious e-mail is now explained. :P
3: --
4: Marianne, Mrs. Dashwood and Elinor in Sense and Sensibility (1995).
5: So familiar... can't place it.
6: --
7: Lizzy Bennet, P&P95. :)
8: Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables.
9: Jane and Rochester in Jane Eyre, maybe? I don't know which adaptation, though.
10: Emma Woodhouse herself in Emmer 2009. :)
11: I LOVE THIS ONE! Barbara Spooner and William Wilberforce in Amazing Grace.
12: Uriah Heep and Davy in David Copperfield... haven't seen any of the movies yet, but I couldn't mistake THAT 'umility anywhere! :)
13, 14 and 15: --
16: Krook, Bleak House
17: Mrs. General, Little Dorrit. I didn't even read the whole thing--the first two words were enough. :)
18: Squire Hamley speaking to Roger about Molly, Wives and Daughters.
19: --
20: --
21: Felicity King, speaking to Gus, in Road to Avonlea. :)
22: Um... is this JA in Becoming Jane?

Charity U said...

Let's see...

#2 -- Anne Shirley is character 1.

#4 -- From "Sense and Sensbility." Let's see...C1 is Marianne, C2 is Mrs. Dashwood, and C3 is Elinor. And they're speaking of Colonel Brandon.

#7 -- Elizabeth Bennet. :) That part is hilarious.

#10 -- Emma speaking. Knightley is one of the blanks, E is another...

#17 -- What's her name, the governess in Little Dorrit.


Melody said...

Miss Dashwood,
Your current score is 30/55. Good job! =)
Incorrect guesses were 1 and 22. I think you have seen the movie from 22, though.

YOU CAN'T PLACE 5?!??!???!??? I am astonished! (Okay. That was a very large hint.)

Melody said...

Charity U,
Your current score is 8 points. However, you can get two more points by saying which movies quites 7 and 10 are from. =) You got the correct characters, but forgot to mention the movies.
Your guess on #2 was incorrect.
I know you have seen 1 and 5, probably 8, and you may have seen 19; I can't remember.

Thanks for playing! =)

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh! Oh! Is 5 The Scarlet Pimpernel? Spoken by The Man Himself, of course?
Please say I'm right.

Melody said...

Haha, yes Miss Dashwood, you are correct. You are now promoted to 32 points. ;-)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Okay, so I had jotted down that I should guess The Scarlet Pimpernel for #5 and after seeing your comment to Miss Dashwood that must be what it is! Sir Percy Blakeney himself must be the speaker!

So #6 is bugging me because it sounds so so familiar! I'll have to guess Nicholas Nickleby which would make C2: Kate Nickleby and C1 might be her uncle Ralph Nickleby? This quote sounds so much like the hero's sister speaking to the villain but on the other hand I don't think I'd remember most of the quotes from that NN.

#14 sounds like one of those quotes that I've heard so many times through my growing-up years and yet I can't quite put my finger on it. So I have two guesses...could it be the old A Little Princess with C1 being Miss Minchen and C2 being Sara Crewe? or perhaps it's The Importance of Being Earnest with C1 being Miss Prism and C2 being Cecily Cardew?

Is #16 from Bleak House? Maybe it's Mr. Smallweed speaking of Sargent George or Mr. Krook speaking of Mr. Nemo / Captain Horden?

Well, #21 sound so familiar too but it might be that I've only seen it once or twice. Could it be The Pickwick Papers from Mr. Pickwick speaking to Sam? But now that I've said that it doesn't sound right because I don't think you've seen that. Maybe Martin Chuzzlewit and it's spoken by Mr. Pecksniff?

Melody said...

Miss Laurie,
Okay, so first of all, I miscalculated your points before and you actually had 43 to begin with. Sorry about that!!

You are right about #5. I thought my little note to Miss Dashwood might give it away. ;-) (2)
On #6, you have the correct movie and correct C2 although C1 wasn't right. (2)
#14, your first guess was correct. (3)
#16, You have the correct movie and one of the characters you guessed is the one who said it. And about whom you thought they said it. Do you care to guess which one it was? ;-) By trial and error you'll eventually get it right. tehe (1)
On #21, it's not either of your guesses. Actually it's not anything made in England, if I may be allowed to give you a hint. =)

So you now have 51/55! Great job!

The Well Dressed Doll said...

2- Little Women
(Jo and Laurie)
4- S&S
C1: Marianne
C2:Mrs. Dashwood
C3: Elinor

7- P&P

8- A of G G

10- Emma

11- Amazing Grace

12- David Copperfield
(Uriah 'Eep. Haha)

13- Rigilletto. However that is spelled. Ha

15- I know the movie, but can't remember the name! Bah....

17- Little Dorrit
(Mrs. General)

18- Wives and Daughters
(Mr. Hambly?)

21 Avonlea
(Felicity. One of my fav quotes. ;-)

I recognized some other quotes, but couldn't recall the titles, etc.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Okay, so #6 would be Kate and her admirer played by Edward Fox, but I'm not sure of the character's name. :(

So let me get this straight, on #16 one of the character couples I guessed was correct? Okay, so if that's right then it must be that Mr. Smallweed said it about Sargent George?
Or did you mean that Sargent George said quote 16 about someone else?
Oh, and I was wondering on that quote is it supposed to say "what he do with the money" or "what he did with the money"?

Well your hint for #21 narrows my guessing down a bit. Is it from Road To Avonlea? Or what about Pollyanna? or maybe Wind At My Back? (I've seen the first episode and then recently I've watched a couple episodes with "my lady" on TV). And if it's none of these guesses then I'm not quite sure what it could be from. Oh dear! But it still sound quite familiar...

Melody said...

The Well Dressed Doll,
Your current score is 23/55.
On #12, you'd get an extra point if you can guess Character 2 (C2).
Likewise with both characters on #13.
With 15, if you describe the movie and you have the right one, I'll give you the point. =) And with any other ones you may want to do that with.
Good job on 18!

Miss Laurie,
6. Yes. =)
16. Oh dear! I think I confused you a little. So, you mentioned 3 characters who could have said the quote, and one about whom they might have said it. You are right, that is who the person was talking about. One of the three possible speakers was correct. It wasn't the one you just mentioned, however.
I put "what he do with the money" because that's what it sounded like the character said. He's not one to be grammatically correct. ;-) However, after you're done guessing I can send you the link and maybe you can help me out like you did with 12. =)
On 21, it is one of those.
So, current score is 52, I think. Feel free to keep guessing! I don't mind. =)

JemimahD :-) said...

Quote #2:
C1: Jo March
C2: Laurie Laurence
From: Little Women

Quote 7:
C1: Lizzy Bennet
From: Pride & Prejudice '95

Quote 10:
C1: Emma Woodhouse
From: Emma '09

Quote 11:
C1: Barbara Spooner
C2: William Wilberforce
From: Amazing Grace

Hope I got them all right! It was fun guessing them!

Melody said...

JemimahD :-),
Yes, excellent job! You did get them all right. You have 10 points. Thank you for stopping by!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Thanks for explaining that, I was quite lost on #16! So it IS said about Sargent George but the speaker is NOT Mr Smallweed? Sooo...did Krook say it? I had also wondered if Miss Flight said it but it sounded more like someone who he owed money.

On #21 did you mean to say that it was NOT one of the series I guessed?
Well, if the quote IS from Road to Avonlea I'd guess that Felicity says it.

Well, I'll stop guessing now because I am still a bit confused and if these guesses aren't correct then I sort of give up. :)
This game was really fun! Thanks!

Lauren said...

Hi Melody

Here are my answers...

Q 2 - Little Women - Jo
Q 4 - Sense and Sensibility - Marianne, Elinor and mother
Q 8 -Anne of Green Gables - Anne
Q 10- Emma - Emma
Q 11- Amazing Grace - William and Barbara


Miss Dashwood said...

19: Can't remember if I guessed this already, but is it The Secret Garden? I don't know which characters it might be, though.
22: Emmer?

Melody said...

Miss Laurie,
You now have one more point on 16.
On 21, yes, it was one of the ones you guessed. It's just that you said three, so I was being mean and making you specify. ;-) What you guessed just now was the correct film and character, so 2 more points!

Which means...duhn duh duuuuhhn...
55/55!! Good job! =) Thanks for playing!!

Miss Dashwood,
I'm afraid not, on both of those. :-/ You haven't seen 19, BTW.

Melody said...

Lauren (from Jilla),
All your answers were correct, and you have 13 points! I'm glad you played! =)

Sarah said...

I hope these are right!
Q.2. -C.1. Jo March, C.2.Laurie, in 'Little Women'

Q.4- C.1. Marianne Dashwood, C.2. Mrs. Dashwood, C.3 Eleanor Dashwood in 'S&S'

Q.7-C.1.Elizabeth Bennet in 'P&P'

Q.8-C.1. Anne Shirley in 'Anne of Green Gables'

Q.10.-C.1.Emma Woodhouse in 'Emma' (duh!)

Q.11.-C.1. Barbara Spooner, C.2. William Wilberforce in 'Amazing Grace' (one of my favourites!)

Q.17-Mrs. General in 'Little Dorrit'

The Well Dressed Doll said...

15 was that one where the girl went back in time and met Mr. Dicipline, etc. Haha and tried to save the money/farm because she knew the depression was coming. a Featur Films for Families production. ;-)

Melody said...

Good job! You have 18 points and all your guesses were correct. I'm glad you played!

The Well Dressed Doll,
Yes. =) 24 points now.

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh! Is #14 from Little Women (Jo and Amy)?

Melody said...

Sorry Miss Dashwood, I'm afraid not. :-/

Julia said...

Oh my... well, I know some of these but I sadly don't have time to play!

I awarded you! See my blog for details. :D

I am looking forward to the answers....

Melody said...

Bethany, (who told me her answers personally)
Good job! You have 38 points.

Would you rather hear the story...

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