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Jane Austen, etc. captions

After saying I probably wouldn't, I have decided to enter into Miss Dashwood's caption contest, because I happened to think of things. Now, some of them aren't exactly in the criteria for the contest, but I wanted to make them anyways because I was having too much fun thinking things up. hehe.

Picture: Emma and Mr. Elton, Emma 2009
Quote: Mr. Guppy, Bleak House 2005. (If you have seen it, you will recognize it.)

Picture: Emma 2009
Quote: Mr. Woodhouse said that about Frank in the book. I quite agree.
I used that picture because it is a spot in the movie where he particularly annoys me.

Picture: Sense and Sensibility 2008
Quote: Louisa Musgrove's famous (and almost fatal) line in Persuasion 2007
It doesn't really apply to Marianne Dashwood, but she always starts fainting on the movies and someone catches her. And I like to make fun of Louisa.

(...albeit behind one's napkin)
Picture and quote from Pride and Prejudice.
I just love that scene, and Mr. Bennet's quote "For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?"

(Because Captain Wentworth didn't "catch" Louisa)
So, those two can be together or separate, whichever brings you more amusement. 
Jo and Laurie said those lines in Little Women (1994)
(Jo and Laurie are really fun to quote, by the way...)

I'm just making fun of how the 2008 version seemed to turn S&S into a Gothic novel.

I just like Margaret's quote...

You wouldn't get this one unless you've seen "Old Quarrels, Old Love," a Road to Avonlea episode. And probably none of you have. But I wanted to make it anyways.

This is from the 1996 Miramax Emma... Emma was speaking of Jane Fairfax and complained to Mr. Knightley that "She wouldn't tell me anything about Frank Churchill." So I just adapted that into Mrs. Jennings quote "Lucy, if she tells you aught of the famous Mr. F, be sure to pass it on." And other times she calls him the elusive Mr. F. Most of you should know this.
Oh, and Frank starts with an 'F'...and he was quite elusive for a while there.

Harriet sometimes reminds me of Kitty Bennet, so I wanted to combine them.
Emma wasn't actually winking at her...she was just prompting her to say something and Harriet didn't quite understand.

Picture: Northanger Abbey 2007
Quote: Caroline Bingley, Pride and Prejudice

Picture: Sense and Sensibility 1995
Quote: Mrs. Elton, Emma 2009

So, those last two are supposed to be ironic because both the quotes were said by people who didn't really mean them; and I gave the quotes to people who would be quite sincere about it. And I do like the quotes myself.

Did you notice all the pictures were from Jane Austen movies? I wonder why...

Your hurried little blogger who got a little carried away,


Miss Dashwood said...

I do so love so much!
And you quoted Jo and Laurie. Squee! I love the scene where they say that. And you're right, Marianne sure does faint a lot. I think she just likes being carried around by people (left over from when she was little and insisted that Elinor carry her when they took walks!) Of course, Marianne then grew up and became a fanatic walk-taker...
You'd better stop me, or I'll never stop.

Julia said...

Melody, I LOVE these. Wonderful work! I didn't get some of the non- JA quotes but they're all funny. :D

Stephanie said...

Oh! This was very fun! I loved loved loved the "if only I were the catching type" picture. I think most of my family thought I'd gone off the deep end I was laughing so hard.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Oh Melody these are delightful! I'm ginning from ear to ear! :D

"She is my angel", I love this line from Mr. Guppy! Blake Ritson's Mr. E would definitely say such a thing to Emma! :)

Frank Churchill is quite annoying during that scene! Rupert Evans does a great job at being hot and bothered in those scenes at Donwell!

I love making fun of Louisa too, so funny! :)

S&S meets Ann Radcliffe! haha! :)

I love Margaret's quote about Mrs Jennings too!

The Mr. F / Emma button is funny and works really well!

"why do you keep winking"! hahaha!

Oooh! Love the Catherine Morland one!
You did make quite a few but these are all lovely! Good work! :D

The Well Dressed Doll said...

I "got" the Avonlea quote, of course. ;-)

Melody said...

Miss Dashwood,
You seem to be speaking in riddles. Whenever did the book mention Elinor carrying Marianne on walks when they were younger? :P
Haha, I love that scene in Little Women too...=)

Thanks Julia!
Stephanie, I think "If only I were the catching type!" was my favorite one, too. =) I'm glad I made you laugh so hard. That situation happens to me quite often.

Miss Laurie, I so enjoyed reading your comments! =) And thanks for your help with the pictures!

"The Well Dressed Doll", hehe, I'm glad someone read it who understands. ;-) We need more Avonlea fans out there. I should do a post one of these days...

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