Friday, June 15, 2012

Helpful Blogger Award

Last month I was awarded the Helpful Blogger Award by Miss Woodhouse!


The funny thing is, I had actually thought in passing about making such an award to recognize the helpful bloggers around--and then I saw this one which Miss Woodhouse made herself! I'm very honored to have been one of the bloggers you chose, Miss Woodhouse--thank you!

There was also a similar one a while back that Miss Elizabeth awarded me with, but I didn't get around to passing it on at the time. Thank you, Miss Elizabeth!

Can't have awards without rules though, right? Here they are...

~Link back to the person who awarded you in your 'acceptance' post
~Tell three helpful things you have done either on or off the blogosphere
~Nominate three other bloggers and tell them that you've nominated them

Three helpful things I've done... hmm. This is kind of awkward. It's much easier for me to mention helpful things people have done for me, but I'll try to think up something.
1. Recently I've been helping with a certain friend's writing project (she knows who she is--but I am as silent as the grave!) by reading it and offering (solicited) suggestions (and countless nonsensical comments)... she says it's helpful which is why I'm mentioning this, but really it's so much fun I think I get an equal amount of good from it. :D
2. The only person who might possibly get confused with what I've just written would be one "Obstinate, Headstrong Girl" (as she has signed her e-mails), who has a writing project herself, set in the Regency era, and she's asked a couple questions about that which were way fun to answer. She said it 'helped a ton,' so I suppose I have a right to mention it. I hope. ;-)
3. One more... one more... ummmm... well, recently I've been trying to put all our home videos onto DVD in a very organized fashion with titled chapters and whatnot, which I hope will be helpful to my family in the future. However, when I was almost done with the last one it somehow messed up (I have no idea why!) and now it won't let me finalize it and takes forever to load... really, I don't know what's going on there, and it's extremely uncivil. With no excuse for incivility, mind you! What, this post wasn't supposed to be a rant about technology? Oh.

Now for the FUN part, where I get to award other people. Here goes...

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm. Oh goodness, I can't begin to say how helpful Miss Laurie is, with anything and everything! She's so knowledgeable about anything period drama and blogging-related, and she's been so quick to sweetly offer me help whenever I've asked! I often feel a bit guilty for how often I've 'trespassed upon her kindness' (and, heh, resources), and then she makes it seem like no big deal. Also, she's always been there whenever I needed to randomly rant about something and when I have prayer requests... it's very much appreciated. Really, Ladybird, thank you so, so much for everything. =)

Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Elegance of Fashion. Another young lady who is always ready to help out, quite promptly and usefully I might add! Some computer stuff, you know, goes over my head, and Miss Elizabeth is always there to give step-by-step instructions when needed! Also delightful to do blogging projects with--I still have fond memories of our S&S comparisons! Good ideas for such things are definitely helpful, and she has lots of them. Also, letting me 'help' with fun projects is helpful in its way too, which she's definitely done! Oh, and I remember how nice it was to see her comments on my posts when I first started this blog... that was very helpful too, in a different way. Thank you, Miss Elizabeth!

Miss Dashwood/Amy/[long list of nicknames here] of Yet Another Period Drama Blog. She's already been awarded this one, but I didn't see that I couldn't award people who already have been in the rules, so I'm doing it anyways. ;) My Mouse has been helpful in so many ways I can't even explain here... but I think she has some idea of what I mean, so I'll just get on to the stuff I can explain. Miss Dashwood, like the others, is always ready to offer assistance wherever she can--like, when I randomly need something proofread, for instance. Heehee. Another way she's been a big help is when it comes to advice. We think so alike on so many things that if I'm having trouble deciding what to do or something like that, I can just send her a quick e-mail and she straightens out my thoughts for me. I don't know how she does it, but she does.

Thanks again, everyone!


Miss Dashwood said...

Awww. Thanks for awarding me, Twinnie! You're a dear--and believe me, you are tremendously helpful to me with, um, Certain Things-- and life in general as well. :D

Alexandra said...

I 'ditto' Amy - thanks so much for your help! More questions comin your way eventually, beleive soon as I get my current project done. :)

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Thank you so much, Melody! I'm always happy to help to the best of my abilities. And thank you for helping me with the comparisons and with ideas and names and what not! :-)

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