Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Announcing and Requesting Your Opinion

I wanted to make you, my readers, aware of this lovely blog, in case you have not yet seen it! 

If you are interested in sewing or collecting doll dresses, you will want to take a look at The Well-Dressed Doll, which sells historical dresses for American Girl (18-inch) dolls. 

There is a delightful assortment of dresses from different eras... here are some of my favorites:

Now for a little bit about the seamstress, in her own words...
"My name is Jessica, and I love sewing! I have been sewing since I was a little girl, so I have a lot of experience, especially sewing doll clothes for the American Girl dolls. All my doll dresses are beautifully sewn and finished to perfection.
I  love period style clothing, especially the Jane Austen/Regency and Edwardian era.
I think you will find that the doll dresses on my blog are very special, and perfect for the adult collector and children's play alike."

Lastly, I have a question for you all. Would you be interested in a giveaway from this website? Jessica is considering having a giveaway with her Romantic era dress, which I would be hosting. What do you think? It would be a lot of fun, but I want to know first whether there is sufficient interest. ;-) I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts in a comment, and also please vote on the poll on the sidebar!


Anonymous said...

My dear Melody,

I think the dress giveaway is a delightful idea! Your friend Jessica certainly is a well accomplished seamstress.
By the by, I like your new profile picture. ; )

~Lily of the Valley

Miss Dashwood said...

I would definitely be interested in such a beautiful giveaway! Sigh, that Titanic dress. Sighhhhhh. I don't play with poor Samantha any more, but I do like dressing her up from time to time when no one else is around. :P

And I must say, m'dear, your new profile pic is swellissimus. Indubitably.

Anonymous said...

Miss Dashwood, I completely agree with you. I don't play with Josifina anymore, but I still enjoy dressing her up, and she sits on my bed in "the place of honor". Plus, it just feels good to hold a doll on your lap every now and then. : )

~Lily of the Valley

Melody said...

Lily of the Valley,
I'm glad you approve the idea! ;) And thank you; I like my new profile picture too. Indubitably. ;-)

Oh, I know. The Titanic dress. It is elegance itself. In doll-sized elegance, you know. ;) And it is one of my favourite colours... if not my very favourite...
Heehee, indeed; it makes quite a good profile picture.

To Amy AND Lily of the Valley:
I do like people who understand about these things, heehee. I used to dress my American Girl dolls at least once per season... I don't usually get around to that anymore, though when I feel the impulse, my basket of clothes is quite handy beneath my bed. ;) I couldn't bear to put them away... I like having my old friends there. Besides, I know plenty of grown-ups who keep their dolls around for display. I think I shall follow suit. Heehee.

Jessica said...

"Plenty of grownups"? Who might they be? Hehe ;-)
Yes, there are lots of adult collectors of American Girl dolls, that's for sure!

Kiri Liz said...

A giveaway! How excessively diverting!! I love those dresses! :)

Marie said...

I would definitely enter! My sisters would love one of these!!!

Shelley said...

Very interested...thank you...blessings

Would you rather hear the story...

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