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Emma Week Tag & Contest Entries

I can rarely resist tags when they have to do with Jane Austen! Here's an original one, with the usual survey-ish questions, and a few trivia ones thrown in! You can find it here at Elinor, Elizabeth and Emma.


Did you read the book or watch an adaption first?
I watched an adaptation first (which was the 1996 A&E version). I think it's best to read the books first, but unfortunately I didn't achieve it with any of the Jane Austen novels. I'm a rather slow reader and once I saw Sense and Sensibility (1995) I wanted mooooore! Heehee.

How many times have you read Emma?
Yep, snagged this from Miss Laurie. (With her permission. :P)
Two times. Surprisingly, it's the only Jane Austen novel I've read all the way through twice. (At this time. Before the year is out there should be two or three others.) I finished it in early 2011 for the first time (enjoying it thoroughly), and then again in November and December for school. What fun schoolwork!

Your favorite adaption is?
The BBC mini-series from 2009. It's SUPERB. 

Do Emma’s matchmaking ‘skills’ annoy you?  
Of course, a little; but in a comedic sort of way, and the more I am familiar with the outcome of the story, the less I am annoyed.

List three minor characters you like in the story.
Like... how minor are we talking here? Hmm. Okay, I'll try for as minor as I can.
--Mr. Weston. He's a bit flighty, but he is likable. 
--John Knightley. He can be annoying, but he's not in it enough to make me too annoyed... just enough to make me laugh, because he is funny. And kudos to him for giving Emma a heads-up about Mr. Elton! 
--Anna Weston. Who's she? She's the baby Mrs. Weston has at the end. How do I know I like her? I don't, really... but she's a baby. Heehee.

Which character is the most annoying of the three? Mrs. Elton, Mr. Elton or Miss Bates? 
Mrs. Elton. Mr. Elton is super annoying too... Miss Bates is so well-meaning, I can't call her "annoying." But Mrs. Elton is VERY annoying. EERRMMM. One day I should do a post about the annoyingness of Mrs. Elton... I do like some of her quotes, though. "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort." (Indubitably!) "Without music, life would be a blank to me." Although she's not sincere when she says either of them... but they're still good quotes. Oh, wait, that's attributed to Jane Austen... okay, Mrs. Elton, I have no reason to like you. (Though you do make me laugh. Only because I don't have to know you in real life.)

Have you seen any Emma spinoffs? (meaning modern adaptions like the original story)
Unless the 1996 Gwenyth Paltrow version counts. 
(Cough, cough. Sorry.) 

The perfect sum-up of Mr. Knightley is?
Okay, that question is almost like an oxymoron. I can't just "sum up" Mr. Knightley! If you want to know what I think of him, you can read my posts about him. ;-) 

Described what you think of Emma herself in three words or less.
Exasperating, endearing... um... Emma.

Harriet Smith receives a proposal from ____?
Mr. Elton.
(If all went according to Emma's plan, that is.)
Real answer: Mr. Robert Martin. 

Your most enjoyed scene is?
Book or movie? I'll just do both... book: Chapter 49. The proposal scene. Movie: the dance scene. Though I like the proposal scene in the movie, too. And the ending. And...lots.

The villain is?
Frank Churchill. I know I'm going against the grain to say that, but I'm saying it anyways. Frank just seems to have more in common with the usual Jane Austen villains, whereas Mr. Elton seems to fit better into the category of annoying characters (such as Mr. Collins).  If you want to know my opinions on this subject in greater detail, you can read this post, as well as this one (and the comments), but there will be spoilers. 
Anyways, Frank or else a combination of him AND Mr. Elton. 

Jane Fairfax is engaged to be married to ____? 
Mr. Dixon.
I'm kidding. But that's top secret information, people; if you don't know the answer, you should go read the book. ;D

Miss Taylor was Emma’s ____?
Governess; but also friend, mentor... combination between an honorary sister and a mother-figure. 
{end of tag}
And now for my contest entries. First, we have an Emma-themed Caption Contest at "Miss Emma Woodhouse." Here are mine...

Quote: Emma (2009)
Picture: Pride and Prejudice (1995)
(Mr. Collins' real quote in that scene is "Upon my word, this puts me in mind of a small breakfast room at Rosings," and it reminded me of Mrs. Elton always talking about being reminded of Maple Grove. :P)

Quote: A paraphrase of Mrs. Jennings in Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Picture: Emma (1996, Miramax)
(Emma was complaining to Mr. Knightley about Jane Fairfax not telling her anything about Frank Churchill in this scene.)

Next, the "Keep Calm and Quote Emma" posters. I am limited as to number--only three. ;-) So here are my three.

(So that you might not be so uneducated compared to Jane Fairfax! Heehee.)

I think that's all! If you like Emma, be sure to get in on the fun! 


Miss Woodhouse said...

Are you going to be putting up a comment with the link to your entry post? Just checking. ;)

Alexandra said...

Yay! Another Frank-Churchill-is-the-villain person. :-P

By the way, I owe you an email. It's coming, I promise. Things have just been so hectic and I want to have the time to be able to write a nice long chatty email. :-) So yes, I haven't forgotten. :-)

And by the way - the Keep Calm posters were hilarious!!!

Abilaine said...

LOVE you entries for my Emma-themed caption contest! :)

I laughed about your "Unless the 1996 Gwenyth Paltrow version counts" thing. :P

Jessica said...

Haha About the 1996 Miramax Emma. ;-)
I still think there isn't really a villain in Emma at all. ha

I like your pictures and quotes, also.
Enjoyable post, my dear. :-)

Miss Dashwood said...

La! I completely forgot to comment on this post! Forgive me, m'dear. If I am a Wild Beast I cannot help it, you know. (Plus, you DID publish it while I was out o' town. :D)

Anyways. LOOOOOOOOVE that picture of Emma, Harriet and Mr. E. Heehee. RG's facial expressions are beyond priceless. I like Anna Weston too. "She's a baby." How could you NOT like her? :P

That picture of Mrs. Elton is a gem. Where on earth do you get these? Hahaha, let me guess--Miss Laurie.

Hmmm, I actually nevuh thought of it that way-- but if I DID know Mrs. Elton in real life, I'd be more inclined to shriek with angry frustration than to laugh at her. So it's a good thing she's fictional.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You, my dear, are Hilarious. Gwyneth Paltrow being a modern spin-off.... hahahahahaha. The giggles that only you can give. :D

My dear, Emma does not describe Emma. Emma describes perfection-- remembah the riddle on Box Hill? Heehee.

Awww, that picture from The Lahst Daunce MMFHI.

Heehee, the Dixon Picture MMG. And the Keep Calms were all amusing, but the second one was my favorite. :D

Melody said...

Oh, are you in my club? How nice! (That is, the Frank Churchill Villainy club :P)
Hahaha, I am looking forward to that e-mail, whenever it chuses to grace me with its presence. ;-)

Well, that's definitely the easiest option. I can go with that. But if I HAD to choose a villain I would say Frank Churchill. ;) I am glad the Paltrow joke seemed to amuse people... it rather amused me too, while I was writing it, heeheehee.

Melody said...

Well, you certainly did not need to comment on pain of excommunication or anything, hahahaha, I was just wondering if you had read it at all. ;) But I am VERY glad to have you comment. ("Duh.")

Heehee... I must say, my liking for Anna Weston does go a bit beyond that she is a baby... and if you remember to enquire, I might just tell you what I mean.

Get the pictures from Miss Laurie? Why, no! I screencapped every single one (of the '09 pics) myself except the Box Hill one.

Ugh, and and there are people like Mrs. Elton in real life... I especially notice this while reading the book. Like towards the end, when she was INSISTING she knew something and wouldn't listen to what Emma knew. :P She was proved wrong, which she just shook off, you know... SO realistic. Heehee. Another thing about JA's characters... they are just so real.

Hehe, I'm glad you enjoyed the modern spin-off thing. I thought you would. ;)

It didn't say Emma described Emma. The question was what described my opinion of Emma. *smirks* In truth, I just couldn't think of another word that suited me... "Emma" just seems to speak for itself.

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