Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poll Results

So, back in July I made the poll: "Which are your two favorite novels by Jane Austen?". Today, we have the results.

The most popular combinations are:

                             1st place:
(8 votes)

                               2nd place:
(7 votes)

                               3rd place:
(6 votes)

And these are the other combinations:

Sense & Sensibility and Persuasion (3 votes)
Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park (3 votes)
Pride & Prejudice and Northanger Abbey (3 votes)

Persuasion and Northanger Abbey (2 votes)

Emma and Northanger Abbey (1 vote)
Pride & Prejudice and Mansfield Park (1 vote)
Emma & Mansfield Park (1 vote)

And the other poll which ended a long time ago:

"In your opinion, whose portrayal of Mr. Darcy was the best?"

And guess who won?
Okay, I just liked the picture
of both of them...
Colin Firth! Are we surprised?
And David Rintioul didn't get any votes, which I am not surprised at either. ha

Here are the exact results:

Laurence Oliver (1940) - 1 vote
David Rintioul (1980) - 0 votes
Colin Firth (1995) - 12 votes
Matthew MacFadyen (2005) - 3 votes
None were even satisfactory - 0 votes

I did vote for Colin Firth, and I do think his Mr. Darcy was better than satisfactory; although, I also think somebody could do a little better. I don't think any movies have got Mr. Darcy quite right as of yet. But the 1995 one was very good, indeed it was.

Aaaand, for a new poll....for it is universally acknowledged in the world of blogging, that once one poll is completed we must make another...

I think it's probably true that every author has at least one character they make at least a little like themselves. So:

"Which of Jane Austen's heroines was the most like herself?"

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Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Pride & Prejudice is so popular! :)
I voted from Persuasion & Northanger Abbey which had 2 votes. I also voted for Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park when I was on a different computer and that got 3 votes.

Colin Firth was brilliant as Mr. Darcy. It's hard to imagine anyone doing the role better but I'm sure after a few years they'll probably do a remake and maybe we'll get an even better Mr. Darcy if that's possible! :)

Love the subject of your new poll! I voted for Anne Elliot because she's the heroine that gets a second chance on love as if the authoress was rewriting her own story a bit. I think she might have been a bit like Elizabeth Bennet when she was younger but she was clearly a better judge of character that Lizzy was. Jane Austen was also rumored to be quiet in her personal life.

Miss Dashwood said...

Old, old, old post and I think we proberly HAVE discussed this before BUT...

I completely and totally agree with you about Colin Firth not being quite perfect as Mr. Darcy. (Now, I know I say that he is the ONLY Mr. Darcy, but that's tootuz Matthew Macfadyen ISN'T. As far as on-screen portrayals go, Colin Firth is as close to perfect as they come.)


He doesn't smile enough. And I know you will agree with me here, Rose--- MR. DARCY SMILES. He DOES. He remarks with a smile ALL THE TIME. So what's with Colin's poker face? Gahhhhh.

Of course, that huge, earsplitting grin at the end, after the wedding, pretty much makes up for his lack of smiles throughout the rest of the movie. That part MMFSHI...

Melody said...

Yes, I think we have discussed this, but it is Quite an Interesting Subject. :D

Oh, yes! I agree with everything you just said! (Was that boring? :P)

Indubitably. I can hardly imagine anyone doing actually better than Colin Firth did. I'm not saying it's impossible, but Very Unlikely. :P But he did not smile enough. Hum. Bug. Shni. Bly. Poker face, hahaha.

Oooh, and the end... it always MMFSHI, too. :D :D

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