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Period Drama Week Questions: first half

1. How did you get into period dramas?
 I’ve been a fan of old-fashioned movies for so long I can’t quite say. The first one I saw, though, was Anne of Green Gables, so long ago I can’t remember exactly when, but I remember liking it ever since I was about 4. The first one that got me started into the general realm of “period dramas”, though, simultaneously began with my interest in Jane Austen: when I watched Sense and Sensibility (1995) with my older sister about 2 ½ years ago. I remember soon afterwards watching Pride and Prejudice (1995) for the first time, and I was gone. ;-) I adored the whole thing and felt so happy at the end!

2. What is it that you like about period dramas?
Perhaps my favorite couple in period drama -
Emma and Mr. Knightley (2009)
One of the things I like is the depth most of them possess, as opposed to modern films. Something that grasps your soul and holds on. (Tehe) I love the ones that really capture my imagination and I’m thinking about them for days, wishing I could move in to one of the stories!

3. Do you usually read a book and then watch the adaptation or do you watch the adaptation and then read the book?
Unfortunately the latter. Although that is one of the good things about period dramas – they make you interested in the classics, and help you know whether you’ll like the book or not. But it’s always good to read the book first if possible.

4. What are your top three period dramas and why?
This is a little harder than writing about my top 3 favorite Jane Austen movies! Here goes –

1.        Pride and Prejudice (BBC/A&E, 1995)
My favorite movie! Unlike some, I celebrate the fact that it is 5 hours long, because then it can begin to do justice to the story, and it provides all the more to enjoy! It has very good acting, and feels nice and old-fashioned, not that modern feeling some have, and very close to the book. My favorite part of the movie is the visit to Pemberley; and my favorite scene is the one that starts with Lizzy playing the piano and singing, at Pemberley. That scene makes me feel happy; so does the ending. When the movie is over I usually sit there with a silly smile on my face for a few moments. Oh, and I like the soundtrack, too.

2.      Emma (BBC, 2009)
Very delightful, this movie. Another one that really lifts the spirits, it is so bright and cheery! I think the Emma and Knightley actors do an excellent job, and I love the music, costumes, etc. Like with P&P, I have a favorite part: the ball; and my favorite scene is the one where Emma and Mr. Knightley dance. It’s so lovely! And again like P&P, the ending makes me happy, and I have to sit for a little while with the silly smile. As with any Jane Austen adaptation, there are some things I am dissatisfied with, but all in all I think it is a faithful version and captures the mood of the book very well. While it may be slightly modernized (with speech and movement), it still has that innocent feel to it that I like Jane Austen movies to have; and still seems authentic.
 I love it!!!

3.      Anne of Green Gables & The Sequel
I hope it’s all right that I’m combining these two – I can never decide which one I like better; but the second is a faithful continuation of the first; I really love them both.
For years they were my favorite movies, until I saw Pride and Prejudice and it slowly moved to second place, and now I guess to third. 
Now I come to the ‘why’: They have realistic acting, great costumes and music (I love the time era), and the story of course is splendid (Anne is hilarious) due to the genius of L.M. Montgomery. The sequel, although some people complain is not enough “like the book”, I do like it, perhaps even a little more than the first if I had to decide. It’s taken from books 2, 3, and 4 in the Anne series, so it is sort of all mixed up. But it remains faithful to the characters and most of the events are taken in some way or other from the books; it is altogether brilliant. (I really like seeing Anne as a teacher.)

5. From those three period dramas that you picked, who are your favorite characters in each one?
Pride and Prejudice – Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Bennet, Mr. Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Georgiana Darcy

Emma – Mr. Knightley (!!), Emma Woodhouse, Mrs. Weston; and Mr. Woodhouse is quite funny.

Anne of Green Gables – Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Matthew Cuthbert, Marilla, Miss Stacey, Emmeline Harris (from the second); and although I don’t much like Mrs. Lynde very much, she can make me laugh.
6. Which author do you like the adaptations of their works best?
JANE AUSTEN!!!!! (Yes, I am very enthusiastic about J.A. adaptations. And J.A. in general, as you might gather from my blog…ha)

7. Which period drama characters are the funniest to you (Keep it under three)?
That’s hard! Perhaps Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice (1995), Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables…and maybe Mr. Panks from Little Dorrit (2008).

8. Which period drama characters are the most annoying (Keep it under three)?
Mr. Smallweed from Bleak House (2005), All the Dorrits except Amy and Frederick on Little Dorrit (2008) (If I had to choose one…probably Amy's brother "Tip"),  and Mrs. Gibson on Wives and Daughters (1999). (Those or just some of the most annoying…)

9. Which period drama characters are in your top three?
Mr. Knightley - Emma, Amy Dorrit - Little Dorrit, Elizabeth Bennet – Pride and Prejudice. Those are a few of my favorites.

10. When you watch period dramas, what is it that you pay the closest attention to (ie. costuming, scenery, etc.)?

I like these dresses!

(The story? Haha.) Well, I do pay a lot of attention to costumes & hairstyles (peoples appearance in general), but then acting is quite important – though I might not notice it much unless it’s badly done. I also think music is very important.

Join in the fun!

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Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Yay! Your answers!

How you got into period dramas sounds similar to mine. I often take Anne of Green Gables for granted now but my mom used to watch that at least once a year while I was growing up!

Love how you phrased your question #2 answer!

Emma 2009 would be one of my favorite period dramas too but when I answer I'm going to take Jane Austen adaptations for granted so I can comment on my favorite period dramas from other authors. It's hard to decide because there are so many great period dramas out there!

Love all the characters you mentioned in question #5!

Mr. Bennet is a very witty character, and Mr. Panks is quite funny! :)

Ooooh, you don't like Mr. Smallweed? I think he's hilarious! He always makes me laugh with his "Shake Me Up Judy!" Amy Dorrit's Uncle Frederick is quite splendid and I almost learned to like her sister Fanny.

Hard to pick just three favorite characters, but good choices! :)

Can't wait to read the rest of your answers dear!

Melody said...

Miss Laurie,

I always love reading your thoughts on my posts! (And of course, everyone else's.)

Well, just because Mr. Smallweed is annoying doesn't mean I don't think he's funny - he does make me laugh, and my family and are always quoting "Shake me up, Judy!" or "Judy, shake me up!". It also made me laugh when he saw the guy that was murdured and said "Oh my eye - he don't look well."
But on re-viewing Bleak House he does start to annoy me very much.

Mr Panck's expressions are what makes him especially funny. Like when he said "Well well. Uncle dead." (My family and I quote that part too, tehe)

I almost like Fanny by the end; but she's rather pathetic. She still is very self-centered (if less rude), and petty (for instance: "And now I suppose I shall have to go into mourning and not go out in society, when I just bought all these new dresses expressly for that purpose!") But yes, I do like her much more by the end. If only she would stop doing strange things to her face & wear her hair differently! ;-)
I really love Amy and Uncle Frederick.

I look forward to reading more of yours as well! :)

Mel said...

Great post, I really enjoyed reading it. "Anne of Green Gables" was one of the first period dramas I watched too. I remember being quite in love with Gilbert as a little girl *blushes*


Melody said...

Thank you, Missie. :)
Ah, poor Gilbert. He always seems to be replaced by some Jane Austen hero or other in our hearts as we get older. ;-)

Miss Dashwood said...

Random things...

I am still quite in love with Gilbert. Heehee.

"Altogether brilliant" is a superb way of describing the Anne movies. Yes.

I want Margaret's lacy blouse in that PD Week button.

Also, I am feeling a great urge to watch Emma again. Haha.

Would you rather hear the story...

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