Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Wow, December's here!  I'm going to have a very busy Christmas season this year, and though I probably shouldn't have taken the time to, I have 'redecorated' the blog for Christmas. :)  I justify this action by the fact that I took less time getting the header right than I usually do, and went more with the first thing I liked.  It's only for a month, after all.

But I must say I'm pretty satisfied. :D

In case anyone's wondering, the period dramas the pictures are from are as follows:
Top: Little Women (1994), Emma (2009) (a snowy Hartfield!)
Bottom: Emma (A&E, 1996), Emma (2009), Little Women (1994)
Yeah, not too much of a variation.  But those are a couple of my favorite period dramas that include Christmas. :)

I hope I'll manage to post again before then, but Merry Christmas, everyone!


Miss Dashwood said...

Love your header muuuuuuuuchly and WAHHHH YOU TOOK THE BLOG BACKGROUND I WANTED. Mean to me. Mean, mean, mean.

...Eh, who cares, we can match. :D

Natalie said...

I love your blog design! It's so lovely and Christmas-y!
Speaking of Christmas, I'm co-hosting a Winter Wonderland blog party to anyone interested! :)
Thanks, Natalie

Melody said...

Elinor dearest,
Heh... spoops. Sowwee. I didn't know. :P And I tried a few but this was the one that worked, haha. Anyways, indeed, who cares if we match? We are Twinnies, after all. :D

Thank you! And I'll be keeping an eye out for the blog party. :)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Ooh, I love your new background and header! I'm so excited for this month! :)

P.S. I'm sorrrry about the extreme lateness of my email; it should get to you today, unless I lose my internet or something. ;)

Emma Jane said...

Ohhh, your blog looks so beautiful! I always love it when people re-decorate their blogs for Christmas. : )
What photo editing website do you use to make your headers? They always look so lovely!


Melody said...

Miss Jane Bennet,
Hahaha, don't worry about it. :) I mean, I'll be very glad when your email comes, but it's not like I've been sitting around going WHY AIN'T THAT GIRL WRITING ME HAS SHE FORGOTTEN ME DOES SHE NOT LIKE ME ANYMOOOORE?

Now, if it took a REALLY long time, I might start thinking that. ;D But this hasn't been a really long time. Haha. And my schedule has suddenly gotten a LOT more shoved in so I'm not sure when MY reply will get to YOU, and you mustn't think you're forgotten. :) (Things should slow down again next month.)

Emma Jane,
Thank you! :D
I use Easiest photo-editing/ collage-making program thingy I have ever used, and it's all free and you don't need an account or anything. (Well, you can do more if you pay for an account, and they tantalize you with stuff you can't have unless you pay, haha, but I don't and I still get things I like. ;) )

Lady Éowyn said...

I love how festive your header is and the picture in the middle, from Emma is adorable!

Evelyn said...

Ah, I love Christmas!! Your headers beautiful - it makes me want to watch Emma again! I guess I might just have to give in and watch it this lovely Christmas. (That somehow snuck up on me again!)

Joan said...

Beautiful header! I love it! I don't recognize the A&E Emma scene, guess I'll have to watch it again. Any excuse to watch Jane Austen works for me. :)
Have a fruitful Advent and lovely Christmas season!

Esther Romaine said...

I just wanted to inform you that I squealed with delight when I saw the bottom middle picture in the header.

Evy Cartyr said...

Your header and blog are lovely and have put me in the Christmas spirit. I am going to start looking for Christmas CD's, Josh Groban and Michael Bluble. (I do believe I didn't spell his name right.)
And I am ready to re-watch all of my favorite Christmas movies, including Little Women.

Hamlette said...

Just popping by to let you know that a blogging-friend of mine is running an Austen-themed giveaway right now that you might be interested in. Her blog is newer and only has a few readers, so I'm kind of spreading the word to people who I know like Jane Austen :-) Her blog is called Reading in the Dark, and you can enter the giveaway here.

Love the new header! I'm adding your button to my blog too :-)

Amy Durant said...

Hi Melanie,

I couldn't find an email for you so I thought I would contact you here...

I work for Endeavour Press: the UK's leading independent digital publisher. We have recently published a book which I though you might be interested in called Jane Austen and Food:

I am happy to send you a free PDF review copy if you would like to review it on your blog?

We are also putting the book on a free promotion starting from Monday to celebrate Jane Austen's birthday, which I thought might of interest to your followers.

You can reach me at if you are at all interested.

Thanks :-)

Kimberly Grace Bowman said...

I want to commend you on your blog and also extend a cordial invitation to my Road To Avonlea Twitter role play group. I noticed you are a fan of the series! I'm looking to add many more characters from the series.

My web address is:
My main Twitter: @RoadToAvonleaRP


Kimberly Grace Bowman said...

I wanted to commend you on your blog and extend a cordial invitation to join my Road To Avonlea Twitter role play group. It is an extremely favorite series of mine, and I noticed you consider this series to be a favorite of yours! I'm looking to add a lot more characters soon.

If you may be interested....

My web address:
My main Twitter: @RoadToAvonleaRP


Melody said...

Heeheehee, well thank you, but you already have me. I'm Felix. ;) Yes, I'm the one who wrote that RTA post but like I said, it was just a guest post on Miss (Amy) Dashwood's blog. :D

Would you rather hear the story...

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