Friday, July 8, 2011

Take a look at this ePattern giveaway!

Royal Daughters of the King is having a giveaway for...

The Elegant Lady's Closet ePattern from Sense and Sensibility Patterns! Now, isn't that a lovely prize?

   I encourage you to check out the blog and the giveaway! (If nothing else, just to look at the pretty pictures of the dresses...I could look at pictures of costumes all day...hehe.)
   Two of the dresses look like Marianne's in Sense and Sensibility (1995), and I've always loved those costumes. =)

"Royal Daughters of the King Ministries is a website that is truly designed for all beloved Daughters of King Jesus. Here, as we fellowship together, our ultimate aim is to glorify God, and bring His Daughter's closer to Him."
~From their blog

The giveaway ends on July 30th!

1 comment:

Johanna Rose said...

Thank you for spreading the word, Melody!

I certainly hope that you win, my dear, as it seems your really would enjoy this ePattern! *smile*

We will see what the Lord has in store, won't we??


P.S. I too am SO thankful for Jane Austen Novels! *wink* Have you ever read Jane Eyre, by Bronte??? Just curious...

Would you rather hear the story...

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