Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mansfield Park: Recognizable Actors

Here are the actors/actresses on Mansfield Park movies who I recognized from other old-fashioned films.

(* means I haven’t actually seen it (or all of it); therefore I may not approve of it, but I always hear about that person being in that movie, or may have recognized them from the portions I saw.)

Marianne Thornton
(Amazing Grace)
   Sylvestra Le Touzel (Fanny Price) – Mrs. Allen on *Northanger Abbey (2007), Marianne Thornton on Amazing Grace
   Nicholas Farrell (Edmund Bertram) – Mr. Musgrove on Persuasion (2007), Henry Thornton on Amazing Grace
   Samantha Bond (Maria Bertram) – Mrs. Weston on Emma (1996 A&E)
   Anna Massey (Aunt Norris) – Miss Stanbury on He Knew He Was Right  
   Jonny Lee Miller (Charles Price) – see below

Molly Gibson
(Wives and Daughters)

   Jonny Lee Miller (Edmund Bertram) – Mr. Knightley on Emma (2009), Charles Price (Fanny’s little brother) on Mansfield Park (1883)
   Justine Waddell (Julia Bertram) – Molly Gibson on Wives and Daughters, Estella on Great Expectations (1999)

   Blake Ritson (Edmund Bertram) – Mr. Elton on Emma (2009)


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I love how when you watch a period drama, you can recognize so many actors/actresses from other period dramas. It adds to the fun of watching them!

I think Samantha Bond was also in an episode of Lark Rise to Candleford, but it was only one episode. She was also in Downton Abbey for one episode also.

Charity U said...

These posts are always so interesting. :) Thanks for the post, Melody!

Would you rather hear the story...

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