Thursday, December 7, 2017

NEW POLL: A Completely Hypothetical Question

Now, friends.  I have a hypothetical situation for you. 

Suppose one of your old blogging buddies (who hardly writes on her blog anymore because she's insanely busy and all that nonsense) fell in love.  She didn't write about it at first because she wasn't even sure of it herself.  Then because she wasn't sure if the other person returned her feelings.  Then she was, but it wasn't commonly known.  Then she just didn't know where to start, even though her heart was bursting to tell everyone the beautiful love story.  Then, she simply couldn't find the time

And then... she didn't know how to tell it.

Yes, imagine that situation.

How would you most like to hear the story?

1. Maybe... not?  The blog isn't about this hypothetical girl's personal life!
2. Short and Sweet.  I'd like to hear the most important details, but not a long story.
3. Long and Sweet.  A verbose post.  Let's hear it!
4. In Bookish Installments. If it's a bookish story (hint: it is), I'd like to hear a dramatized version in four or five posts, please.
5. A Novelette.  If she's going to tell, she should tell ALL!

The poll is at the bottom of the post(s). :)


Miss Woodhouse said...

May I wager a guess at who this blogging friend is? ;) oh wait, just hypothetical, of course :) Allllll the details is always best!!

Livia Rachelle said...

6. A Serial. Novel size and in installment.


Naomi Sarah said...

As much as possible asap


Gabby A. said...

Oh! Oh! OH!!!!


Do tell ALL!

Evelyn Louise said...

5 would be lovely!! Congratulations btw! :-)

Anna Hales said...

As much detail as possible!! :) wow, all my friends are falling for people left and right and I’m getting to hear lots of very cute stories and I would love to hear one more:)

Natalie said...

I voted for #4 but anything from 3-5 would be greatly enjoyable. :D (Excited and happy for you!!!)

Anonymous said...

I completely ADORE your blog and the whole style of it!! I am also a huge Jane Austen fan, and I too - feel like I am living in the wrong generation. I run a blog too, it's called

Hit me up, and we can talk/ discuss Jane Austen or other books in the classical literature department. I have been (for a long time) trying to find as many people out there, who run blogs with the same content as me. I have found a few, and I do think its important that we all stay connected with each other :)

Would you rather hear the story...

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