Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sierra Boggess as Elinor Dashwood

Yes, you read that post title right!  My second-favorite singer has portrayed a beloved Jane Austen heroine!
Sierra Boggess

I knew that this was going on some time ago; rather than a performance it was some kind of 'read-through' of the Sense & Sensibility musical.  But I was very excited at the prospect of getting to listen to it!  I knew this website put recordings you can listen to for free, so would they offer these as well?

I kept checking back for several months, and then gradually forgot all about it.  Then the other day at work I was listening to another recording of the S&S musical on my MP3 player (yep, we're allowed to listen to music while we shelve at my library... gals, my library, and my supervisor, is the BEST) and thought to myself, Oh yeah, I haven't checked that in a while!

So I checked it.

AND THERE IT WAS. You can listen to the entire thing here.

If you are a Sierra Boggess fan as I am, these are the songs that include her:
~We Must Have Sense
~If I Could
~That's Not Love
~A Quiet Life
~That's Not Love Reprise
~I Once Knew a Girl
~I Must Have Sense

"If I Could" was changed from the original version I heard, and I really am not sure I like this one better... especially the beginning.

"That's Not Love" was also sadly changed.  "I Must Have Sense" is pretty great though (and remains my favorite).

As for some other songs, these are my favorites WITHOUT Sierra, in case you are interested...
~Don't Try to Change Her (Col. Brandon)
~I'll Believe Anything (Edward)
~A Second Chance (Marianne & Brandon)

I love the fact that "A Second Chance" now includes Col. Brandon and it's kind of a duet, because it wasn't like that before, and it makes TOTAL sense!  (Eh heh, no pun intended...)

Cast for this recording of Sense & Sensibility
P.S. Just to make you all curious-- I have some SUPER exciting news to share with you soon. :D (But not yet. Trust me, pet... :P)


jessica prescott said...

A Sense and Sensibility musical? Now THAT is a good idea.

Ohhhh, Sierra Boggess! I do love her :-) (Given that she's your second-favorite singer, who's your top favorite? Just curious.)

Exciting news, huh? . . . Sounds intriguing . . . ;-)

Miss Evie said...

This looks so amazingly good! I'm off to listen right away thank YOU Melody!
OH There is a musical version of Sense and Sensibility being put on by a local theatre company here and I'm going with one of my old English teachers and some others which I knew from school but they didn't teach me and My 6th grade teacher we're all quite good friends you see, kind of like Ms Stacey in Anne of Green Gables. Toni (that's the English teacher) and I are going as we love the era, music and Colonel B and the other are going for Edward :P. Hope this little tale wasn't too boring, just it reminded me of it on FB as well when I checked your post (in a new tab) and I was like oooh. Also thank you so much for checking out my Period Drama blog! I need to publish those comments soon but Uni has (and still is) hectic for this future English teacher.

Natalie said...

This is so cool! I'm going to have fun checking it out. I love S&S, and Sierra Boggess is one of my favorite Broadway singers, too. :)

I can't wait for your exciting news!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love Sierra Boggess too!!!

I'm not actually familiar with the S&S musical... it looks really interesting! I just need to wait until I have a couple hours of spare time with nothing to do (which could be awhile :P).

Sierra is pretty versatile, I think, with all the different roles she's played! Although, I guess that is what actresses do. Haha. Duh.

~Miss Meg

Hannah Beer said...

So I'm quite a bit late to this post, but I just recently discovered your blog (and it's wonderful! <3) so you'll have to forgive me! Anyway, I listened to this whole recording on soundcloud last night, and it was AMAZING, especially with it being my introduction to the S&S musical! In looking for more info on the internet, I discovered another song I love from the musical ("Wrong Side of Five and Thirty") which is sadly not on the soundcloud album. My question is, where can I buy the recording you mentioned listening to on your MP3 at work, and does it have that song?
With love,

Melody said...

Never too late! :)
The album I have on my MP3 player is not one that I bought-- I got the files from a friend. I don't believe it's available for purchase. But anyways, that song wasn't among them, regardless.
Sorry I couldn't be more help!

Hannah Beer said...

Thanks for replying, Melody! I know you're busy having an amazing time at AGM! Actually, I just found out that I stumbled upon a different S&S musical, which is why you don't have that song! :P It's gorgeous though; you can listen to it here >
Anyway, one last comment: I listened to the soundcloud album again last night and realized how much I love "Awkward"; it's just so hilariously perfect!

With love,

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