Saturday, June 4, 2016

Jan Austen, whoever she may be, is very proud.

The horror.
The atrocity.
The stupidity.
The mistake I have never before seen anyone make.
Let us hope it is a typo.

(Isn't the IMDb page lovely, though?! So refreshing after, you know, zombies and such...)

(Also, prepare yourself for many Lady Susan posts coming up.)


Lady Nefertankh said...

Speaking of typos, I keep thinking that the title ought to be "Love and Freindship" whenever I see it! Though I know it is based on Lady Susan! But yes, I am sure Miss Jan Austen is very proud. :)

Abby P said...

I JUST got back from seeing Love and Friendship, and loved it! I'm so excited to hear your thoughts on it. :)

Natalie said...

Oh my, hahahaha, I was wondering why your title said "Jan". :P

I really want to see this! Can't wait for your reviews!

jessica prescott said...

*shakes head* You sad, sad IMDB page. I really do not know what we shall do with you, really I don't.

Awdur said...

Oh my. I've seen Jane Austin (which is bad enough), but Jan?! What are they thinking?

Miss Dashwood said...

At least it wasn't Jan Austin. We can thank heaven for small favors. :P

Rae said...

WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY? What? Why? How did that make it past ANYONE? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It seems like there's a good Jane Austen quote for this, but I'm too shocked to think what it is. Oh, maybe *gets P&P to check the exact quote* "I am shocked and astonished." and "I am most seriously displeased." (both Lady Catherine.)

Melody said...

Lady Nefertankh,
ME TOOOOOO! Glad I'm not the only one. :D

Abby P,
JEALOUSY. I will be seeing it on Tuesday. :D

Yes, I've seen that plenty of times, so although it disgusts me, it doesn't surprise me. Jan though?! I mean, really?? That's not even the same NAME. At least "Austin" and "Austen" do SOUND pretty much the same.

Miss Dashwood,
Indubitably. :P

I, too, was most seriously displeased! how shall we punish them for such a mistake?!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! No, no. This is just TERRIBLE! *Jane Austen takes turns in her grave* I pity the moviemakers.

~Felicity King

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