Sunday, January 24, 2016

...and we're back!

Hello, one and all, and welcome to the new and improved Regency Delight!

Let me tell you about some of the updates.

  • In case you have not yet noticed, the sidebar is gone.  Totally.  It vanished, like a broken silence.  But don't panic! There are still tools to find your way around.  I put quite a lot of stuff in the tabs (which will be talked of in a minute), and then the followers box, blog archive and my blogging profile are down at the bottom, and under THAT are tags if you are looking for a particular topic.  
  • Tabs! We have the following:
    • Archives You can find some ancient history for Regency Delight in here, as well as other easy-to-access collections
    • Reviews Lists of my reviews for various books and movies
    • Ask Me Anything! Questions for future Answers posts! You can use it at any time. You can also use it to contact me.
    • Blog Buttons Blog buttons for my blog, blogs I read, and an array of awards I've won in blogging events.
    • Request a Post This will take you to a Google Forms survey where you can tell me what you want to read about, and if you have any particular movie or book in mind that you would like me to review.
  • One reason I had for removing the sidebar was that I would be able to make the entire blog a lot wider, and that means I can actually use "extra-large" pictures!  Woot woot.  Don't worry, I won't have loads of pictures that are high quality; I just mean that I was tired of trying to put pictures in and having to make them tiny so they didn't run off the side of the page!
  • So that you don't have to scroll through so many long posts when scrolling through my blog, I decided to insert page breaks. When you click on a post directly, it won't matter, but when looking at the whole blog, there will be a little link that says "continue reading" if you're actually interested in seeing the whole post.  
I was rather astonished to find her so ladylike as I believe she was your governess that some of the last posts I've done that I considered really to be blogging, like some of the key things I remember writing, was all the way back in 2012, and that since 2013, I've only been barely here.  My goodness!  I felt quite nostalgic, seeing how involved I used to be in blogging, and I am looking forward to giving that another go. If you want the honest truth, folks, I think that now Amy is busy with her full-time job and consequently I talk to her with less frequency, I am finding that, oh look, I have time to put into some other writing besides communication.  Heh, heh.  Or perhaps I just got a random surge of motivation that will be over all to soon.

In any case.  I am here now and we'll enjoy it while we can, yes? 

I do feel rather terribly old though, seeing how long ago some of this stuff was!  Like, was I REALLY that much younger when I wrote those posts??  It seems very odd.  In the next few months, it will have been seven years since I first got into Jane Austen.  They say friendships that last seven years are very likely to last a lifetime, and I suppose the same thing is true for fanship-- although I did not need that proof.  I already knew it would be a lifetime thing. 

Also, apparently I've had this blog for FIVE YEARS now?  How and when did this happen...

Anyway.  For now, I don't think I have anything more to say... little update, I guess; school is going very well and I am actually enjoying my classes.  Which I was not entirely expecting.  But this is my kind of thing, and it's fun.  In the future some of the required classes I do not think I'll like quite so much. ;)

I shall leave you now.  I have many plans brewing and a whole list of ideas, so hopefully I will be back soon!

Thank you my dear, patient, lovely readers. 


Miss March said...

Melody! Your blog is GORGEOUS!! I LOVE IT! And I really hope your enthusiasm for blogging more often is not just a passing thing, because I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of posts you have in store for us! :)

That Mrs. Elton quote! "I was rather astonished to find her so ladylike as I believe she was your governess." Hahaha! :D

Oh, and the picture you included at the end is delicious in the extreme! I love those colors!

Glad you're finally back! :)

~Miss March

Naomi Pitts said...

OH! You're back! :-) You said it would be done by the 17th ... heh. Heh. Heh. :-P
Anyways... it's gorgeous! It looks so SPRING-ISH and fresh. Like you did the spring cleaning. :-P Well done! I love the idea of an 'ask me anything' page - very clever. One day in the future I might steal that idea.

~ Naomi

Emma Jane said...

I love it, Melody! :-)

Rosie McCann said...

Your new blog look is so pretty! I love the soft green and pink together :)

Heidi said...

Yay!! It's back up and all LOVELY!!!

(Just a quick note... I have to run this fine Monday morning, but added your link into my last post and will be back to comment ASAP. ;D)

Hoping you have a beautiful day!

Melody said...

Miss March,
Thank you for your kind words! Haha, I'm glad you recognized the Mrs. Elton quote... I tend to start phrasing something exactly like a JA quote and then I want to finish it. ;)

I think, in the blogging world, it can always be spring; don't you? :) Well, except for Christmastime, of course.
You can feel free to use the idea. ;)
Well, I did not SAY I would be back on the 17th. I said my GOAL was to be back on the 17th and that I made no promises. And I DID try. But it didn't happen. There was too much to be done. ;)

Emma and Rosie,
Thank you. :D

I look forward to your comments! :)

Awdur said...

I love the new design!! Especially the header! And I am naturally excited that you'll be blogging more often. ;)

Natalie said...

Yay, you're back! I'm going to enjoy reading through your Cinderella posts, as I didn't have a chance to do that before you closed your blog. :)
It looks absolutely lovely! Great job on the redesign.

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