Sunday, February 2, 2014

A very good place to start...

Welcome, one and all, to the first post for my self-inflicted week-long February blog posting challenge.  To begin it all, I'm going to recap and explain a bit...

In this post I requested that anybody inclined to do so give me up to two topics they'd like to see me post about, and seven would be randomly chosen--one for each day of the week.
Now, some people ended up suggesting more than two things--in those cases, I chose the two I'd rather talk about (haha) and put them on the list for the Random Selection.  There were also a few that I thought could be condensed into one post--a little like Q&A things--so on the list for the Random Selection, I added a space for a post to answer those questions.  And, as it happens, that ended up getting the first spot for the week, which I considered quite appropriate.

So, I'll answer those now, after thanking everyone who suggested topics for their contribution. :)  I hope you'll enjoy the posts this week!

And here are the questions/topics for this post...

Joan asks what I would do if someone gave me a million dollars.

Thank them, of course. :)
Haha.  Okay, let's see... well, my very first thought was that I'd get a private helicopter, because then I could go visit My People who live far away almost whenever I wanted, or pick them up and bring them to come visit me.  However, I'm not at all sure about the practicality of that.  How much would that cost, anyways, and where on earth would it be kept, and who would fly it? o.O  But in any case, you can bet I'd do a lot of buying of airline tickets.  Heehee.

I think I'd definitely go to England--no, Europe.  Well, parts of Europe... I'd also be interested in France, Ireland, Scotland and Italy.  But England would be #1.  And I could do it without having to worry about pinching pennies, which would be niiice. Difficult for me to get used to, because I'm sort of a tightwad by nature--but nice. ;)  Also, I would take along a Certain Friend of mine who likes to scheme with me about going there together, and I'm sure none of you know whom I mean because I never mention her.  At all.  (Cough.)

This place right here is at the top of my to-see-in-England list. :D

And after doing something quite stunning and magnificent, I would save the rest.  And get interest... maybe I could set up an annuity?  Haha, I know little about these things. :P

Miss Melody Muffin says "I'd like to hear your opinions on foreign languages- which one or ones you might like to learn, what ones you definitely would not want to learn and why...."
Nice!  Okay, let's see.  The number one language I'd like to learn would be French, I think.  Just because it seems the most old-fashioned... it was, after all, an Accomplishment for the 19th-century lady.  It would also help when reading some classic literature--some of the authors sort of expect you to be acquainted with French, haha.  (Jane Eyre, anyone?)  Not that I particularly like French--actually I'm sometimes a bit annoyed by it. ;)  Spanish would be useful, so I suppose I'd like to know that... but it often irritates me too--maybe this stems a little from when my brother had a Spanish class in college and kept pestering me with words and phrases.  Ha.

As to languages I really would not want to learn--probably most Asian languages.  I mean, that's just way too different.  (So yeah, I'm not going to ask Mr. Knightley to teach me Chinese. :D  Speaking of which... was he supposed to know Chinese or did Emma just expect him to teach her anyway? ....rabbit trail)

In the end... I love English.  I really do.  Sure, it has a lot of oddities, but so do we all, so that gives it personality.  Haha.  I like its descriptiveness, how you don't just have one word for a general thing, you have a whole bunch with slightly different meanings so you can express yourself better and say precisely what you would like to.  (By the way, I find myself growing increasingly attached to thesauruses... aren't they cool?!)

Hamlette asks What is it about the Regency that fascinates you?
The world of Jane Austen. :D
Well... that's the plain and simple truth.  I doubt I would be half as fascinated by the Regency period otherwise.  But other than that... I guess it's interesting because it's sort of its own little blip in history: 19th century, but not yet Victorian.  It has fashions all its own, like the empire waist, that lasted only that long.  (As the only thing ladies wore, I mean--obviously later, fashions were inspired by all sorts of past ones.  I don't notice any sort of empire waist dresses being in fashion again until the 1910s.)  Hardly any of the fashions were very extreme, either-- especially not for super rich people, haha-- they were lovely and simple, not weirdly elaborate.  Every era has some oddness in fashion, but that one seems to have less, especially when I consider that it's in the midst of the 18th and 19th centuries.  The men's fashions aren't really my favorite... but then, when are they?  Ha.  (Okay, well there probably actually is an answer to that rhetorical question, but that would be a rabbit trail, wouldn't it?)

I guess I'm just that frivolous that when I'm asked why a particular era interests me I start talking about fashion. :P  Really, though, I'm not usually much interested in history from a political standpoint.  I mean, there's the War of 1812, but... well, it got us our national anthem.  That's cool. ;)  Other than that... *shrugs*

Anyway.  It's just fun to see how certain ways of life and habits were changing a little bit during this time, merging into the Victorian era but not quite there.

Aside from the subject of this post (but it's a bit of a random one anyway), here is a wonderful giveaway you might want to check out!


Naomi said...

Can I ask you some questions?

How many siblings do you have?

What would you have done in Margaret Hale's (North and South) situation when she got asked if it was her that was seen at the station with her brother?

Had you been Miss Lizzy Bennet, would you have been able to find an excuse NOT to dance with Mr Darcy?

What are your top ten period drama dresses?

What was the funniest book you've ever read?

What is your favourite dance?

What would you have done in Kitty/Lizzy/Mary's case when you saw your mother winking at you?

Do you prefer dancing to reading?

Melody said...

Would you like me to save these questions for if/when I have a regular Q&A post (I'm not at all sure when this would happen, though) or just answer them here in comments?

Naomi said...

Oh you can save them for a regular Q&A post, I don't mind!

Miss Dashwood said...

Annnnnnd prepare for the Commentatious Onslaught. Because, as you so very cleverly guessed, I have only skimmed your posts this week, being a rather busy Beast, and now I am at more leisure to come back and read them thoroughly and leave my rambly thoughts.

So! Onward.

Am I one of your people that you'd visit if you got a private helicopter? Hmmmm? I'd totally be okay with you landing in my backyard unannounced. And if you wanted to pick me up and take me to your house, that would work too. :D

France, Ireland, Scotland and Italy-- it's like you've read my mind. We should add those to the list after England. Heehee. And I feel rather sorry for this friend, whoever she may be-- taking her to England with you doesn't really make up for never mentioning her on your blog, y'know? She might benefit from being acknowledged now and then. I bet you don't communicate with her much either. You are proberly a very vexing friend and she does not like you much.


Anyways. If you want to set up an annuity, you can expect to live forever, because people always do when there is an annuity to be paid them. And if you don't understand all the business ends of such things, you could always ask Henry. Perhaps he'll explain it all for you. :D

Well, I think French rawthah interesting... but my study of it has been so minimal and hither-and-yon, haha, that I really know very little. I should be more industrious and pick it up again. Only I don't feel motivated. Hey, maybe if we were to study it togetherrrrr...

I think Emma just expected Mr. Knightley to be able to teach anything under the sun. Bahahahahaha.

English is indeed fun... but maybe you need to lay off the thesaurus.

Wuved your answer about the attraction of the Regency period. Ditto, ditto, Mr. Brooke.

Fashion of certain eras is always MY number one interest, and I am not ashamed of it. Ehehehehe.

Oooh, nice giveaway. I hope you win. :D

Melody said...

Miss Dashwood,

Aha! And here is your elusive self at laust. Heehee.

Of course I wouldn't visit you if I had a private helicopter. What EVER gave you THAT idea? Hahahaha. :D And I haven't read your mind. Apparently I just use some of it, you know, but I suppose it all amounts to the same thing. :D And your thing about the Certain Friend made me laugh out loud in the middle of a restaurant.

...I was using my Dad's phone to check my email. Don't judge me. :P

HAHAHAAA. I was thinking the same thing about the annuity. :D And the thing about Henry... hahahahahaha. You make me laugh. ;)

Yes, I think French rawther interesting too, it's just also sometimes rather annoying. The two are not incompatible. :P And hey, I would totally go for the idea of studying it with you, :D :D, but I have no clue how we'd go about that. Thoughts?


How nice that you're dittoing my answer about the Regency... we're frivolous together. Heehee. Frivolity is essential. :D

I hope so, too. ;)

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