Saturday, January 25, 2014

Me? A procrastinator?

So, I haven't been blogging much lately.  And that's been the same story for the past who-knows-how-long.  (I don't think I want to look.)  The reasons for this are mainly three things: 1) lack of inspiration, 2) lack of motivation, and 3) procrastination and laziness.  Which could be in the same category with 2, but whatever.

I don't think it's ever going to be like "okay, I'm going to randomly buckle down and start blogging a lot more", but I can at least make some attempt to do it sometimes... but since I've been doing all this failing, I'm going to have you all help me with numbers 1 and 2.  (Number 3 you must always forgive, you know, because there is no hope of a cure. Haha.)

Basically, I don't know what to talk about, so I'm going to let you decide.  That's right, you can tell me to talk about whatever you want to-- within reason, of course.  It has to make sense for this blog, haha.  Now, the thing you should know is that I can take what you say any way I want to.  If you suggest a subject where I have no idea what to say, I may just post a bunch of pictures somehow relating to it, or write approximately two sentences and be done.  I don't want to get myself into deep waters here, you know.

Everyone can submit two topics they want me to discuss (it can be as vague or as specific as you like), and I will post once a day during the week of February 2nd - 8th.  I'll use to choose which suggestions I'm going to use-- that way I can't be biased. ;)
Deadline for submissions (if you want to call them that) is the 30th, so I can have time to figure out what posts I'm doing and get a bit of a head start.

And I'm thiiinking about doing one of those Q&A posts that practically everyone else in the blogging world has done.  So hey, if you'd be interested (I mean, I'm not one to just randomly blab about myself :P) let me know in comments and if I get five or more yeas, then I may just make another post for that.

Have fuuuun!
*chews fingernails nervously* What am I getting myself into, anyways....


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Oh my! I haven't been blogging for the exact same reasons! I've been calling it a bit of writer's block that I'm hoping to get out of soon. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this! :-)

I remember that I did a post quite a while ago about 100 things I learned from period dramas that you might like to try. It can be as serious or funny as you like. You can even make it period drama specific and it doesn't even need to be 100 things.

Oh! I'm just happening upon your poll on your sidebar about making GIFs. I'm a little late to vote, but I have learned how to make GIFs quickly and that are of pretty good quality. If there's something out there that you would like me to make, just let me know! (If you E-mail me, though, leave a comment at my blog saying that you E-mailed me since I haven't been checking my blog E-mail that often)

Naomi said...

About fashion?

Naomi said...

Oh and anything Pride and Prejudice 1995-like of course!!

Joan said...

How about why you don't like P&P05?
I don't like it either so nothing you say will offend me. :)
What about what you would do if someone gave you a million dollars?
Have a great week!

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

How about a post on villains? Who you really love to loathe.

Or a comparison of updated versions of classic stories with the originals. (Clueless vs. Emma, 10 Things I Hate About You vs. The Taming of the Shrew, etc.)

Something about the significance of names in classic novels? Do certain names evoke certain feelings or presuppositions about a character, and how do authors use those to cement or twist our expectations about a character?

Miss Dashwood said...

Hmmmmmm. I am generally rather good at coming up with questions, but when it comes to You, about whom I know basically everything... heeheehee.

How about a ranking of Charles Dickens miniseries, with some brief thoughts on each and why you like them? A slight change from the traditional JA fare, haha, but it's not like you never talk about Dickens. I'm pretty sure I know what would be in the number one slot, heehee, but I'd still be interested in reading.

I keep meaning to write about my favorite dresses in period dramas but I gladly hand the silver loving cup to you-- erm, I mean, I gladly offer the idea to you if you'd like to use it first. :D

What else, what else... random funny Pinterest pictures are always fun. Or maybe your thoughts on an ideal dream cast for a new P&P adaptation? I don't mean choosing movie stars who already exist-- I mean describing the way the characters ought to be played and how they ought to look if they were the perfect beings of your (our :P) imagination(s), with examples of actual actors if any exist, which is kind of doubtful. Heh.

Alsooooo... hey, you've never reviewed any of the Gaskell movies. You could try doing that-- or even doing them all in one post and comparing them. I'd definitely be interested in that. :D Or a review of Lorna Doone?

And Road to Avonlea is always an enjoyable subject. *loud hint* :P

There, that was actually quite a lot. :D

Arielle Melody Bailey said...

Hi Melody!

I'd like to hear your opinions on foreign languages- which one or ones you might like to learn, what ones you definitely would not want to learn and why....

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

How about a post explaining how you got interested in period dramas and the Regency era in the first place?

And I'd love to hear what it is about the Regency that fascinates you.

Molly said...

What do you think is your favorite type of story?

Would you rather hear the story...

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