Sunday, February 10, 2013

What you say when you want to post, but have nothing to say...

Dear Readers,

I've seen posts like this several times, and when it comes to me--well, I pretty much ignore them. But on the chance that not everybody is like me (haha... okay, with the knowledge that not everybody is like me...), I'm doing it anyways. Because, see, I feel like posting. I look at my poor, neglected blog and think, oh, what a poor, neglected blog you are. Cute, but neglected. (Haha, is it bad that I keep admiring my own header and background?)

But then I don't do anything about it.

Because frankly, my inspiration has been on "low" for most the time ever since I finished the Jane Austen series that first got this blog moving, which was, heh, finished all the way back in October of 2011.

Low inspiration combined with laziness. When I DO have ideas, they're generally for posts that take a lot of thought and time (like the thing I'm supposed to be working on at present), so then, if I do ever finish them, they take a long time and I don't want to attempt another one for a while.

So... what would you advise? Do you have any ideas that might help me get buzzing again?
What is your favorite thing about my blog (so I can try to do more of it)? What kinds of posts do you most like to see? Is there something I don't do that you think I should?

There. If you are not like me, perhaps you'll comment and give me your opinion. :)
(Actually, I might if I had an opinion--I just don't usually like to bother coming up with one. Ha.)

And now, because this post needs a picture and something to laugh (or at least smile) about--


Kathryn Ross said...

Good Day, Melody, milady! So glad to hear from you. I have been much remiss in Blogland the past few months - only able to post on occasion as opposed to more regular writings, as had been my initial goal and practice. I miss strolling through blog readings as often, too. Catching up with you I see you are still the "go to" for all things Jane. I have added some new editions to my collection - and a dear friend recently returned from England is bringing me a P&P edition he picked up in an Antique book shop just for me! I will receive it the end of the month when he and his lady love come for tea! Now - as to your dilemma - what to write?? Well, have you considered giving some of the psuedo-Jane books a try? I've read the first two in Stephanie Baron's cozy mysteries where Jane is the detective stumbling over dead bodies within the context of real life biographical truths. LOL - silly at the outset, but well written and fun - if purist tendencies can be put aside. Your reading and reviews might prove interesting. Just a thought - do keep up your efforts here in Blogland. I'm sure you'll grow and expand your niche.
Miss Kathy

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Melody, I find myself with the exact same problem! I'll find myself wanting to post something, but I'll have nothing to say, or I don't write anything due to laziness (In which case, you've read my mind again! This seems to happen a lot! ;-) ).

But anyways, how to advise you. I've found that writing reviews keeps me posting at least once a week at Elegance of Fashion, so starting up on a new "series" of weekly posts may help. Or you could write up a post that may be thought-provoking or something that could get people commenting on your posts (for example, I wrote a post defending Susannah Harker's Jane Bennet when being compared to Rosamund Pike's); you could find something in a period drama that vexed or intrigued you and write about it. Or even collaborate with another blogger on a post for a half guest post (which, if you need someone to half-guest-post with, I'd be most willing to help. We could establish a musical club! Have regular meetings at your blog or mine! As leaders of blogging, we should show the way! *Shameless Emma Reference hehe! ;-)*). That's all I can come up with for now, but if I can think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Miss Evelyn said...

Have you read any Charles Dickens? Those are classics, like Jane Austen, and I would love to read any reviews on his wonderful books! Especially written by someone who has good taste. =D

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