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Throwdown - Best Romantic JA Ending

First of all, I would like to wish everybody a Happy Valentine's Day.  In honor of this occasion, I am presenting some of the best endings from Jane Austen movies, so that we can all sigh over them and all that nonsense, and then vote on which one was the most romantic. I'm not sure I'll be able to decide, but it will be fun to see what you do. ;-)

Emma (A&E), near the end. The engaged couples dancing together--so cute!

To help me decide which scenes to throw into the competition here, I'm going to do five & just focus on The Endings. So, in random order--

Sense & Sensibility (1995)
~This isn't supposed to involve The Proposal, so technically for the throwdown we're starting at 2:05... but if you decide to watch Edward's proposal (awww), I won't tell. (Just remember it isn't supposed to 'count'.)~

Persuasion (2007)
~START AT 2:18~

Pride & Prejudice (1995)
~Wedding starts at 1:24~

Emma (2009)
~If you want to watch this scene with better quality, go here and start at 6 minutes.~

Due to unforeseen circumstances (called YouTube not cooperating with my plans and providing me with what I wanted) I am forced not to include a fifth video. However, I daresay you all remember JA movie endings pretty well. If your favorite didn't show up here, vote for 'other' and then tell me what you're thinking of in a comment. If enough people say the same thing, it could still win. 

Also... I lied. Er, was mistaken. Because although I like them all and adore most of them, I do have a favorite. It gets me every single time-- I just sit there grinning stupidly. (And when I'm all caught up in the story it has before brought tears to my eyes. Sniffle. So touching!)

Anyways. But I shall not say which I mean, because now it is time for you to vote. I can't say I'm not going to do some gushing in the comment box, though. :D Please feel free to do that, too! I'd love to hear which one you vote for!! Polls are so much more fun that way.

The Most Romantic Ending Is: free polls 

I'll post the results sometime next week.


Anonymous said...

Wives and Daughters!

Miss Dashwood said...



I was planning to review North and South later this week (or early next week) and talk about how iconic the ending is, and then after that I was going to have a Period Drama Endings Throwdown and have people nominate endings and vote on the best one... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Make way for the Tween Express. :D

I think I still may do my throwdown, actually, since I was going to open it to all period dramas and not exclusively JA, but... heeeheeheeheehee. I am much amused. Excessively diverted.

And now I'm curious-- can you guess what I voted for? ;) Once you've guessed I'll come back and do my gushing. :D

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

How on earth am I supposed to vote for just one?!?! Oh dear! :)

Well, S&S and P&P are very sweet but mostly they are just fun. I love all the ending scenes from Emma'09 but as far as being "romantic" I suppose Persuasion'07 has the most "romantic" ending, it's certainly sweet but not really in keeping with the book.
I love the sailing into the sunset in Persuasion'95 and the ending dance scene in the Kate Beckinsale Emma quite a lot and the ending scenes of S&S'08 are very sweet too.
Guess I'm voting for Emma because it's still my favorite, gets me teary-eyes every time! :)

Melody said...

Wives and Daughters has a lovely ending (although I must say I prefer the proposal in the rain--so romantical! what is it about rain?), but it isn't Jane Austen like the videos I was presenting. ;)

Miss Dashwood,
HEHEHEHEHEHE. Your comment made me feel very mirthful. :D Yes, we knew that--and have for about a year now, I think, for 'twas a year ago that we found out we both had the idea to write a 'book' in the style of The Perils... haha. :D I remember you saying "Maybe there's something to that whole 'maybe we have the same thoughts, muwahahaha' "--which I must have said earlier.
*snaps out of nostalgia mode*
ANYWAYS. Yes INDEED, you should still do that. I was thinking as I put this together how many splendid period drama endings there are, and *I* should be very interested if you did that. :)
Can I guess which one you voted for? Er, well, you know I do not like being made to guess things, but since we have the same mind (:P) I'll just say you did what I did, which was to be traitorous to P&P95, and vote for Emmer09. Am I right? (It had to have been either that or S&S95, though, from what the poll results were earlier. Ha.)
I LOVE THAT ENDING. It is so adorable and happyful and romantical. The way she leans her head on his shoulder, and their cute smiles at each other, and holding hands, and then of course the "Ohh! The seaside!" (Awwww.) And then more smiles, and then walking up the hill together, and then standing there and looking so happy gazing out into the ocean (still holding hands) while the music is being generally swellissimus, then the dusky back view... and I'm like, melt.
Ahem. See, I can gush in a silly fashion sometimes. :D

Miss Laurie,
Difficult decisions, indeed!
Well, romanticness is in the eye of the beholder (haha), and I definitely prefer the kind with more sweetness. :D And yes, I like things to be in keeping with the book. And in Emma they DID have a honeymoon at the seaside... it didn't mention it being kept a surprise, though. But I have to admit, it was a nice touch... I don't think JA would disapprove. ;)
I wanted to put the S&S08 ending but couldn't find it. :-/

Miss Dashwood said...

You clevuh creatuhe, you. :D Yep, the Emmer 09 ending was my choice. Don't get me wrong, I love P&P95, but it's not my favorite ending and never has been. S&S comes close, but Willoughby spoils it for me. Heeheeheehee. I just love the happyful smiles, and the seaside at last, and the proposal and telling Mr. Woodhouse too, because I consider that to be part of the end as well.


Melody said...

Oh, really? I happen to like the P&P95 ending much better than S&S95. It just always MMFSHI, especially when I've just watched the whole miniseries. I mean, S&S95 MMFHI too, but... yeah. And that's true about Willoughby, hahaha. I think the exact same thing. ;) Anyways, and with P&P they actually show part of the wedding, which I don't think they did in any of the others... and that was fun. Also, as I've mentioned before, double weddings are just so much fun. Heehee. And I do like that they kiss after the wedding. :D

Analiese said...

How fun! It was difficult to choose just one, but I picked Persuasion. It may not be terribly romantic, but I think it's really sweet and I was delighted with the ending when I watched the movie. :D

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I say the ending of the 2007 Northanger Abbey.

Melissa said...

Emma is my fav! :)

Rachel Danielle said...

Terribly hard not to let Edward's proposal 'count!'
(I picked Pride and Prejudice though. Something about a double wedding and glimpses of how every end ultimately ties, and I think it also leaves you wondering how life continues with all the characters, which I find charming)

Scullery Maid said...

Northanger Abbey 2007! It's so sweet and perfect! "Before I go on, you should know, there's a pretty good chance of disinheritment. I may Never speak to my father again." "Please! Go on with what you were going to say." "Will you marry me, Catherine?" "Yes. Yes! Yes!" (insert happy sigh)

Melody said...

The Persuasion ending always makes me feel happy! :) Thanks for voting.

Rhoswen & Scullery Maid,
The end of NA 2007 is awfully cute and I was thinking about putting it here--but the part that's actually romantic was the proposal, and as the proposals for the other videos weren't 'counting' I didn't think it should for that one either.

Mine too! :) Good to see you commenting again! Heeehee. The first time I ever saw the Persuasion I have here was when you were there--do you remember? ;)

Rachel Danielle,
Double Weddings are so cute. I was just saying to a friend today that there needs to be another one in period drama! :)

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