Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Regency Delight - Second Anniversary

I have been blogging for two entire years today.
In some ways it does seem like that long, and in others it doesn't. But in any case, it is so.

Last year I posted about the general story of my blog, so I won't bother with all that again. I will, however, do some updated statistics (because those are fun), and a short overview of what I've done this blogging year.

Statistics as of now...
Followers: 127
Total Pageviews: about 49,050
Number of posts: 146

...Which means this year I gained 92 followers (and have been happy every time!), 34,340+ pageviews, and, heh, only 56 posts which is a lot less than last year. (Oops.) Goal for this 2013: write more blog posts.

My three most popular posts as of now...
Guest Posting and My Regency Dress (again!) (790 pageviews)
Little Women (1994) (496 pageviews)
Quote Game Answers (492 pageviews)

Giveaway I won...
Jane Austen Cards & Bookmark at Newly Impassioned Soul

Guest posts...
The Dickensian Heroine at Old-Fashioned Charm (for Miss Laurie's Charles Dickens Birthday Week)
Road to Avonlea review at Yet Another Period Drama Blog (for Anne of Green Gables Week)
Persuasion Comparisons with Miss Laurie, Miss Dashwood and Miss Elizabeth Bennet at Austenitis
Emma Comparisons with Miss Elizabeth and Miss Woodhouse
Historical Hairstyles with Miss Laurie and Old-Fashioned Charm

Blog events...
Guest posted for two mentioned above, also helped in the recent Jane Austen Birthday Assembly, and hosted a Fanfiction Contest on this blog.

Other Notable Things...
Took the Charles Dickens Reading Challenge and completed it
Began doing The Classics Club
Started a new blog with Miss Dashwood-- The P&P95Forever Club. :D

And now of course I must thank all you dear followers and friends who make blogging so delightful. :) I think this next year is going to be a good one.

In honor of the New Year and the anniversary, I've redone the blog design. (Also because I needed to change it from Christmas.)
Happy New Year everyone!

P.S. Check out my new blog button on the sidebar!


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Love, love, love the name header dear! It's different for you but oh so pretty! :)

Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary of blogging! I am so glad that you started this blog and hope to see more of your excellent posts in this new year! *hugs*

Miss Dashwood said...

"She has changed her mind, and changed the trimmings of her blog; they are now such as I suggested."


Okay, so that makes it sound as if I was the one that convinced you to make a new header, which is not sound (you know it is not sound) but I can never resist tweaking a JA quote, you know. :D Can you recognize it, with all the changed words? :P

Congratulations, dearest, on another year of blogging! I like your little anniversary banner too... looks like someone's been having fun with PicMonkey. :D

YES YES YES POST MORE IN 2013! Sometimes I log onto my blogger dashboard and feel quite Millicent-deprived, you know. I am very much looking forward to what you might have in store for this new year. Are there to be any more book studies? *hopeful grin*

Anyways, LOVE the header (yes, you knew that) and the background is so purty!

Charity U said...

Love love love that header! (edit: on scrolling up, I realize I sound just like Miss Laurie -- it was not intentional!) It's beautiful and perfect for this blog, methinks.

We must have started our blogs at almost the same time...my 2nd anniversary was in early December.

Anyway, happy anniversary! I'll look forward to many more posts in the coming year. ;)

P.S. I believe you owe me a letter? ;) Happy New Year!

Lily of the Valley said...

M'dear Melody,

Well done and good show! I quite adore your new header and background - they look so cheerful, and put me to dreaming of springtime... sigh. But this is not the time for me to complain about how tired I am already of winter. Haha. : ) Anyways, congrats - you should be monstrous proud!

Love, your Lily

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Happy Second Blog Anniversary, Melody! I can't believe it's been two years already! And I love the new design! :-)

Analiese said...

I love your blog! Happy second anniversary. :D And your new header is beautiful, too - it goes great with the background. :D Have a lovely day!

Melody said...

Miss Laurie,
Thank you! Yes, it is a little different, although I do believe I've finally got something I really like. Before I was was just "eh, good enough". I really do like collages it's just that I didn't find a way to make them until now. :) And the background makes me feel cheerful. Heehee.

Mousie dear,
Yes, of course I recognize it. You are referencing when Jane was writing to Cassandra about trimmings on her gown, or something of the sort. :D As to it being what you suggested, as usual your your preferences were what I was already leaning towards myself. :D
Heehee, I have indeed been having fun on PicMonkey. I'm glad I finally buckled down and started using it. ;)
Ha! Well, you must not feel Millicent-deprived for long, once you log into your email. *cough* It's just that I'm always at a loss for inspiration. (Ha, when my mother saw the post, though, she said "Oh, no, don't post MORE this year!" It's just that what she doesn't realize is that most of the time I spend with Blogging Things is not actually posting on my blog. :P Lately it's been the Pclub more often, heehee.)
Book studies... ehh, I don't know. It depends on if I come across a book I wish to study. :P

Haha, when I started reading your comment I thought of Miss Laurie's (though I didn't think it was intentional), so then when you said that it made me giggle out loud. ;) Anyway, thank you!
And yes, I do indeed owe you a letter! I am sometimes a rather poor correspondent, it would seem. I must mend my ways. :)

My Lily,
Yes, it was putting me in mind rather of spring, as well... but I figured that was a good thing, for I intend to keep the design through spring and summer. :) With me, I'm okay with winter at present as long as there continues to be snow.
Anyways, thank you, my dear! Perhaps sometime this year you may be compelled to join us further and make a blog of your own. (Not that that's a hint or anything. ;D)

Miss Lizzy,
Thank you muchly! It's quite a compliment for you to like the design. ;)

Thank you, and thank you! :)

Jessica said...

I love your new blog header and design! :-)
Congrats on your 2 year anniversary!

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