Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Music Video

It suddenly struck me a few months ago that some of the lyrics in the lovely (and emotional) song "When I Look At You" from the Scarlet Pimpernel musical suited Anne Elliot in Jane Austen's Persuasion quite well. Not all of them, of course (especially towards the end), but some of them were remarkably well matched, I thought. So, I thought to myself, "Hmmm... I think I feel a fan video coming on."

And here it is.  I've uploaded it to YouTube but I figured it would be good to share it with you here as well. :)

The song is from the TSP musical... I must say I don't care for the voice of the person who sings it, but I only had two options and in the end I went with this because it sounds less modern. (Even this one has a bit of percussion in it which annoys ME anyways, but it cannot be helped.)

Anyways. Hope you enjoy!


Miss Evelyn said...

Just curious, but how did you get the clips from the movie? I really want to make a music video but I don't know how to get clips from whatever movie I want to get them from.
p.s. I replied to your last comment on the Emma post, did it go through?

Jessica said...

That was a rather sad song. Pretty, though. But then, I get teary very easily these days for a certain reason. ;-)

Now I want to watch Persuasion again soon. :-)

BatZion said...

Wait a second... The Scarlet Pimpernel has a musical?!? How dreadfully exciting!

Melody said...

Miss Evelyn,
Well, how I personally did it was by using RealPlayer. It actually gives you the option to download videos. Then you have to 'convert' the files and... it's a bit of a process. I'm sure other people do it different ways, i.e. if they have a DVD ripper thing. Which I don't. My brother does, sort of, but most copyrighted things don't work.
It had gone through, as I think you know now... I don't always want to bother signing into Blogger to publish comments right away. ;)

Sad indeed. But then... I sort of like sad songs. ;D Heehee, it made *me* cry too, the first couple times I listened to it, and I did not have your excuse. *cough* I never need an excuse to be emotional. Eh-heh.

Evidently. ;) From what I heard the songs are rather hit-and-miss, though, with a lot of miss. Haha. I love this one though.

Miss Evelyn said...

Oh... ok. Thanks for the info. :D I'll figure it someday. x)

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