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My Favorite Christmas Movies

Christmastime can't pass without doing at least one completely-Christmas-themed post, can it? I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a short feature about my favorite Christmas movies. It's probably a little late in the season to be recommending some for you, but perhaps I'll find a few fellow fans and you can put others on your list for next year if they sound interesting. ;)

In alphabetical order...

An American Christmas Carol (1979)
This is the best Christmas Carol spin-off I've ever seen. (The fact that it's also the only one I've seen is immaterial.) It really is quite interesting, though. It follows the general storyline of A Christmas Carol, only set in Depression-era America. ACC is also featured in it, heehee. The main character even reads a bit of it. They all have different names from the original story, which I rather seems less cheesy that way or something. Anyway, I definitely recommend it. :)

The Christmas Box (1995)
This isn't really one of my favorite favorites, but I end up watching it every year, haha. (Probably owing to the fact that a certain member of my family holds it in great esteem.) It's a modern movie (well, it was in 1995) but there's no Santa Claus in it. (Yay.) Unfortunately, it always seems like present-day Christmas movies that don't have Santa Claus always have to have something rather strange about angels in it, which is the case with this one... but ignoring those bits, I like it. It's about a young-ish married couple with a daughter who go to live in this big old house (the house may very well be one of my favorite things about the movie) and the wife is a sort of housekeeper for the old lady who lives there alone. It actually starts in the autumn, so it includes Thanksgiving. ;) It also has a sequel, The Timepiece, which has some Christmas in it too. A lot of it is depressing, though.

A Christmas Carol (1984)
If you were to ask me what my #1 favorite Christmas movie is, this would probably be it. This may be partly from nostalgia, considering I've been watching it ever since I was a very wee thing, but it is a most excellent movie. Sadly it seems to be rather little-known for how good an adaptation it is--though in the past two years I have given it a couple new admirers, and hope to give it more in the future. ;) Anyway, if you like this book, you'll probably like the movie. You might even like the movie anyways, if you like period drama in general. ;) The soundtrack is lovely too and just listening to it makes me feel Christmassy; even the tracks that aren't Christmas songs (some of them are). I'll stop talking now, though, and direct you to my review if you would like to read more about it.

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
I have to say, the amount of times I've seen this renders it somewhat less interesting to me now. Probably I should take a break from it of a few years' time, but that is hard to do with my dad in the house, because it's one of his all-time favorite movies. ;) But just because I'm so used to it doesn't make it less good, and it's good. Besides, it's a classic. (And rightly so, unlike Some Things I could mention.) If you haven't seen it, that's just sad, so I would suggest rectifying the situation.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
This is a fun thing to watch, just to get a laugh out of the goofiness (and to be fair, there are a lot of witty lines in it which are also fun to quote) and it does have a Christmassy feel, although I think that a person should be acquainted with The Real Christmas Carol, either by reading the book or watching a 'real' adaptation, or both, and not just the Muppet version. (Though the storyline itself is tolerably close to the real thing.) Because one can't just base one's knowledge of literature off of Muppets. Not to say I don't like the movie. Because I do. :D And I could rightfully be accused of occasionally going around the house singing "It Feels Like Christmas." Even if it's not Christmastime. (But that's okay, because wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas... :P) This is also the only Muppet movie I've ever seen. Just...for your random information.

The Shop Around the Corner (1940)
It's been more recently that I've grown to like this movie. It's very good. The heroine of the piece irritates me quite frequently, but the story is delightful. And cute. And classic. If you want to have the story spoiled (before you'd figure it out which probably wouldn't take too long) you can go read any short synopsis and they'll do it for you. Heh. But anyways. A delightful old movie. Without Santa Claus OR angels. :D (Of course, the whole thing isn't Christmas, but a great deal of it takes place at Christmastime and ends on Christmas Eve so I think it counts.) I was amused to notice that when I watched it a few days ago, I recognized some literary references that didn't trigger anything the last time I watched it, and then felt terribly educated and cultured. :P (But never fear, the feeling will pass.)

Other Christmas movies I enjoy are your general warm and fuzzy Hallmark Christmas movie, or that sort. (Well, they're usually warm and fuzzy at the end but have tear-jerking moments throughout. :P) They are often festive. A few that come to mind are A Season for Miracles, The Note, Silver Bells and The Christmas Card. I remember enjoying those at least tolerably. ;) (Although the latter was a bit too kissy sometimes for my taste, ha.)

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?

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