Monday, December 10, 2012

Jane Austen Birthday Assembly!

Oh yes, my friends, Jane Austen's Birthday (which is almost like a national holiday for us Janeites) is right around the corner once again! And this year there is to be a Grand Assembly hosted by Miss Laurie, along with Miss Elizabeth Bennet and myself. I'm quite excited! We have lots of fun things in store for you, so be looking out for the posts, starting on December 13th. Click here to read about the event a little more.

Spread the news with these buttons!

Old-Fashioned Charm
Old-Fashioned Charm
Old-Fashioned Charm
Old-Fashioned Charm
I do hope you all will participate! It's going to be splendid! :)


Miss Dashwood said...

Of course you know I shall be participating. :D :D

I pray you excuse my ignorance, my dear, but I must ask-- what does the picture for the first button have to do with JA? The second one, if I am not mistooken, is one she is said to have painted, and the third is the drawing Cassandra did and the fourth is the "embellished version" of the Cassandra one. But what is the first? o.O

Melody said...

Very glad you'll be parcipitating. :D (I said that on purpose. Dunno why, though. I just felt like being Weird.)

The first button is a picture suspected to be Jane when she was a girl. Don't ask me why. Just Google "paintings of Jane Austen" and you'll probably come up with something that explains about it. :D

And the second one was supposed to be painted by Cassandra, I thought... o.O

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

If you want to look up that portrait, it's called the Rice Portrait. There's debate whether or not it is Jane Austen, but I still rather like it. So glad you're participating! :-)

Marie said...

Oh, this looks like such fun! And I love the buttons!

Lily of the Valley said...

I'll be sure to pop over and participate, even if I am a non-blogger as of yet. ; )

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