Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I don't know about you, but around my house we start decorating the day after Thanksgiving (which was nice and early this year!), and decorating the house reminded me to decorate my blog, too.


The new header is from Emma (2009)--I was going to do one with people more visible or else more of a scenery shot, but that just struck me as so cozy and Christmassy that I had to use it. :) Hopefully it's not too dark.

The lovely background is provided by Miss Laurie--I am quite delighted with it. Thank you, Ladybird!

Now tell me. When you see the colored words on my blog (that is, the links) do you see more green or more red? Because I want you to see more red, since the background is green, but *I* see more green since it would seem I've visited nearly all the links... anyway, do let me know, if you can, and I may end up switching them. :)

I suppose I should have taken a screenshot of the old header and background, but I forgot. Oh, well. Here's the header I had:

And just for fun, this is the header I had last Christmas:

(It's not that I'm stuck on Emma, folks, it's that it has such swell screencaps.)

Speaking of last Christmas! I was sort of advertising a Christmas CD last year, and if anyone is interested, it is still available.

Merry Christmastime! :)


Maria said...

Hi dearling,

I don't know why
I'm commenting, since I'm playing with my brother's windows phone and I can't see yours new design, but I just have to say that your posts always make my smile. :)

Maria Elisabeth

Abilaine said...

Beautiful new design. I feel like I am saying that to everyone. :) The background is perfect.

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