Saturday, November 17, 2012

Esteem him? Like him?!

..."Use those insipid words again and I shall leave the room this instant!" (I cannot help finishing it thus, even though that is from the 1995 version and not the book.)

Semi-recently, my dear Miss Laurie sent me songs from the Sense and Sensibility musical, which hitherto I was unaware even existed. I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would... it was just interesting to see how a story is taken and put into songs. I do not think that such musicals should ever be actual representations of novels, especially such as Jane Austen's, but for one who has already read the book it can be delightful.

Anyway, I started working on a fan video (or music video, or whatever) for "That's Not Love," an Elinor and Marianne song that I liked, with clips from the 1995 movie. And quite recently I made a YouTube channel, and could therefore post it; so if any of you wish to watch my first attempt at a fan video of any sort, here is the link. :D

Also, Miss Dashwood made a video for my favorite song in the musical, "I Must Have Sense" (which, for your random information, is a reprise) which is sung by Elinor during the part Marianne is sick and is therefore nice and dramatic. You can watch that here. (And if you're going to, be sure you listen to the whole thing, because the best part is in the last half. Heehee.)

So anyways... that's all, folks. And Happy Thanksgiving, if I don't post again until then, which is likely.


Lily said...

Well done on the video, Melody! I certainly couldn't figure out how to do that myself! And a S&S musical - how lovely is that! I didn't know such a thing even existed... wonders will never cease. ; ) Oh, and congrats on 113 members *hooray!*

Jessica said...

Very nicely done. :-)I must say I am not all that fond of the S&S musical songs I have heard so far, but I preferred the first song. On the video that you did. I think the piano style in the second video was too distracting.

Melody said...

Thank you, my dear! I wouldn't have guessed such a thing existed either, haha. It's not very well-known, it seems. And thanks for the congrats! I'm excited to have 113 followers! :D

I agree, the piano can sometimes be quite annoyingly distracting. I try to ignore it though. ;) I do wish it had a nice instrumental background like, say, the Jane Eyre musical. Heeheehee.
Amy & I are working on another video which I think you may like better; the piano isn't so obtrusive and the song is sort of bittersweetly romantic. ;) It's sung mostly by Edward. (And you may be pleased to know 'twill be the 2008 version. Heehee.)

Miss Dashwood said...

Popt on here to look up some information about the 1980's ACC and was most pleasantly diverted by your bee-yoo-tee-full new background and header! Delightful, my darling! :D And I love how you made all your links red and green... might I steal that idea?

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