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Anne Week Tag: My Answers

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If you haven't already joined in Miss Dashwood's Anne of Green Gables Week, be sure to head over there! Here's Miss Dashwood's tag (with my answers, of course). 

1. How many of the Anne books have you read, and how many of the films have you seen?
Can I skip the first part of the question? Heh. Well, I've read the first 3, about a fourth of Anne of Windy Poplars and listened to the very beginning of Rilla of Ingleside as a recorded book on a trip one time. Enough of it to be quoting "Yeth" for the rest of my days. One day--one day soon, I am determined--I shall have read them all.
As far as movies, I've seen Anne of Green Gables and The Sequel (my review here), and some of The Continuing Story. As far as the 4th movie goes, HA! Sullivan should have stopped while he was behind. Because, really? Anne 3 was already not accepted well... what does he thinks going to happen when you totally change the story? Um, sorry. One of my many pet peeves.
I have also seen BBC's Anne of Avonlea, and part of a black and white Anne of Windy Poplars. Which I did not like. Anyway, that was a good 7 years ago.

2. If someone yanked your hair and called you carrots, what would you do to him?
Well, firstly, yanking hair and simply holding it at arm's length (the movie vs. the book) are two different things. If someone yanked my hair, I would be quite displeased. If not, I might ask them why on earth they would call me carrots and for pity's sake, to let go of my braid. (Even if I DID have red hair... carrots aren't red.)
Haha, anyways. If I was in Anne's place, I wouldn't take immediate action. I have no wish to have "Melodie has a very bad temper. Melodie must learn to control her temper." written on the blackboard, thank you very much. I would probably dislike him ever after, though. Although if he apologized I'd probably forgive him sooner than Anne did. But then again, if I didn't crack a slate over his head it might not have the same effect.

3. What would you do if Josie Pye dared you to walk the ridgepole of a roof?
I would stay on good firm ground and let her dare away. Such absurdity!

And I would probably pull an Elizabeth Bennet and smirk and laugh at her. Ha ha! Who does she think she is? Who does she think I am? Follies and nonsense! How diverting.

4. If you had the opportunity to play any AGG (I'm abbreviating from now on because I am a lazy typist) character in an AGG play, which role would you choose?
OOoohh. Well, Anne would be really, really fun, but I'm not sure I'm entirely suited to her. (Though I have been told I have a good nose.) Maybe Josie Pye, just because someone like her would be fun to play (and I would probably be good at it. Strictly melodrama, of course). Or maybe Ruby Gillis. It's reeeally fun to have fake hysterics. (Yes, I speak from experience.)
And if it wasn't just the first book, almost definitely Philippa Gordon. :D

5. If you were marooned on a desert island, which AGG character would you want to have as a companion? (Anne, Gilbert and Diana are not options.  Let's keep this thing interesting.  Not that they're not interesting.... oh, yay, now the disclaimer to this question is longer than the question itself.  Lovely lovely lovely.)
Hmmmmm.... it's been entirely too long since I read the books, and I can't remember all the characters very well. I suppose Philippa Gordon wouldn't do; she may be entertaining, but that doesn't help you survive. Unless, of course, she has as much knowledge of what to do when you're marooned on an island as she does about what to do with an unwanted cat.
Oh! Maybe Miss Stacy. I like her. But then, it might be nicer to have someone closer to one's own age...
I am so bad at answering these questions. And all this writing about desert islands makes me thirsty. I think I shall go make some lemonade. (Haha, that's for you, Mousie.)

6. If there was going to be a new adaptation of the Anne books and you could have any part in making the movie, what would you choose to do? (screenwriting, acting, casting, costume-making are a few possibilities)
I have always dreamed of acting in one of the kinds of movies I love to watch. I'm not exactly sure who I would play, though... again, maybe Josie Pye. ;-) Although Miss Dashwood said she would be in charge of casting, and I could be Miss Cornelia Bryant. I don't actually know who that is--shameful--but as Cornelia sounds a bit like Cordelia, I suppose she'll do.
However, I would looove to be involved in screenwriting (after I know the books inside-out, that is--and someday I will) or costuming. Because I'm a self-appointed expert on historical clothing. ;-) Just kidding. But I do find it a swellicious subject to study.

7. What are, in your opinion, the funniest AGG book/movie scenes? (choose one from the books and one from the movies)
What??? AGG is MOSTLY funny scenes, how am I supposed to answer that?
Um... I don't know if it's really the funniest, but I absolutely love the scene where Anne and Diana walk through the Haunted Forest.
"Oh, Anne, I'm scared!"
"So am I. Deliciously scared. --Mrs. Hammond said she once felt the ghost of a murdered child creep up behind her and lay its icy fingers on her hand."
And if we're talking about The Sequel, haha. Maybe the announcement that she won Rollings Reliable in the general store, with Alice Lawson practically jumping up and down, and, haha, when Anne sort of does these fake smiles back... and then Diana comes in and has noooo idea how Anne is feeling (ooh, that's not very kindred spirit-ish....)
Anyways. Don't get me started about funny scenes or I'll be talking (nonsensically) all day.

About the book--I can't answer that one any better. Though the other day I was giggling myself silly over the Carrots scene--or rather afterwards, after Gilbert apologizes...
"And Mr. Phillips spelled my name without an e, too. The iron has entered into my soul, Diana."
Diana hadn't the least idea what Anne meant but she understood it was something terrible.

 True, I haven't read a full Anne book in a while, but you will find me poking through them every so often.
Oh, and I was also laughing over the part where Anne accidentally puts liniment into a cake because it was in the vanilla bottle (that was more Marilla's fault, if you ask me) when Mrs. Allan comes to tea.
"Why, it's all just a funny mistake that anybody might make."
"Oh, no, it takes me to make such a mistake," said Anne forlornly.

 Oohh, and one of my mom's favorites (which I happen to find very amusing too), is when Philippa tries to chloroform the cat in Anne of the Island. (I would have been quite shocked at this if it had worked, however.) I also learned where my sister got her way of speaking to cats. "Him was a nice old pussins, him was."

 Please don't re-read any of that or you might figure out I mentioned more than two scenes.

8. What are, in your opinion, the saddest AGG book/movie scenes? (choose one of each again) 
Well, my favorite sad part would have to be when Anne finds out Gilbert is sick and passes the dreadful night of too-late realization (this is in Anne of the Island). Same with the movie, except add when she goes to visit him. (Because that doesn't happen in the book.) It's the touching, rather tragic kind of sad... but it all turns out well... and that's what I like.

And you might think I'm silly, but Anne and Diana's parting gets me every time. (Especially in the book.) Even though it's mixed with some amusing things.

9. Which AGG character would you most like to spend an afternoon with? (again, Anne and Gilbert and Diana are not options for this one--think secondary characters)
Anne and Diana and Gilbert are so neglected, poor dears.
Depends on what mood I'm in. If I want to be amused and hear all the gossip, perhaps Mrs. Rachel Lynde. I vaguely remember a Miss Lavender in Anne of Avonlea who might be a delightful spend-an-afternoon-with companion, though.
And I would say Philippa (like several other people, haha) but I've probably mentioned her enough for one tag! Hmm... maybe Christine Stuart, just so I could hear her side of the story and see what she's really like, not through Anne's eyes. (I mean the one in the book who was never, ever engaged to Gilbert. --Don't get me started on that.)

10.  What is your definition of a kindred spirit?
   This question has been answered so beautifully by everyone else that I hardly want to attempt it! But I shall. And it will be far too long.
   In my experience, there are different...say...degrees of kindred spirits. Most of us bloggers have figured out that there are more general kindred spirits out there than we could have imagined, and it's so much fun to find another one. Those who have such similar interests to you, you feel like you could have known them for a few years already. You think "wow... there are really other people who are that way, too?"
   Then there are those who not only have many common interests; you also experience an understanding that goes beyond just liking the same stuff. You'll want to get to know each other very well, can talk on and on about anything and nothing, and hope you'll be friends for a long, long time. They not only put up with all your silliness and nonsense, but they like it, and you like theirs, too.
   Then, there is what I think is an even scarcer kind. A one-in-a-million, never-met-anyone-like-you kind of thing. At first it seems almost ridiculous how much you have in common... not only the same interests, but the same un-interests, too. And then, of course, since nobody could be or should be exactly alike, you start finding the differences; but those differences complement each other and you find that though the other person doesn't think the same way you do in some things, they understand exactly what you mean anyways. It can be alarming how well (and quickly!) they really have you figured out... they know what you mean before you say it... you find out they've been thinking the exact same thing as you and then both go off into gales of laughter. You make a reference or a joke expecting to have to explain it, but before you even can, they already knew what you meant--AND were properly amused by it. You will both have a sense of humor that is appreciated by the other perhaps more than by anybody else. (Family members, after all, get tired of your jokes sometimes. ;-) ) They can practically say two words and make your day. When you're with other people, the kindred spirit will often come to mind as the only person who would "get" what you said, or what you would have said if they were there... You can be far apart from them and yet feel like you're close, because your kindred spirits bind you together. 
   It's hard, when I'm writing this, not to get confused between a kindred spirit and a bosom friend, because they are, after all, different. One can be a kindred spirit without ever being your bosom friend (which is unfortunate), and it is possible to have a bosom friend who isn't the highest degree of kindred spirit... though I'm inclined to think that wouldn't last quite as long.
    Anyways. This is far too long, so I'll pull a Mr. Micawber-- In short, a kindred spirit is someone whom you meet and think "We were just meant to be friends!" 

P.S. And a kindred spirit is someone who doesn't mind when I am nonsensically long-winded and ramble-ish? Hehe?


Charity U said...

Very fun! There's a fourth one? I've seen all three of the first ones, like the books far better. Didn't know about a fourth, though! Something tells me I'm not missing much...

Miss Dashwood said...

This is the part where you say, "Well, it certainly TOOK you long enough!"

I'm soary-- I had a draft of this long comment and then (as I told you) I lost it, so I be startin' from scratch.

First of all, you must have listened to the end of Rilla as well as the very beginning, tootuz "yeth" is the last line in the book. Although of course she does say it once or twice near the beginning, but it just doesn't have the same Significance, y'know?

"Sullivan should have stopped while he was behind." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I read somewhere that the BBC Anne of Avonlea didn't have enough imagination in it, and Anne3 and Anne4 had way too much. :D
Ugh, the very idea of a b&w Anne of Windy Poplars is making me cringe...

Very, very true about the holding hair at arm's length. I'm inclined to prefuh the movie's version of it, though. :P It's more interesting. :D And yes! Carrots aren't red! But then, her hair isn't really red either... 'tis orange. And so are carrots. "Melodie must learn to control her temper"--- all I can say is BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes, I'm being so ladylike tonight...

Follies and nonsense, how diverting--have I ever told you how much I like you, Tween? I think I might have. Once or twice.

Ooh, ooh, I can see you having fake hysterics. That would be Great Fun. And yes, I could also see you playing Philippa. Fun, fun.

Hahaha, the lemonade really did MMG. Crack yourself a coacoanut while you're at it, Rose!

Screenwriting and costuming would be SO MUCH fun.
And I love the scenes you love, but of course there's no surprise THERE...

Haha, I did figure out that you mentioned more than two scenes, but I shall overlook the fact. Heehee.

The touching, rawthah tragic kind of sad... please give me my mind back, tootuz it is obvious that you stole it and are now using it to think all of my thoughts. Anne and Diana's parting, too... wow, it's almost scary how much I identify with this!

But you fordot Matthew's death and the night after, Twinnie. That's the I-need-an-entire-box-of-Kleenex part.

Hearing Christine Stuart's side of the story... inTEResting. And oh, puh-leese, the very IDEA of her being engaged to Gil... ugh. Ugh, ugh.

And your aunswer about the kindred spirits... well, we talked about that. Suffice to say that I agree with every word.

But I've been saying that all along, haven't I? :D

Melody said...

Yes, there is a fourth. Sort of. It's a 'prequel', and they totally change Anne's story and make up things, from what I've heard. I tend to avoid the subject in general, so I don't know much. ;)

Miss Dashwood,
Well, it certainly TOOK you long enough! (I wouldn't have said that, but you told me to.) Really though, thank you for starting from scratch and commenting. :D

It's likewise been a while since you commented, so you'll have to read back over your comment again to know what I'm answering. heehee.

No, I didn't listen to the end of Rilla. That's the last line in the book? Heeheeheeee!
No, some important-to-her guy asked her to dance, and when she accepted she accidentally said "yeth". That was at the beginning, was not it?

Your thought process about the carrots was the same as mine--except you left out the final point.
("Carrots aren't red! But then, her hair isn't really red either... 'tis orange. And so are carrots.")
But if that's the case, then why would her hair be "as RED as CARROTS"?
However, I do see where you were coming from, as Gilbert isn't the one who said it was as red as carrots--that was Mrs. Lynde. :P
I'm glad you enjoyed the Melodie thing. ;D

Aww... =) =)

Someday we shall have fake hysterics together, yes? :D

I'm glad the lemonade MYG. That was the general idea.
I would crack a coacoanut, but I don't like them.
Did I ever tell you I got a coconut once? I think it was after reading Baby Island... but who knows, maybe it was TABTO. In any case, Cordy asked whether they were easy to crack.
They Are Not. Take it from me, Hetty. :P

Hahahaha, the thing about your mind MMLOL. Y'know, if I had to use somebody else's mind, I would definitely choose yours. ;-)

Nooo... I didn't exactly fordet about Matthew's death. You'd mentioned it in yours and said it was probably what everyone would say (or something to that effect), and so rather than chusing the saddest scene, I just altered the question and chose my favorite sad scenes... because I like to twist around things to my own advantage.
Heehee. Kidding. ;-)

I was SOOO happy when I poked around in Anne of the Island for the first time and found out Christine and Gilbert were never engaged. Also super mad at the movie. ;D

It's swellissimus to know that you agree with every word. I had hoped you would. ;)

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