Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine Post

The thought of doing a Valentine's Day post didn't even occur to me before, but I was planning on watching my favorite romantic scenes from Emma (2009) and Pride and Prejudice (1995) to mark the day and decided to e-mail them to a friend as well (who, if she is reading this, will probably go "heehee!"). Then I thought I might as well stick the scenes in a post for your enjoyment too! And after that you will find another Valentine's Day bit as well.

And now that I've said all that boring stuff, I shall proceed. 

Scenes from Emma. I love the proposal scene, but I'm limiting myself to two scenes from each movie.

This might be my favorite scene in any Jane Austen movie... (I'd start at 1:25)

{video has been removed}

Note: mentally add in the "Brother and sister? No, indeed." quote and it's perfect.

Now for the beautiful ending! I intend for you to start at 7:30.

{video has been removed}

Now for P&P. I love the second proposal scene, but the Pemberley scene is always so romantic (tehe), and the Wedding makes me feel happy. So those are the two I should include here.
But the videos are being troublesome and so I shall simply link to them.
The Pemberley Scene (4:30-7:31)
The Wedding (7:08-end; although the proposal scene is there too, if you want to watch it. hehe)

Am I the only one plagued by silly sighs and giggles after these scenes??
*clears throat loudly*

And now for something else. A dear friend of mine gave me a book called The Language of Flowers a few years ago for my birthday, which is absolutely gorgeous. For each flower there are beautiful old-fashioned pictures, poetry, and information. I thought it would be an interesting Valentine's Day activity to look and see which flowers mean or have something to do with love. 

Chrysanthemum: "I Love"
Specifically, that is what red chrysanthemums mean. Yellow means "slighted love" and white means "truth".

(When I think about the word 'chrysanthemum', I hear Anne Shirley in my head: "c-h-r-y-s-a-n-t-h-E *piercing and proud look at Gilbert*-m-u-m.")

Forget-me-not: "True Love"

I've always thought forget-me-nots are quite romantic. Just look at the name. (But I must keep writing this post instead of thinking up some romantic story involving forget-me-nots...)

Lilac: "First Emotions of Love"

I do love the scent and color of lilacs. 

Rose: "Love" 
And here are some specifics:
White Rose - Purity and Spiritual Love
Yellow Rose - Decrease of Love and Infidelity (what's up with the yellow flowers?)
Cabbage Rose - Ambassador of Love
Musk Rose - Capricious Beauty
Single Rose - Simplicity 

Tulip: "Declaration of Love"
Although it is a red tulip that specifically means that.
Other meanings are: 
Variegated Tulip - Beautiful Eyes
Yellow Tulip - Hopeless Love

Here are some others with lovely meanings:
Bluebell - constancy
Camellia - perfected loveliness
Daisy - innocence
Honeysuckle - sweetness of disposition
Jasmine - grace and elegance
Lily - purity
Violet - modesty
Water Lily - purity of heart
(Though Lavender may be lovely, I do not recommend you give it to your beloved as it means "distrust". ha)

And these are only the ones I found in my book, which must, of course, be limited. (No scarlet pimpernels: sorry, fans.)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Miss Dashwood said...



Ahem. I enjoyed this post so very much! Okay, this is funny: as soon as I started reading about the language of flowers and came to "chrysanthemum," I immediately thought of Anne "spelling down" Gilbert, and then I was MUCH amused to see that you'd referenced that just a sentence or two later. Great minds think alike, and all that. :)

Why is it that the name "cabbage rose" sounds to hopelessly UN-romantic? Maybe it's because cabbage reminds me of greens, which reminds me of boiled pork and greens, which reminds me of the fact that boiled pork and greens are so unromantic. :P

I love tulips.

Dear, dear, somebody had something against yellow flowers, that much is certain. Awww, lavender means "distrust"? I like lavender!

It's okay, you don't have to provide the meaning for scarlet pimpernels. We all know what they mean anyway.
SIR PERCY!!!!!!!

Or, okay, a scarlet pimpernel means loyalty, valor, courage, brilliance and bravery.

Which is the same thing as SIR PERCY!!!! anyway. ;)

Miss Dashwood said...

Oh, and Mr. Darcy totally should have brought Lizzy a bouquet of variegated tulips when he proposed the first time. It might have softened her heart just a little. :)

Melody said...

Hahaha! That is funny! But then, I am not all surprised that you would think of that too. ;-)

Puts me in mind of "A rose just couldn't smell as sweet if it were a thistle or a skunk-cabbage." haha!

I know...I like lavender too... Ah well, since your beau can't give it to you, you shall simply have to go out into the garden and cut some yourself. =)

Haha, your Sir Percy stuff made me laugh.
And think that I should be calling YOU Nonsensical Girl. ;-)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! He definitely should have brought her variegated tulips!!!!
You're so clever. I didn't even think of that.
*still laughing....*

Anonymous said...

Haha! No, you are most certainly NOT the only one plagued by silly sighs and giggles after these videos!! You are in good company, my dear.

Lovely blog, by the way. Just became a follower, and I added one of your buttons to the blog list page on my blog. =)

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