Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jane Eyre update and poll results

Because of the poll results as well as my increasing desire for this: yes, I will be doing a series of posts on Jane Eyre. My first one will be posted in a few minutes, and then I'll put a link-- here.

"Should I do a series of posts for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, like I've done for Jane Austen's novels?"
Definitely! (12 votes, 60%)
Yes/I'd read it (4 votes, 20%)
Maybe... (3 votes, 15%)
That would be taking the 'etc.' too far (0 votes)
I wouldn't be interested (1 vote, 5%)
(20 votes total)

Well, for the 80% who said yes: happy reading, and I hope you enjoy them!
For the 3 'maybes', I hope I can interest you!
And for the 1 'no'...well, Jane Austen still pops up in everything I write, and I'm not turning into a Bronte fan or anything. And it won't last too long, I don't think. ;-)  

1 comment:

Miss Laurie said...

Good, I'm glad. This series of posts will be interesting too.
Whenever I post about other authors I have a hard time not comparing them to dear Jane Austen. :)

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