Monday, October 31, 2011

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One new blog button is added to the 'Blog Buttons' page on the upper sidebar. =)


Miss Dashwood said...

I like the new button!
About the trailers--here are the movies I haven't seen from your list. Emma 1996 (both--shame on me), S&S 2008, Persuasion (both versions--I know, I know), Return to Cranford, North and South (hopefully this will be soon remedied), A Christmas Carol, Our Mutual Friend, Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield, all of the Jane Eyres, The Moonstone, The Love Letter, Wind at my Back. Ugh. I feel like I haven't seen anything!
I should probably tell you that I also only own DVDs of Anne (all three), Little Women, and P&P1995. My S&S95 and Wives and Daughters are on VHS. And all the others I've begged, borrowed or stolen. Just kidding--I haven't actually stolen any.
Soooo... I would love to make Anne trailers with you! (Little Women already has a pretty good trailer, but it never hurts to make another.)Or more P&P. Either way. I never get tired of my beloved Darcy and Lizzy. However, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow (I should get some sleep!) so I think maybe we should wait until December because I might not have time. If you're still interested. I would love to do this but I don't want you to feel obligated! :)
Okay, end of long comment that had absolutely nothing to do with your post. :P

Melody said...

Well hey, since you like trailers, I think most of the ones you list there have a pretty good trailer linked to the picture, and you could watch them! =)

Oh, did you see the trailer I made for Mansfield Park? It's really really bad quality because I actually recorded the TV with a digital camera...yeah. But it was fun to make. =)

Wives and Daughters really needs a decent trailer, so we might think about that...
Maybe Bleak has an official trailer, but I don't think it captured the movie very well.

If I watch Little Women again soon, I'll jot down some ideas.
Anne of Green Gables (1) has a pretty good new trailer, but the 2nd could definitely use a new trailer.

Do you use libraries? If not, perhaps you should. =) Then you can have all the DVDs at your disposal!

I'll keep this in mind and write down ideas as they come. I'll be pretty busy as far as blogging in December, but we'll see. Good luck on your writing!

I actually think it's really good that you commented on this post, as this post is so short and insignificant; hardly anyone will read it. ;-)

Let me know if you've read this (I'm not sure if you subscribed).

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