Sunday, April 10, 2011

Literary Heroine Quiz

It's been two weeks since the poll about who should be in my possibe quiz. Here are the results:

Name                                        Votes
Amy Dorrit                                7
Anne Elliot                                 4
Anne Shirley                             12
Catherine Morland                   4
Elinor Dashwood                       7
Elizabeth Bennet                       8
Emma Woodhouse                    8
Esther Summerson                   2
Fanny Price                               3
Jane Eyre                                  10
Jo March                                   10
Margaret Hale                          9
Marianne Dashwood                9
Molly Gibson                             4

So, the people in the quiz will be: Anne Shirley, Jane Eyre, Jo March, Elizabeth Bennet, Emma Woodhouse, Margaret Hale, Marianne Dashwood, and either Elinor Dashwood or Amy Dorrit. I'm leaning more towards Elinor...especially since Marianne's in there! But a Charles Dickens character would be nice. What do you think?
Elinor Dashwood or Amy Dorrit in quiz?
Amy Dorrit (Little Dorrit)
Elinor Daswhood (Sense and Sensibility) free polls

So, in order to have a good knowledge of these characters, before I make the quiz I have to read:
Anne of Windy Poplars (I've read the first 3, but I'd need to get re-aquainted with the Anne from the books)
Jane Eyre
Little Women
North & South
and I'm currently reading Emma

I am quite ashamed of having not read some of those. I plan to, but I'm afraid I am a rather slow reader!
If Amy Dorrit is chosen, I'm afraid I'm not going to attempt Little Dorrit any time soon, it is very long. So it will just be Amy from the movie and maybe a little I pick up from poking around in the book.
So you see, I won't be able to write the quiz soon, but it will be in the back of my head. I might be able to do a quiz for Sense and Sensibility or Emma characters, though.

5-11: Quizzes I've already written are:
Which Lady From Emma Are You Most Like?
Which Pride and Prejudice Miss Are You Most Like?


Elegance of Fashion said...

I know what you mean: I'm a slow reader too. I will say that the part of Little Dorrit that I have read (I really need to get back to reading it regularly) is good and I enjoy it.

Melody said...

I read bits and pieces of it, and what I read, I liked. =) The chance isn't too slim that I'll read it some day, but I have so many other things on my list...;-)

Tasha said...

Im so glad Anne Shirley, Jane Eyre and Margaret Hale won!!!!! I Love them! I have read Anne of Green Gables, Before Green Gables,Jane Eyre, North and South and Little Dorrit. I think that all of them were GREAT!!!! Im still trying to get over Little Dorrit!!!

PS- I voted for Amy Dorrit. I LOVE her.

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