Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hero Tournament and Little Things about Jane Austen People Get Wrong

Hello everybody! Elegance of Fashion will be hosting a Period Drama Hero Tournament, after the marked success of the Heroine Tournament! I am looking forward to it.

Speaking of which, there's a Elizabeth Gaskell hero poll on my sidebar.

There are a couple things I notice again and again that have to do with Jane Austen that people are a little mistaken about. Just little things that are of small matter. For instance, it is:
Lizzy Bennet
Lizzie Bennett
It is Lizzy with a ‘y’, and there is one ‘t’ in Bennet. This is a mistake people often make; I used to spell it Lizzie too, until I read the book.

The BBC/A&E Pride and Prejudice mini-series with Jennifer Ehle is NOT 6 hours long. Many people say it is 6 hours long, it is not. It has 6 episodes. It is 5 hours long. ;-) It says the run-time is 300 minutes, right? 300 divided by 60 is 5. I’ve even timed myself watching it before, and it’s 5 hours. Hehe.

A pet peeve I have is when people spell the author’s name Jane Austin. It is with an ‘e’. And I’m glad because I like the way Austen looks better than the way Austin looks.

One more thing - often on the back covers of Jane Austen books or movies, they refer to “18th century”. But it is not the 18th century, it is the 19th century! They probably say it because it’s early in the 1800s, but it still is not the 1700s. ;-)

Very odd post, I know.


Elegance of Fashion said...

Thank you for putting up a button for the tournament! :-)

I totally agree with you! It always bothered me when Lizzy's name would be spelled "Lizzie" and Bennet spelled as "Bennett".

I remember in my school's newspaper, for Valentine's day, they recommended the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, saying that the 1995 version is great if you have four hours to spare. I kept thinking "It's five hours long and it's well worth the five hours." For some reason, no one can get the correct length of the 1995 miniseries. Oh well :-)

Melody said...

Sure! :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one! haha

I'd say it's well worth it. :) It's a mini-series - not really meant to be watched all at once. These people who say that it's too long probably have some hour-and-a-half movie that they've watched like 20 times...think how much time they had to spare to watch that! ;-)
Somehow saying it's 4 hours is not as annoying as 6, because 6 is past what it is...but, when they're talking about it like it's too long....well humph, that's what.

Charity U said...

I can never remember how to spell Lizzy. :P It's most annoying. I don't come across Austin very favorite hero tournament button! :)

BTW, I know I wasn't commenting often. However, I just changed some things so I should do it more now! :)

Charity U said...

One more comment so that I subscribe. :)

Melody said...

Maybe you'll have an easier time remembering after all this discussion! haha
I don't come across 'Austin' in the blogging world, but in "real life" I do.

Changed some things? Now that's a very vague remark. ;-)

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