Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sense and Sensibility Drawings

My second oldest sister Bethany is the artist of our family. She’s always had a way with the pencil, paint brush, guitar, and most anything artistic. Since I am doing Sense and Sensibility right now, I wanted to share some pictures she drew more than ten years ago, based on the 1995 film, which she had probably only seen one or two times. The first one she drew was of Elinor, and the second one of Marianne.
(To see them bigger, click on them.)

This is the one of Marianne. It’s quite possible, considering my age at the time, that that pen mark on it was done by me. I am very sorry if it was.

This is of Elinor.

The originals look even better, of course.
The picture at the top of my blog was also done by her, about ten years ago.


Grace said...

Very lovely, Miss Melody! You are a very talented artist. Thank you so much for leaving the sweet comment on my blog post. 'Twas very nice to hear from you!

You indeed, have a lovely blog. I shall enjoy becoming more acquainted with you, dear! Perhaps, sometime in the future I might have the opportunity of writing you as well.
May the Lord bless your day!
Love in Christ,
~Miss Grace~
The Keeper of the Garden at

Melody said...

Thank you! Although the credit is my sister's; she drew these pictures. :)

And thank you for your comment! I love hearing from anybody reading my blog. :) That would be very nice if you could write to me. =)

History Girl said...

Hello Melody!!!
Your Sister is a very good Artist!
I wish I could draw like that!
I still cant figure out how to make a blog button. If only I knew a person who could do it for me.
I ordered Little Dorrit from the Libary that I vollonter from, I hope to get it soon and Watch it! I love all the Storys Writin By C. Dickens.


Tasha said...

Hi Melody!
Yes I have made the Picture for the Button.


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

I must have seen these delightful sketches before but I just saw a link to them and "discovered" them again! :)
Bethany did a lovely job! I especially like the Marianne drawing (with your embellishments of course)! ;)

Miss Dashwood said...

Aaaaack, I should have asked you to show me the originals of these... that would have been fun. Did see the Marianne one IRL, of course. :D

Melody said...

My Mouse,
The Marianne one (although I don't think it's necessarily supposed to be Marianne, haha-- the header pic, I mean) is the only one I actually have... the ones in this post I had borrowed with a stack of Old Stuff of Bethany's and she said I could scan them and put them on my blog if I so chose. ;)

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