Sunday, November 13, 2016

Episode 2: One Day More!

(Ugh the angle is awful for my face in this one... >.<)


Anonymous said...


(And now I feel rather sad because hardly anyone else is commenting on your blog because they all have Google accounts so they can comment on YouTube and I don't. *sniffles* :P

First of all, this was funny. ;D

Second, I KNOW THAT SONG!!!!!! ("A Rose Garden") I've never seen the video but I know the song because MY Dad does EXACTLY the same thing!!! He's always quoting songs like that from his youth, that one being one of them, and so now a lot of us kids sing that song occasionally. It's really silly. :P (Once we had friends over, and for some reason I started singing it and we taught it to them, and then one of the boys said on a later visit "Everytime we drive up your drive way, I have that song stuck in my head." Mwuhahaha.) Some of the songs Dad shows us are really quite cool though - he showed me one this week that Judy Garland sang (a cover of)... something like "Oh there's nothing like a morning in Carolina", I think? That was rather funny. ;)

Thirdly AMY PRONOUNCED THE WORD 'ROUTE' 100% CORRECT. :P I would never dream of calling it *ahem* the other way. :P

Thanks for the giggles!

~Miss Meg

Evangeline said...

This is so so much fun!

Would you rather hear the story...

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