Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Book Review: The Photograph by Beverly Lewis

Since you can learn the synopsis of the book from other sources if you look around a bit, I won't bother to talk about it here.  My purpose in reviewing things is just to give my thoughts on how I liked it. 

As you can see from the rating, I didn't think it was one of Beverly Lewis' best, but I didn't think it was one of the worst either.  I liked the main characters, even the guy, which is somewhat unusual.  (His narrative actually seemed necessary for once, and wasn't as boring as I generally find a MMC's narrative to be.) As always, I appreciated the author's tactful approach to romance--that is, you could tell that plenty of emotions were involved without the characters being ridiculous and, more importantly, without a bunch of physical attraction nonsense.  (This is such a pet peeve of mine I feel like I should abbreviate that in my book reviews to PAN. Ha.)  

The storyline kept me interested and was unlike any of her others.  I feel like if she writes a sequel, it should be the same story but from Lily's point of view. Honestly, it was a little hard to grasp exactly what was going on there and why, because we just didn't get enough information about Lily to have the proper character development. 

My other problem with the story was the hardship/misunderstanding that the two main characters go through towards the end.  While I could understand why it was awkward, I didn't understand why it resulted in such a lack of communication. I almost felt like I was reading a Sarah Sundin novel. :P

I probably wouldn't recommend this book to someone who hasn't read Beverly Lewis before, but it is a standalone novel which is rare for BL and isn't a stereotypical Amish love story, so it's definitely not the last I'd recommend either. 

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House for review.  You know the drill. 


Naomi Bennet said...

"I almost felt like I was reading a Sarah Sundin novel. :P"


Esther Romaine said...

While I've never read any of Beverly Lewis' novels I've developed a certain distaste for her usual choice of settings and characters. I live in Lancaster County, Pa and am somewhat familiar with the culture and attitudes of the Amish. I love Christian romance especially when it's set in historical periods, but for some reason the idea of reading romance about characters and settings similar to what I experience on a daily basis makes me somewhat uncomfortable. That's just my opinion, but I'd thought I'd share my two cents.

Melody said...

I get where you're coming from! I've actually been to Lancaster County on three different occasions. I started reading Beverly Lewis before then, and was very interested in the area, but I never thought I would actually get to visit. :) I have to say, having read the books I felt MUCH less lost and ignorant than I would have otherwise. I would have been peppering my friend who lived there with dumb questions about Amish and Mennonite and everything, haha.
Beverly Lewis' books aren't what I would call "romances" anyways. I do realize a lot of Amish fiction IS that way, but hers just involves some romantic storylines, and are often about dealings between the 'English' and the Amish, which can be interesting.
Anyway, I do see where you're coming from, and unfortunately I think people who actually live in Lancaster are a little prejudiced against allowing them to be good stories! On the other hand, it could be fun to recognize the names of towns and streets. :) I guess what I'm getting at is, you can't judge a book by its cover. ;)

jessica prescott said...

Sarah Sundin--HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Yes, I do realize I am quoting Naomi verbatim, but what of that? ;) )

I'm actually trying to write a novel right now where part of the story is told from the guy's point of view . . . I hope it turns out well. It's SO hard to make it seem properly realistic and like a real guy would think and talk . . . but so far most of my test readers like him, so that's good :)

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