Sunday, April 19, 2015

In which I waltz in here just to make an exciting announcement...


It seems the only time I get on my blog these days are when I have an exciting announcement to make, and I do apologize that.  But do you want to hear my exciting announcement?  Of course you do.


(Just had to get that out of my system.)

Yes, after almost two years (and two more visits, but they were at HER house), Amy is coming here to visit me again and I am just a little bit excited.  One month from today, folks.  And staying for SEVENTEEN DAYS.

Also, within that time, we are going to be spending five days on a marvelous, dream-come-true vacation with my family to somewhere on the Pacific coast.  Why dream-come-true?  Because every time I go on vacation, I dream of having Amy with us, and now it's ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN.  Also, the coastal vacation is my favorite one to take.  There are places along the coast that are very cool, people.  They're like a mixture between woodsy camping and, of course, the beach.  So yeah.  And of course, Amy's never had the pleasure of seeing the sun set over the ocean, and now I get to show her that. :D

Anyway, in case you want to know the particular dates of the visit and don't want to figure it out from the information I've already provided (:P) it's May 19th through June 5th. Heehee.

Random picture of us.
As always, we have plenty of other splendid plans besides for vacation.  We have a bucketful of movies to try to get through--we'll see how that goes.  Some things at least one of us has never seen before, and others that we've both seen and love and want to watch together. :D  We may even try staying up all night and having a marathon.  (We did this one other time.  And slept in the morning.)

Since we do have a life aside from watching TV (no, really!), some of our other plans include-- well, going places.  Lots of places.  Tea shops, strolling about in historic downtown areas, libraries (I work at one, so she'll just come along with me :)), have our teenager-ish tradition of going to the mall and goofing off.  We're going to join forces and have a grand yard sale in my front yard, too.  (Mom said we could do it if we did everything ourselves.)

Of course, those are only some of the plans.  I can't tell you everything, after all.  But our schedule is definitely jam-packed.

I've been looking forward to this for such a very long time, and to think that it's happening in a month is kind of amazing.  (It also feels like it SHOULD be that way because I've been waiting for foreverrrrr did I mention that yet.)  I am so looking forward to spending real-life time with my Tween once again, because there's nothing else in this world like it.  It's the best thing. :D

This time I may be looking forward to seeing her even more, or at least for an additional reason... I've been going through some hard times lately and I can't begin to express how much of a help, comfort, and support my Amy has been.  She's basically the best friend everybody wishes they had, folks (only better).  I can't wait to share all those hugs that have been stored up during this time.

Now, moving on from the slog, we have come up with a plan to Spice Things Up a bit.  While we're not really comfortable filming a vlog for everyone to see, we wouldn't mind recording an audio vlog (a-log?), a podcast of sorts, but we need Things to Talk About.  So if you all would like, you can think up questions for us to answer, like in all the Q&A posts.  Please leave a separate comment below with your questions for Amy, and with your questions for me, go to Amy's blog and leave them in her announcement post.  That way we can spring them on each other during the podcast.

Just to clarify, we make no promises about this actually happening because, as mentioned above, we do have loads to do during the visit and are rather afraid we might run out of time.  However, if we can't answer them then, we can always do them in blog posts later so your questions won't go to waste. :)

Have fun!


Miss Dashwood said...

I love youuuuuuuu.
Also I cried reading this, not gonna lie.


P.S. Thirtydays.

Anne-girl said...

I'm a tiny bit mad that we don't get to see you too but you cannot always come here she must go there as well *sighs magnanimously* you two shall have awesome fun and I am so excited for you both.

Naomi Pitts said...

*sigh* So happy for you! :-D It makes me jealous For Various Reasons.

Oh, a Podcast!!! I'd love to hear your voices. :-) That would be so cool (I'm the same about vlogging plus the fact that I'm sooo awkward getting filmed. :-)) - so here's some random questions...

1. Which one of you is more outgoing? Who's is the shier one?
2. Who's more dressy-up-y (you know, make-up, high-heels-wise)?


~ Naomi

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh!!!! Melody and Amy together once more *contains squeal of excitement! I can't wait to hear from you. hAHA the pun, we've moved so i have no wifi and am typing this on a friends phone at school. xD
Hmm questions
1) Can you sing something from a musical for us?
2) Do your best mrs bennet impersonation?
3) Could you maybe pretty please say G'day in an aussie accent?
HAVE FUN!! :-D have the best of the best times!

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