Thursday, January 1, 2015


The title of this blog post WAS going to be something rather long and complicated, but then I figured I'd shorten it to one simple word that kind of fits it all.
  • New Anniversary 
That one doesn't make too much sense, but technically it IS a new anniversary-- it's the 4th anniversary of this blog, and I've never had it before.  Wow, four years.  That's a bit hard to grasp, indeed it is.  However, I'm going to skip all the stats and such this time... just imagine that the followers when up somewhat and the number of posts went down.  (how that works, I don't know, but it's nice. :P)  Thank you to everybody for hanging around and encouraging me even when I'm absent so often.  Your comments and friendship are very special to me!

  • New Blog Design
For a while thing I did a new one every year, and then last year I kept my header from 2013 because I liked it so well.  I still like it, but I think it's time for something new, so here we are.  The back of the header is from Shabby Blogs-- isn't it cute? :D As is the background. No, of course I don't like roses. What would make you think that?

  • New Blog Button
On the sidebar, and here.  :)  That's a picture that *almost* made it onto the header.

  • New Reading Goals
Well, folks, I'm going to do something a little different this year.  I've mentioned various times before that I seem to have missed a bunch of books in my childhood.  Now I get asked "have you read this" and "did you ever read that" and I have to say "no" embarrassingly often.  (Seriously, what DID I read when I was younger... haha, I did read a good amount.  Just wasn't extremely varied and I missed a lot of classics.)  Sooo I'm going to take this opportunity, before I'm 21 and an "official" adult, to read all the kids' books I SHOULD have read before... and maybe some others.  Probably quite a bit of re-reading too, for the sake of nostalgia. 

So I'm going to limit myself to classics and juvenile fiction.  Which I'll probably alternate somewhat, or be reading a classic + a kids' book on the side for something lighter.  I'll commit to doing this for at least six months, after which point I'll evaluate and see if I want to keep going.  (And so that I don't break the thing completely, I'm going to allow myself three 'cheat' books-- that is, that aren't classic or for children/teens.)  This way I won't feel guilty about reading kids' books when it seems like there are other things I need to be reading, haha.  So I'll just officially make this my goal. ;)

That being said, suggestions/reminders are welcome!  You can even suggest on Goodreads if you like... I have an account, btw, right here.  (GOODREADS IS THE BESTEST THING.)

  • New Year
And have a happy one. :)  (2015?!? How???)


Hayden said...

I love the new blog design! I have an affinity for pink, so the roses make me happy :D

Lizzie said...

Well, I know you've read everything Austen already... have you read any Radcliffe? I absolutely loved the new insight it gave me regarding Northanger, and how different it was from Austen's other novels! The Romance of the Forest was one I read this past summer, it was short and very enjoyable!

As for kids' books, if you haven't read them already, you simply must read The Chronicles of Narnia!

Naomi Bennet said...

YOUR NEW DESIGN!!! It's so gorgeous and beautiful and PINK!!! I loved your wintery design, but this one... just lovely. :-)

You would enjoy Georgette Heyer - similar to Jane Austen, witty, about the ladies, and all that.

And children's books, Daddy-Long-Legs is a must (although I know of adults who read that) and of course we always have the Little House books (which you've probably read?).

Happy 2015, Melody!

Miss Dashwood said...

...*I* would recommend the rest of the Melendy series. Also The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. (have I talked about that to you? I always sort of lump it in with the Penderwicks in my mind, though they are very different sorts of books, because I discovered them around the same time.) It's sort of science-fiction but it's the really good kind, not the weird kind. Hahahahahaha. And it's SO QUOTABLE. And funny. And suspenseful. And really well written.

P.S. I"m not a robot. ;)

Natalie said...

Your new blog design is simply lovely!
Have you ever read Peter Pan?

Would you rather hear the story...

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