Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to Jane Austen

My love for Jane Austen has never wavered. Yet lately, I've felt like I've been becoming a little bit detached from the fascination that once had me so enthralled. The stories, the world surrounding them, the life and times of Jane Austen herself.  I'm not any less of a Janeite than I ever was... but my thoughts have been clouded by a bunch of other things, and though other things are delightful, nothing compares with that time when everything JA was exciting and new and wonderful and marvelous.

It's time to get back into just Jane Austen.  I want some of all that back. It can't be the same as when everything really WAS new, I know, but... none of it has changed, after all. It's just that I've been neglectful or even a little desensitized. *gasp*

Even my blogging has telltale signs of this happening. I've had so little inspiration of anything to write about.

This Simply Will Not Do.  A true Janeite never leaves the realm, and I certainly never shall.  But I think there comes a time when one needs a Refresher Course.  To be reminded.

So, friends, I am going to give myself a Challenge.  Starting on Monday, I am going to Immerse myself in Jane Austen.  And to do this, I'm going to stay away from other stories and entertainment. Which means I won't read anything that is not connected in some way to Jane Austen. (Besides the Bible.) I won't listen to anything that isn't connected to Jane Austen. (I will say, though, that I am counting period-authentic Classical music to be 'kosher'. ;) ) I'm not going to watch anything non-Jane Austen.  I'm even going to try to keep my internet browsing Jane-themed, including stuff like Pinterest and of course blogging.

I know, crazy, huh? But you all knew I was crazy, right? ;)  And it will be within reason... sometimes there has to be exceptions to schemes such as that, especially when you're not a hermit, haha. But for the most part, I will be sticking to it.

*happy sigh*

And hopefully all this will give me some motivation to blog more.  I am in hopes that you fellow lovers of Jane Austen will help me by stopping by for a chat. ;)  Maybe some of you would even like to join me?  I don't mean wholly--I realize that not everyone is as rabid as I. ;)  But if you liked, you could make your own version of a Jane Austen Challenge and come along for the ride a little.  Like I said, I'm starting on Monday (the 9th) and I'll go at least until the following Monday, maybe further.

I had fun the other night putting a whole bunch of books and such on hold at the library... I'm just finishing Mansfield Park and next week I'll hopefully be starting Sanditon, the version finished by "another lady", and I've never read past a few pages of that, so it will all be New. :D  Who knows what I'll be inspired to do? I really am getting rather excited here. :) :) :)

So anyways... just thought I'd give you all this little update. You probably all think I'm a Nut now. But what can I say... I am!


The Reader said...

My friend and I have decided to read Northanger Abbey out loud to each other. Maybe we will go through the others, as I am now inspired.

Jessa Bri said...

I have tagged you in a delightful tag/giveaway!

Miss Dashwood said...

I already knew you were a nut, m'dear. Or should I say a nute? Perhaps a newt. Life would, after all, be so much easier if we were newts.

Anyways, I look forward to reading about your challenge with great pleasure, and fervently hope 'twill bring about more blog posts, as I've sorely missed your presence on the blogging scene. :D And I'm SO looking forward to Sanditon with you (GAH I TYPED SANDITION THE FIRST TIME, OH NO NO NO THIS CANNOT BEEEEEE, I AM A DISGRACE TO YOU, TWINNIE!)

Ahem. Anyways. Looks delightful. :D And I love that Emma picture.

Eliza said...

I really think I need to do the same thing some time soon. Sometimes I feel a little guilty at "forsaking" Jane Austen and moving on to different classics and period dramas. :) Anyway, I am looking forward to your blog posts on all things Jane Austen related!

Melody said...

The Reader,
I'm quite thrilled that my idea has inspired you! :) I love Northanger... and it should be a very fun one for reading out loud.

Miss Dashwood,
(I can't help giggling inwardly when I actually call you that now... haha...)
I firmly believe that life is easier when you are a nute. Not so sure about the newts, though. "It must be really fulfilling to have that many newts!"
It shaaall bring forth more blog posts. I've actually been having random ideas pop into my brain, and that is like... super unusual nowadays. :D It MMFHI, kind of... haha. ;) But nonsense, I am always present in the blogging scene, regardless or whether or not I am posting anything.
Oh, you poor dear. Don't worry, it happens to us all (it's just easy to type "tion"), and I don't think you're a big of a disgrace because you KNOW the DIFFERENCE. Haha. :)

If you ever do end up doing this, be sure to let me know! :) I'd love to see how it works for you...

Melody said...

Erm, I mean "bit of a disgrace", Mousie dear. (Seriously, Melody. PROOFREAD YOUR COMMENTS, FOR THERE IS NO EDIT BUTTON.)

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