Monday, October 22, 2012

The Infamous Tag

I don't usually "do" tags  but occasionally I find them fun... and besides, I need a post. I mean, I'm not exactly a prolific, bursting-with-ideas blogger, am I? (Well... none that you are aware of yet. Heh, heh, heh. >:D)

So. I was tagged by both Hayden from Story Girl and Amy Dashwood from Yet Another Period Drama Blog. (I love that title so much I never mind the long-ness of it. And I do not mean that at all facetiously.) Thank you, girls!

And now for the rules that everyone, including myself, simply uses to bend to one's own liking. 
1. You must post eleven facts about yourself. 
2. You must also answer the eleven questions the awarder has given you and make up eleven questions for your awardees to answer in turn. 
3. Tag eleven fellow bloggers 
4. Notify them that you've awarded them 
5. No tagging back 
6. And the eleven blogs you tag must have less than 200 followers.

For instance, I am about to bend rule number one to my own liking. Oh, yes, the very first. Because I do not like posting eleven facts about myself, and I am not good at it. Therefore I shall simply answer both Hayden's and Amy's questions, and you will still know 22 facts about me, so you can't complain. Right? 
Furthermore, I don't like rule number six, which several people have already violated... and I might be tempted to do the same.

So, here are Hayden's questions....

1. If you could choose any superpower, what would it be?
In point of actual factual fact, I do not think I would want a superpower even if I could have one. Maybe for a little while, just to see what it was like... but I'm not well enough acquainted with my options to choose one.

2. Bows and Arrows, Swords, or Guns?
Swords, I suppose... they'd be the best to display. Rather old-castle-ish, you know. Catherine Morland would be proud.

3. What’s your favorite black and white film?
Hmmm... probably It's a Wonderful Life. It's definitely the one I've seen the most, anyhow. Oh, but I also really like The Shop Around the Corner. Have you ever heard of You've Got Mail (which, for the record, I haven't seen)? Well, Shop Around the Corner came FIRST. :D (Similar plot, I've heard.)

4. What is something random that freaked you out as a child, even if it wasn’t supposed to be scary?
Oooh, that's a good question. The first one that occurs to me is the Bible story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace. Don't ask me why, but it absolutely terrified me, even though it has a good ending, so to speak, and is supposed to be encouraging or whatever. But that is not how it affected my 3-or-4-year-old self. Haha, I hadn't thought about that for a while....

5. Did you read Dr. Seuss books as a kid? Which one is your favorite?
I did read them, but I'm afraid I don't remember my favorite. Isn't that sad?

6. What is your favorite musical?
Haha... well, if you know me, you'll know that I am not a fan of musicals in general. However, you will find me much more knowledgeable about them now than I was a year ago, and probably more appreciative, too. In comparison, you know.
But that does not answer the question. Well... at the moment, as far as musicals I actually watch, I'd probably say My Fair Lady, but this might just be because it's rather new to me. I didn't see it until earlier this year, and never even knew it was anything I might possibly want to watch until December of last year I believe, when someone explained the general plot, and I was like "Hey... that actually sounds interesting." I'm not sure what my misconception was, but when I'd hear the name before that point, what popped into my head was very different from what it really is.
As far as just listening goes, my present favorite is probably the Jane Eyre musical...

7. What is your least favorite book by your favorite author?
Good grief! Must I answer this, indeed? Well. Probably the novella Lady Susan by Jane Austen. (I'm not trying to steal your answer, Amy... really I'm not.) I'm glad JA has minor works, because trying to pick a least favorite of her main six would be horrid! Anyways, I've never actually finished Lady Susan... and you know, Jane Austen never attempted to have it published, so I think it's safe to assume that it wasn't her favorite, either. ;-)

8. If you could steal any movie/television character’s wardrobe, who would it be?
Nooooo. I cannot choose, I simply cannot! Maybe Emma Woodhouse in the 2009 version... or maybe one of the sisters in He Knew He Was Right, because I seem to recall there being lovely, modest dresses worn by them... or maybe Felicity King from Road to Avonlea (especially in the seventh season)...

9. What is your opinion on clowns?
I do not have one. An opinion, that is. Of course I don't have a clown. Unless you count one of my family members.

10. What is one obscure book, movie, or television show that you recommend?
Obscure... obscure... hmm. Perhaps Wind At My Back, which is a TV series by the makers of Road to Avonlea, and if you have not heard of that, by the same makers of Anne of Green Gables... and if you don't know THAT, I very sincerely pity you. Anyway, it's not as good as Avonlea, but I like most of it. And I mention it because I know of hardly anyone else who has ever seen it.

11. Oh no! You’re stuck in an elevator when the power goes out. It’s going to be several hours before help comes. Who would you rather be stuck in there with- Mr. Collins or Hyacinth Clare Gibson? 
Haaahaaaahaaaaaa. Wow. Well, Mrs. Gibson, I guess. She's a female so it wouldn't be as awkward. :P 

Now for Amy's questions.

1. Who's your least favorite literary heroine?
Scarlett O'Hara. Actually I'm not completely sure about that, but she was the first one to pop into my head. I could take that girl out back and strangle her, I could. *makes ferocious scowl*

2. Did you read the American Girl books when you were younger?  Which series was your favorite?  Which book?
I did indeed!! Favorite series is sort of a toss-up between Samantha and Kit... but I guess I'll go with Samantha, in which case my favorite is (errr... was?) Samantha Saves the Day. Sighhh. I loved that book ever so much.

3. You're having a friend over who has never seen a single period drama in her life.  Which one do you choose for her indoctrination?
A friend who has never seen a single period drama in her life... interesting. Well, let's see. It's quite horrid for someone to have never seen a Jane Austen adaptation, but if they've never seen any period drama, it may be easier to start them on Anne of Green Gables, which I think is very capable of determining someone's capabilities in appreciating old-fashioned movies. :) Our family has employed that technique before, actually.

4. Raspberries or strawberries?  Why?
STRAWBERRIEEEEEES. And why? Because they're amazing, of course. Raspberries are tolerable, but I usually only eat them in things and not by themselves, whereas strawberries are swellissimus either way. And I love them. And the seeds aren't mean to your teeth. They are just better all around. And strawberries make me feel happy inside, for... certain reasons which only one other person would understand. :D And to top off all THAT, they're mentioned in a Jane Austen novel. Heehee.
Oh, but that question reminded me of taking fiddle lessons when I was really young, learning a bowing sequence my teacher called "Raspberry Strawberry", because you go "long-short-short-long-short-short", like the syllables in "rasp-ber-ry, straw-ber-ry." There, an extra random fact about me. Can I skip the next question?

5. What's your favorite cartoon movie?
Define "cartoon". Does this mean actual cartoon-ish or does animated count? And... I really do not know.What a sad, boring creature I am. It's not that I don't like any, because I do. It's just hard to pin down a favorite.

6. Who is your favorite singer? 
Nemo. (That is, nobody.) Yes, you heard right... I do not have a favorite singer.

7. When do you start listening to Christmas music? 
Ha. Well, the rule in our house is not until the day after Thanksgiving or when it snows. (Because when it snows, we want to listen to Christmas music. :D) I usually feel the urge in August or September, though, and last month I let myself listen to one CD (with earphones, you know). One. Just to tide me over. Because last year I was a little too much into Christmas music in October, and then when it was finally Christmastime it wasn't as exciting anymore, and that's very sad.

8. Which was the best birthday of your life so far and why?
O_O I don't know! I've had too many good birthdays! Maybe my 6th? That was when I had a Winnie the Pooh party, heehee. Also my family (including cousins and grandparents and such) used to get together about once a season and celebrate everyone's birthday who fell into that category, so we did that too. I do have a lot of fond memories of that one... also 6 was just a nice age. But I liked my 10th birthday a lot, too... I had a costume party that year and I think I actually got to have the party on my real birth date which is fun, and I remember the rest of the day being nice, too. And my Jane Austen party a couple years ago was very delightful. (If you are observant you will notice I don't divulge how old I was turning then. Heh, heh.)
And then of course there are others. I CAN'T DECIDE.

9. Why did Mr. Gibson marry Hyacinth Horror Kirkpatrick?  Explain your answer in 200 words or less and don't forget footnotes.  If you haven't read/seen Wives and Daughters, write a two-paragraph essay on why lobsters don't wear socks.
Because... because... he's stupid. (I'm sorry, it just popt out!) Look before you leap, fellow. Ascertain your daughter's feelings before you decide it will be a wonderful thing for her. And for pity's sake, get to know the woman you marry! It's better to want what you don't have than to have what you don't want.
But in all actuality, I think Mr. Gibson married her because it sets most of the plot for W&D. Heh, heh, heh.

10. Who would you rather have tea with, Miss Bates or Mrs. Bennet? 
You know what's crazy is that either of those actually sounds desirable to me? Haha. But... probably Miss Bates. Just because she's actually nice, and wouldn't really be embarrassing like Mrs. Bennet can. Unless Mrs. Bennet brought Elizabeth along to tea, in which case I would want her.

11. What is the ugliest/most unflattering dress or outfit you've ever seen on a period drama? How would you have dressed the character who was so unfortunate as to wear it?
Ooh, that's a good question, but rather hard to answer. I remember disliking many of Fanny Dorrit's dresses... also Estella in the 2011 Great Expectations had some rather unflattering dresses, I thought. They looked as if they didn't fit right. Especially this one:
In my opinion, it looks like it's falling off. I don't think that would be a very flattering style (even if it wasn't immodest) for anyone, but... this especially. And how would I have dressed her? Well, for one thing I think she should pin a bit of her cumbersome skirt 'round her neck where it can be useful.

And the eleven people I'm tagging--
Miss Laurie
Miss Elizabeth Bennet
Charity U
Maria Elisabeth

...and for the last three, I appoint Hayden, Amy and Alexandra (unless she hasn't done this tag before in which case she's tagged, but I think she has) to answer my eleven questions in a comment just for fun. If they want to. I also decided to forego rule number six. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. :D

Now for my questions....

1. What's your favorite hair-and-eye color combination?
2. Who is an unpopular character you rather like but would find difficult to defend?
3. What is your second-favorite version of Pride and Prejudice? (It might be assumed that those who like P&P95 would have P&P05 as their second-favorite and vice versa, but this is not always the case.) And if you haven't seen at least two versions of P&P... why haven't you? :D
4. What is the book you're most embarrassed to tell people you haven't read when they ask? (Not that I want to embarrass you or anything. Haha.)
5. What is your favorite game? (As in, card and board games.)
6. Do you typically write in cursive or printing?
7. What is something you promised yourself when you were younger that you would never do, but ended up doing later on?
8. How do you say "era"--"air-uh" or "ear-uh"?
9. Do you keep a journal/diary, and if so, do you write in it often?
10. If you could suddenly have the ability to play an instrument that you've never even tried before, which would you choose?
11. Which fellow blogger are you the most curious to know the looks of? (I mean, admit it. We're all curious, are we not?)


Miss Dashwood said...

Yay! What fun! Okay, I'm going to leave two comments-- one to ramble about your answers to the questions and one to answer the questions you put to me. :D

That picture at the beginning MMS/S... just so you know.

Heehee, we should refer to the rules for this tag as the Bendables.

The fiery furnace terrified you TOO? How did I not know this?? Why do I not have a surprised feeling??? Were you scared of house fires, too, like me?

As far as listening goes, I'm inclined to agree with you on musicals... that is, Les Miz is always the Number One Top Spot *smiles angelically* but I'm in a I-could-listen-to-Jane-Eyre-all-day-long mood right now. Thank heavens for YouTube. :D

Ooh, Felicity has such divine dresses from what I've seen! Superb! I do so love those fashions...

Haha, the clown answer MMG.

AofGG is a good way to start-- I might do the same, I think. S&S95, like Miss Laurie said, would be another good choice.

Strawberries make ME feel happy inside too.. what a coincidence. :) :) :)

Haha, I was sure the cartoon question would be easy tootuz I thought you'd say A Bug's Life.

The theme for your 10th birthday (and on the actual date, fancy!) MMG. What a clever being you are, my deauh.

Haha, good answer about setting the plot for W&D...

Ewwwww. That dress Estella is wearing is HIDEOUS. You're right, it looks like it's sliding off her-- and the quote from Laurie actually made me LOL. I'm snickering now rereading it.

When anybody says "put that in your pipe and smoke it," I always think of Marilla in AofGG: "And no amount of HUFFING and PUFFING..."

Miss Dashwood said...

I have returned. To haunt you.

Okay, for my answers...

1. Auburn/chestnut brown hair with brown eyes for ladies, brown hair with blue eyes for gentlemen.
2. Heehee. Don't you know this one already, m'dear? Chauvelin from TSP... I can't quite put my finger on why I kinda like him (except that I feel sorry for him) but I would have a terrible time defending him. Even with a sword. I've never used a sword.
3. Ermmm... I suppose 'twould have to be P&P05 but since I barely consider that to be P&P (though still an enjoyable movie) I'll just use that as a Temporary Answer until you and I see Lizard P&P together. :)
4. Hmmm... maybe the Narnia books? Practically everyone I meet seems to think that no childhood is or could have been complete without those books and won't believe me when I say that I grew up just fine without them and have no desire to read them. Heehee. Can you relate, dearling?
5. Definitely Scrabble, but I do love ImaginIff, and Phase 10 is great fun. I also like Monopoly if I'm in the mood for it. Oh! And Clue, of course. :D
6. Cursive.
7. Cool question! Um... let me think on that. Haha, when I was little I was rather adamant that I would never want to get married. Does that count? :P
8. Ehh-ruh. Haha.
9. I keep a devotional journal which I don't write in very often, and a writing journal which I write in when the mood strikes me. Usually to keep track of story ideas &c.
10. Piano!! Well, I HAVE tried that in a manner of speaking but I've never had a lesson so does that count? If it doesn't count, I'd say the fiddle. Then I'd bill myself as Amy Lee the Fiddler and play at all the hoedowns. SNORT.
11. Miss Elizabeth Bennet, I think. She's so very mysterious. :D Or maybe Elizabeth Rose from Literary Lane. Most of the bloggers that I'm close to have already sent me pictures of themselves. :D

Melody said...

Dearest dear,
Really?? Squeal! I do so love those always-been-Tween moments, you know. :D I can just imagine the two of us in Sunday School together clutching each other frantically if the teacher was telling that story... hahaha.
Yes, I was scared of house fires! Beep beep.

How swellissimus that you're in a JE musical mood right now! I guess that makes sense since 'twas you who introduced it to me. Haha, well mentioned it, anyways. :D

Well, I'm not sure A Bug's Life is my actual favorite. I just like it. And liked it a lot when I was little... but I went through different phases when I liked things, haha. And I didn't actually see that one very often.

Oooh... I remembered, it actually wasn't on the actual date. It was the day before. But I can see why I was thinking that, though... ha, if you're curious I'll tell you later.

Ugh, you and your Chauvelin! I can't understand how you could kind of like him when he was even going to have Marguerite executed! Snake!

Oh, do you still want to see the Lizard P&P together? I think it would be fun. :D (If we had time. :P) Then you can see Philippa as Jane.

Ha! And here I thought you might not have an answer for the book question! But I forgot about Narnia. I can sort of relate except that I don't think very many people have been shocked by the fact that I didn't read them. (Or that I read half of one and didn't finish it. :P) They might think they need to pity me a little, but that's all. Hahahaha.

Isn't is shocking that I've never played Scrabble? And I can't wait to introduce you to some of our games. :D

HAHAHA you used to say you would never want to get married??? I love it. Haha.

You should say "era" to me sometime so I can hear the way you pronounce it for reals. :P

No, I say piano counts. :D But the Amy Lee bit MMLOL. That's cheesy, honey. (Hahahahaha.)

By the bye, if you were compelled to answer the questions you asked I wouldn't mind a bit. :D (Well, the ones we weren't already talking about, haha.)

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Thanks for tagging me! I haven't been doing many tags lately, but I may have to give this one a try!

By the way, you won third place in The Period Drama Trivia Challenge!

Would you rather hear the story...

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