Monday, September 3, 2012

A delightful little bit of Regency news

Did any of you like American Girl stuff when you were younger? Well, I did. Still am attached to them, actually, in my way. ;-) Well, I found out a most exciting thing yesterday. I heard from one of my sisters that there was going to be a new Historical A.G. doll. My first reaction wasn't too favorable; that company has done some things in the last several years that I didn't care for at all. They kept changing things, and I like keeping things traditional. And then making a doll from the 1970s and calling it historical? Come on. Girls will have moms and aunts and young-ish grandmas who were growing up then. I really doubt they would like to be thought of as historical, haha. And taking away Felicity, Samantha, and Kirsten?? Of all the nerve! Those were some of my favorites.

But then I found out the year the new character was from: 1812.


Suddenly I was MUCH more enthusiastic. 1812. The year in-between S&S and P&P. Exactly 200 years ago. How FUN. Ever since learning so much about Regency England, I've wanted to know more about that time period in America. The stories are set in the War of 1812 (surprise, surprise) which I've always been shockingly under-educated about even though I took a year of American History and even tried to study the war a little on my own. If I learned a lot of historical facts from reading American Girl books in the past... hey, what's to say I can't now, too? I must admit I'm looking forward to reading the books. Silly and childish (and nostalgic and sentimental) person that I am. Besides, then I can gaze at the pictures. WITH THE REGENCY STYLES.


Here she is, Caroline Abbott--isn't she pretty? :)

I believe I remember thinking in the past that they should have a doll/character from the 1810s. I am quite pleased.

And here are the books:
This dress almost looks Colonial, but with a higher waistline. It's very pretty, though.

The hat is so delightfully Regency!

Yay, Christmas!!

This dress reminds me a bit of Margaret Dashwood or something, heehee.

The coat thing! Is that called a pelisse, or something else?

Ah, lovely Regency styles...

What about you? Any American Girl fans (or previous ones) out there? Am I the only silly one who's excited about this new Jane Austen War of 1812 doll?


Marian said...

Hey, this is a great idea! :) I don't know if the classics can be "replaced", but it's good they've not given up on the historical series.

Charity U said...

Oooo, exciting! I've spent dozens of hours, possibly even hundreds, browsing American Girl catalogs...I even have one from 1994! I've got a lot. My passion has faded more over the years, but I still enjoy keeping up with them, though I've never owned one. Can't wait to see more about Caroline!

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I loved American Girl when I was growing up, most specifically the historical dolls, and I got a Samantha doll for Christmas when I was nine (that's 20 years ago!). I do still love the historical dolls and books, though things have definitely changed from the days when it was Pleasant Company. I am very excited to see the new doll is from that era!

Kiri Liz said...

Love, love, love! Caroline is so beautiful!! And it's nice that they're going a little more "historical" with this doll... I wasn't too pleased with Julie... :P
My sisters and I all have American Girl dolls (except the three year old) and even though I don't technically play with mine anymore, I still love her! Of course, all the ones we have are all the retired ones: Kirsten, Samantha, Felicity, and Nellie... But I'm really excited about Caroline! 1812!! Can't wait to read her stories!! :D

Miss Dashwood said...

The year in-between S&S and P&P-- I hadn't even thought of that! How swellissimus! I've always been rather shockingly under-educated about the War of 1812 too so it will be fun to learn more about it. :D Can't wait to read these with you, dearling!

Marie said...

SCREEEAAAMS! She is my all-new favorite. She IS.

Miss Elizabeth said...

This doll has really spiked my interest recently. When I heard from another blogger/seamstress friend that American Girl was going to be coming out with an 1812 doll I was so excited and surprised!! I have had American Girls since I was 4 and had always loved collecting clothes for them and, eventually, sewing them myself. It's sad how they got rid of so many of their historical dolls, like Felicity (my favorite!) but it seems they are starting to come back with Cecile and Marie Grace last year, and now this one. Can't wait to get some regency doll dress in my shop for the arrival of this new doll!

Lily of the Valley said...

Oh Melody, this is SO EXCITING!!! I can see why you are thrilled - I myself am quite delighted. This is the best idea that American Girl has had in years. Yay!

Miss Abilaine said...

I have not heard about this! It looks very nice and I am so excited about it being in JA's era. :)
My little sis loves these dolls! This is the best American Doll even made I believe.

Melody said...

The classics certainly can't be replaced... I'm hoping they'll bring them back. :)

I have a couple really old ones that my sister had when she was younger! Back in the days when they only had three dolls. ;) (And now two of them have been taken away. What's up with THAT?) I used to love it when a new one would come in the mail. :)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose,
Didn't American Girl dolls make Christmas even better? :) I enjoyed your comment!

Kiri Liz,
Hahaha, at first I thought you said "My sisters and I have all the American Girl dolls," and I was like, what? But I soon saw my mistake. ;) Yay, another fellow not-too-pleased-with-Julie person! :) I know! 1812! They're actually doing it! :D

Miss Dashwood,
Heehee, well, I always thinking in terms in what was going on with Jane Austen (the novels, that is) 200 years ago. :D It's so nice to be around for all the anniversaries...
And yay, you've been shockingly under-educated about it, too. I'm not alone. ;)

Delightful! ;)

Miss Elizabeth,
Ooh, you sew doll clothes too? :D How lovely. It will be a lovely excuse to sew Regency clothes!

Lily of the Valley,
I'm so glad you share my enthusiasm! Heehee. Are you planning to read the books? Because it's quite possible that they are on order at your library already... :)

Miss Abilaine,
Then I am quite glad you heard it from me first! Hahaha. Dear, that sounded dreadful. Anyways.
I have to wonder if any of the people who worked on the idea are Jane Austen fans....

Lily of the Valley said...

Why, of course I will be reading the books, Melody m'dear! One is never too old for American Girl, and the books make for such nice, easy-going reading. I'm sure to learn more about that era, since I don't know it extremely well. Why is it that we can never remember that part of our American History very well? Haha, I'm sure the books are on hold at your library, too. ; )

Miss Margaret Dashwood said...

Cool! That coat is a pelisse. I love Regency costume!

Jessica said...

I love the new doll! I'm not ashamed to admit that at 32 years old, I am still a huge fan of AG dolls! hehe The doll clothes I make will be perfect on this new doll, too! Just the right time era.
I like reading the books from time to time, also. ;-)

Quinlyn said...

I know this post is from last YEAR, but I saw Caroline's picture and had to comment. ;) I love American Girl and I think Caroline is such a beautiful doll. AG did right to represent the regency era!

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