Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keeping Calm and Giving In...

You probably haven't noticed, but I don't usually enter contests and such in the blogging world, which is because I can rarely think of anything worthwhile. Well, Miss Laurie is having a 'Keep Calm' poster period drama contest thingy and it amused me very much, because a day or two before she posted about the contest I had thought of something along those lines had randomly popped into my head, so I couldn't pass this up and not enter it. ;-) Though we are encouraged to stay away from Jane Austen, you know I cannot very well do that, and at the last moment I thought of a second one to do. Because since we can enter two, I might as well.

So. Here they are. To read more about the contest, click here.

1. Inspired by Little Dorrit (2008)

2. Inspired by Emma (probably 2009 just because it's the funniest)


Maria Elisabeth said...

Five and twenty, Tattycorum. Count five and twenty. :P

Loved it! It's a pity that you don't do more bloggy things but when you DO think of something, it's certainly worthwhile. :)

Miss Dashwood said...

You should enter these things more often, Twinnie-- you're much more clevuh than you let on!

The Keep Calm and Count to Five and Twenty had me in stitches when I first saw it, and it MMG even more when I saw it again on your blog. Quite perfect, m'dear. Indubitably. And the Emmer one-- delightful! "Oh, Miss Woodhouse, whatever can it be?"

Alexandra said...

Um. So not only do you dispawage my hewo, but you also steawl my idea. Five and twenty.

I am extweemly vexed. :-P

Melody said...

Maria Elisabeth,
Why thank you! It is nice to have other people think my things are worthwhile. :D

You mean I do not usually have the appearance of being clever? Well! How very rude!
Kidding. I know what you meant and was properly flattered by it. :P
But, you see, I am unwilling to speak unless I expect to say something that will amaze the whole room, and be handed down to posterity with all the eclat of a proverb.
OOooh! "Keep Calm and Say Something That Will Amaze The Whole Room"... is that better than the Emma one? Should I do that instead? Hahahaha... ;P

Oh no! I sowwee! That's howwible! =( But, I didn't weally steawl it, did I? Because I have an awful feaw of steawing something accidentally.
It weally is wather funny, though, if we had the same idea. But I'm still sowwee. Pwease don't be vexed. Too bad we can't shawe it.
And I do not twy to dispawage youw hewo, but if I do, it is only tootuz ('because', that is) you dispawage my hewoes and I have to get you back. :D

Lauren said...

I love it Melody!!!

Especially the 'Let Emma figure it out' one. ( :

By the way. Ages ago I acidentually titled a comment on 'Yet Another Period Drama Blog' to you. I did get back to your comment, but I'm not sure if you read it, and I am quiet mortified by making that mistake. I was typing rather too fast I think...

So, Sorry. And if Miss Dashwood is reading this comment, sorry to you too, I actually did mean to entitle it to Miss Dashwood...

I really truly don't get your names mixed up, but maybe your blogs.

Oh, I don't think I've mentioned that I love your new design. And I am hoping to see your favourite version of Emma soon.

Love Lauren

P.s - now I've read my comment -my apology did seem rather too much like one Mr. Collins would make : P

Alexandra said...

Hahahaha. Well, I did think about it...but I was too busy to make one. So see, it would have never happened had you not done it. Thank you, my dear. Great minds think alike. Most of the time. :-P

Melody said...

Mr. Collins--I mean Lauren,
(Kidding. Your comment did not sound like Mr. Collins, but I was amused that you should say that. ;D)
Haha, I did see your response to when I asked about that. I figured you'd probably just typed the wrong name, but it did have me curious for a little while. ;-) Now that I know, you needn't worry. If anything I'm flattered to have myself/my blog mixed up with Miss Dashwood/'s. Heehee. :) Sometimes it seems like we get each other mixed up too, haha, we think so much alike. Most the time her opinion can go for mine, too. ;)

Do let me know if you get a chance to see Emma 2009! I find it most delightful.

"I'm glad I meet with your approval on some approximation." (Quote from AnneGG: The Sequel. ;) )

Lizzy Bennet said...

Five and twenty!

You should do these more often! Quite clever indeed.

Would you rather hear the story...

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