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Birthday card for Miss Austen from Emma

Miss Dashwood's birthday event for Jane Austen is coming to a close. I was quite intrigued by the idea she had (or perhaps it was her sister) of us writing cards to Jane Austen from some of her characters, but I could not think of anything to write. However I knew I must do something, and so at the last minute I did. I have seen a few entries from Emma already, but as I am on the second-to-last chapter in that book right now, I can think of little else.

Tues., 16 December 1817
My dear Miss Austen,
                I fondly wish you the very happiest of birthdays!
                You said that no-one but yourself would much like me. I am sure I deserved this fate, and I am quite willing to believe that you are always right; however, I am led to understand that there are others who might disagree. This is all owing to you, and I cannot express my gratitude in giving me – in giving us all – so happy an ending! or rather, a future; for my happiness has not ended, nor will it.
                What an amiable creature I was! Nay, proud and disagreeable and meddlesome; thinking that I could determine people’s destiny and that I was always right. I am not unwilling to conclude that I was terribly, mortifyingly wrong most of the time; and I made so many horrible blunders that I shall never stop feeling at the very least silly about them (and it will be some time until I can be that indifferent).
                I must apologize for all my interference with your planned outcome for our story, even if I was unaware of it, and I am so thankful that you didn’t get completely irritated with me and give it up! You brought it all very brilliantly about though, I must say; indeed, you put us all from perfect misery to perfect happiness at one point or other.
                I am still trying to deserve my Mr Knightley (and I still will not call him George!), but I have such pleasure in trying to deserve him, and more in his constant companionship, and still more in his faithful devotion, that I cannot express how blessed I feel.
                I shall evermore leave all matters of the heart – romance, love, match-making – quite up to you, because you are most certainly the expert.
                Mr and Mrs Frank Churchill send their regards, and of course my dear Husband and Father; and Miss Bates sends a thousand thanks. (Those were not her words, but I must abridge or this note should quadruple in size.)
                Robert Martin is writing to you himself I believe, on behalf of his wife and himself; Harriet will be asking him not to make his letter too short, I fancy.
                Which reminds me to close. I hope that you find as much happiness for yourself as you have bestowed upon all of us, dear Miss Austen! Happy Birthday!
                                                Yours very respectfully,
                                                Mrs Emma Knightley

I practised my artistry once again for the front of this card. The painting is of myself and Mr Knightley; but I do not think it does him justice.
-E. K.


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Melody, this letter is wonderful! You expressed Emma's feelings and charm so perfectly! "(and I still will not call him George!)" made me giggle! :)
I so enjoyed reading this letter!

Melody said...

Thank you! =) It was fun to write! I wasn't sure what to do at first but when I started I couldn't stop.

Julia said...

I loved this!! :D Wonderful card, Melody. :)

Elizabeth said...

nice letter Melody! I was wondering...where do you get your pictures (particularly of the 2009 BBC Emma) of all your Jane Austen characters?

Also, how did you get your header to look so nice and sharp? I've tried several times on my blog, it always comes out VERY grainy... I've looked for Emma pictures...just never really found any...Yours are awesome!


Melody said...

Thanks, Julia and Elizabeth!

Well, I'm not much for expertise when it comes to technology, but I'll try to help you. =)
I get my pictures from a variety of places; the ones you are talking about in particular though, I actually get off the movie itself. I put the DVD in the computer and then pause it where I want a picture; then press print screen (or PRTSC) and then go to paint & paste. That's what I did with most of the Emma photos.
The reason the photo on top doesn't look grainy is because when I did that, the picture was already big enough so that it didn't have to be stretched to fit the blog; which is what makes it look grainy. So you just want to make sure you have a large-sized picture to begin with, I think.

Miss Elizabeth of Elegance of Fashion has a photobucket thing where you might be able to find something you want. I sent her some of my photos, as well.

And then, here we have the ones from Emma:

Hope this helps. =) By the way, what is your blog? I tried to look for it on your profile but didn't see one.

Brady said...


Thanks for the advice! I will certainly try it! :)
Unfortunately, i'm not on blogger, but on Wordpress. Still hoping to switch sometime... My blog used to be a writing/random stuff blog, but it slowly turning into.....hmm....well...Regency random stuff... :)

Anyways, here's the link. The header right now is not quite what i would like it to be, nor is my theme... i'm trying to play around with that... I tried to have a picture of 'Liz on top of the world' or Pemberly for the header....but they all came out grainy... Anyhow, thanks for the advice, i'll try to do what i can!

My blog is not nearly as cool as yours or Miss Laurie's or Miss Dashwoods, but i guess its a start! :)

~Miss Elizabeth

Elizabeth said...

oh my.....ok, sorry Melody...i was signed in on my brothers account...that really was me (Elizabeth) !!! Sorry!

Would you rather hear the story...

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