Sunday, June 5, 2011

Emma Actors

Here are the actors/actresses from the Emma movies that I recognized from other old-fashioned films:
(* means I haven’t actually seen it (or all of it); therefore I may not approve of it, but I always hear about that person being in that movie, or may have recognized them from the what I did see.)
Emma 2009
Romola Garai (Emma Woodhouse) – Kate Nickleby on Nicholas Nickleby (2002), Gwendolen Harleth on *Daniel Deronda, Barbara Spooner on Amazing Grace

Frederick Hale

Rupert Evans (Frank Churchill) - Frederick Hale on North and South (2004) 
Jonny Lee Miller (George Knightley) – Edmund Bertram in *Mansfield Park (1999) and Charles Price (Fanny’s little brother) in Mansfield Park (1983)
Blake Ritson (Mr. Elton) – Edmund Bertram on *Mansfield Park (2007)
Michael Gambon (Mr. Woodhouse) – Squire Hamley on Wives and Daughters, Mr. Holbrook on Cranford, some person on Amazing Grace
Christina Cole (Mrs. Elton) - Nora Rowly on He Knew He Was Right
Jodhi May (Mrs. Weston) - Mirah Lapidoth on *Daniel Deronda

Emma 1996 (A&E)
Jane Eyre

Mark Strong (George Knightley) – Sir John Conroy on The Young Victoria
Samantha Bond (Mrs. Weston) – Maria Bertram on Mansfield Park (1983)
Samantha Morton (Harriet Smith) – Jane Eyre on the 1997 version
Raymond Coultard (Frank Churchill) – Mr. Glascock on He Knew He Was Right, Scrooge as a young adult on A Muppet’s Christmas Carol (hehe)
Lucy Robinson (Mrs. Elton) – Mrs. Hurst (Bingley’s sister) on Pride and Prejudice (1995)
Olivia Williams (Jane Fairfax) – Jane Austen on *Miss Austen Regrets

Emma 1996 (Mirimax)
Sophie Thompson (Miss Bates) – Mary Musgrove on Persuasion (1995), Someone on Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
Juliet Stevenson (Mrs. Elton) - Mrs. Squeers on Nicholas Nickleby (2002)


Charity U said...

Very interesting. :) You know I love doubles... ;) lol

Melody said...

Me too! My family probably gets tired of me saying "oh!! That person was on such and such!" ;-)

Glad you had time to comment before you left.

Miss Laurie said...

Very nice Melody! I enjoy seeing lists like these of which actors have been in other period dramas, that's why I usually include at least a short list with every film review I do. I'm not sure if it's interesting to other people but it's very interesting to me!
And when I watch a new period drama with my family I usually have to have my laptop handy because they usually recognize an actor and want to know the other films they've been in! But it's interesting to me too. ;)

~Miss Laurie

Rachana said...

Wow.. Frank Churchil and Frederik Hale were played by the same actor. I never noticed that. Frederik Hale looked lot more innocent and boyish. But again, he was younger than (2005). And, I guess even the character that they play changes our perception. Frank Churchil was bleh.

Frederik Hale reminds me, have you seen/read North and South? I don't see it mentioned on your blog (which I am very much enjoying reading today).

Melody said...

I have indeed seen North & South several times, and enjoy it very much! I haven't read the book, but I plan to later this year. :)
I'm glad you've been enjoying my blog! Thank you very much for leaving a comment!

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