Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poll Results

The poll for best Gaskell heroes ended today. And the winner is:
John Thornton from North and South
 with 15 votes!


                            Second place:
Roger Hamley, from Wives and Daughters
with 2 votes.

Now wish Mr Thornton luck in the Hero Tournament at Elegance of Fashion!
Thank you to everyone who voted! I think that the 17 votes broke the record for the amount of people voting on any of my polls previously.

Another poll that ended some time ago was "Which is your second favorite movie version of Pride and Prejudice?"
1st place with 4 votes: 1980 mini-series with Elizabeth Garvie
2nd place with 2 votes each: a tie between the 1995 mini-series with Jennifer Ehle
      and the 2005 movie with Kiera Knightley
3rd place with 1 vote: 1940 movie with Greer Garson

Favorite, by the way, has always ended up the being 1995 version by at least 75%, from what I've seen.


Charity U said...

Yes, the 1995 one is definitely best. :)

Marian said...

This was a hard poll...I really like Roger, but you can't beat Thornton's hard work and perseverance. :)

Tristans_Isolde said...

I absolutely adore Mr Thornton but both he and Roger Hamley are such perfect gentlemen its hard to choose between them :) Thank you so much for the lovely polls! :)

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