Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Any volunteers?

Hiiii, lovely followers.

Insert apologies for absences.  I AM still here and I have a lot of posts in draft and... sigh.  Life.  You know.

The fact that I've felt so busy and, to be honest, not quite as motivated about blogging (don't worry though, I'm still planning to stick around!) has led to me neglecting certain things on my blog.  Like my quizzes.  For those of you who know, I've written "Which Character Are You" quizzes for P&P, Emma and then JA heroines in general... and I still get comments with the answers to the questions, and absolutely no motivation to figure out their results, which makes me feel bad.  But so it is.  So they sit in my inbox for... a long time.  For example... cough... I have one from February 6th.  Eh-heh. And four others from July-Sep.

Sooo I was wondering.  Would any of you dearies be interested in taking over that?  I don't want to just shut it down and not make it available anymore... I could try to make it into automated quizzes but good programs for that are hard to find.

Let me know if you are interested and leave me with some way to contact you.  (If you leave your email in a separate comment, I won't publish it. :))  I would send you the answer key and every time I get a submission, I'd publish the comment and forward you the email so you could take care of it.  You would just comment with your own account, and I'd publish that too.

I would be supremely grateful to anyone willing to do this.  However, if you start doing it and you, too, get tired of it, you are free at absolutely ANY time to discontinue (as long as you let me know!).  And I will not think badly of you at all. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

'Twould seem this blog has been hacked...

Melody is the best friend in all the world.  She is also the most trusting, loyal and unsuspecting person in the world as well.  Do you know why this is?  Well, it's because when she's not home and needs to check her email and can't access the internet, she calls her best friend on the phone and gives said best friend her email password, and directs said best friend to peruse her inbox and give her the information she requires.  And then?  And then... she doesn't change her email password.  Even after weeks and weeks. 

Some would call this "not bothering."  I would call this "an incredible display of trust in a person who obviously does not deserve it."

Because if you haven't figured it out already, this is Amy, and I am hacking Melody's blog.  She's at church right now, so I'm taking this opportunity to write a long and rambling post.  Which she may take down later at her leisure if she so desireth, but I think you guys will enjoy reading it, so I hope she leaves it up.  (Please comment and back me up here.)

Would you rather hear the story...

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